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“…The vast majority of people who carry legal weapons will never draw them in a situation of danger. If their guns are ever used, it is because they have been stolen by a burglar who targeted their home precisely in order to get hold of their guns – or in the suicide of a depressed relative – or in some stupid dispute that they themselves start because emboldened by a gun  – or in some heart-rending accident. It is only after the fact, and tragically often, that we discover that the greatest threat to our family came from our own poorly conceived yearning to protect them.” – David From in Guns are Dangerous, Even When Used by Good Men [via]

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  1. “I’m too worthless, base, and untrustworthy to own or carry a gun AND SO MUST YOU BE ALSO.”

    • Yep. these people hate and despise themselves; they are convinced they are helpless, powerless and defenseless; that their only protection they can look to is their god called government.

      So they transfer all of that self-hate and self-contempt upon everyone else.

      If it wasn’t so dangerous to us and all of our freedoms and personal safety, I could even feel sorry for these so called Americans, as it is; we can only so no to their particular brand of self-hatred and hope they get some psychological help for their mental sickness.

    • Proof that one does not have to be intelligent to be a propagandist “journalist”.

      There, fixed that for you.

  2. Yup. Pretty sure he hit all the Lib talking points there. If you say it enough times it must be true. Right? Right?

  3. I checked out the site and laughed. The anti-gun propaganda is getting tiresome. They just can’t stop writing all of the BS and using one or two anecdote to justify the whole premise of their article. Of course they do little research to back anything up. It’s all about those tragic anecdotes that are cherry picked.

    • Yep, the Hasty Generalization Logic Fallacy. Along with the Ad Hominem Logic Fallacy, the main weapons in the gun grabbers arsenal.

  4. Mr. From, what you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

  5. Please send this metrosexual buffoon the decades and decades of “The Armed Citizen” columns from the NRA’s American Rifleman mag. But I digress, you can’t present cited facts to a useful liberal idiot.

    • I have twenty-five years’ of “The Armed Citizen” pages in a binder. Gripping accounts of ordinary persons using firearms in defense of self, family, home or business. Many with heartwarming endings like “the wounded robber with a record of multiple arrests was found dead half a block away”.

      Metrosexuals who write for the Daily Beast must nowadays feel themselves surrounded by an angry sea of bitter clingers stocking up on guns & ammo. They wail, “Why doesn’t President Obama DO something!!!?”

      January was a scary month for gun rights advocates, but right now I’d say that while there is reason for continued caution and vigilance, there is little need for panic.

  6. Wow! pure projected fear. I am scared of what I might do, so everyone else should be to…..awesome!

    • I’ve decided the anti-gun “writers,” like criminals, are a superstitious and cowardly lot. So our disguises must strike terror into their hearts. We must become creatures of the night…

      Nah, screw that. I’m just going to start open carrying my Thompson. That should do it.

  7. I love how people with no vested interest in something are the ones who think they are beat placed to legislate it. He doesn’t give a shit about guns because he doesn’t have any or want any. Lots of things in life are dangerous; grow a pair.

  8. Well, he’s half right.

    Guns are dangerous. Let’s not tap dance around, avoiding the obvious nail on the head accuracy of that part of his headline. Yeah, the articles is full of lies, but I concur with, and endorse fully, at least half of the headline. Guns are indeed dangerous.

    I didn’t get the cool bayonet training in basic, but am sure many of you remember this,

    DRILL SERGEANT: “What’s the spirit of the bayonet?” SOLDIER’S RESPONSE: “To kill, Drill Sergeant.”

    And isn’t that the spirit of the gun, too? Yeah, many of us will never punch a hole in anything but paper. But many others of us have seen a vibrant, dynamic, beautiful creature turn into a dead eyed hunk of fur or feather covered meat. Very tasty – but quickly and very finally transformed from alive to unalterably, irrevocably dead.

    Never point your gun at anything you are not willing to kill (or destroy, I’ve read it both ways.) So, yeah, let’s all agree that guns are dangerous.

    And it is precisely BECAUSE they are dangerous that we will not allow a monopoly on their possession or usage by men of ill will. No matter what stripe of criminal they are.

    The statistics say my car is a greater threat to my loved ones than my guns. The threat is outward directed, you moron. But they are dangerous, you’re right. Might want to keep that in mind when you encourage their confiscation!

  9. “poorly conceived yearning to protect them.” I pity anyone who would have a family with this “man.” Of course I’m not sure he deserves that title since I suspect he would cower in a corner as his family was violated and murdered in front of him waiting for (as someone stated above) his “god, government,” to save him.

  10. Frum is the Canadian NeoCon who gave us the moronic “Axis of Evil” meme. He is supposedly a naturalized citizen, but his allegiance is to a nation on the other side of the world.

  11. Frum used to work for W. He is an example of why gun rights is not really a right vs left issue, it is a class issue.

  12. Because suicides, accidental discharges, & theft did not exist in 1776. Yeah, bad things can and will happen w/ guns but banning them will not things better just change the kind of bad we experience. I would rather be alive than safe.

  13. They’re in their death throes..writhing, screaming, crying and bleating their nonsense to anyone who will listen. Thankfully, most won’t. The war isn’t over, but the battle has been won. The tide has receeded. Enjoy the beach, but keep an eye on that ocean !

  14. More anti-gun cramming, from the *cough* amazing *cough* website Gun Control Now USA, who has the biggest hard-on against the NRA than any group I have ever seen:

    “The issue gun fanatics oppose so vehemently simply extends the background check requirement to nearly all gun purchases, strengthens laws against illegal firearms purchases, and modestly boosts aid for school safety, and 92% of Americans agree they are common sense public safety issues and not an assault on the Second Amendment or a prelude mass gun confiscations regardless fear mongering by Ted Nugent, Mitch McConnell, and Wayne La Pierre whose real opposition is to a Black man as President.”

    Visit them ans show some pro-gun love, but keep in mind that they heavily moderate, so you probably will not make it past their censors.

    I like to visit them and use their stupidity against them. It’s what I do. *shrugs*

      • According to the mythology of the Dixie of the days of Jim Crow, one drop of “black blood,” as they put it, made you black. It did not work the other way around, by the way.

  15. His facts are all wrong. Most likely a gun won’t be used for anything, but if used it will be for defense. Roughly 30,000 total gun deaths a year, 1 to 2 million DGUs.

  16. And nobody has mentioned the sexist nature of this guy’s article. Shame on you, Daily Beast. I thought you were all good sensative liberals. 🙂
    “Guns are Dangerous, Even When Used by Good Men”

  17. It is only after the fact, and tragically often, that we discover that the greatest threat to our family came from our own poorly conceived yearning to protect them.

    That cuts both ways, don’t you think?

    Yes, there may be (in fact, statistically there must be) some people who underestimate the risks of gun ownership, and/or overestimate their risk of violent attack. There are also those who do the reverse. What’s more, there will inevitably be those who made smart decisions based on a correctly calibrated sense of risk and still end up on the wrong side of the bet.

    The question is, what makes From think has such a superior sense of risk that he can make sweeping safety and self-defense decisions on behalf of people he’s never met? And is he willing to accept responsibility for when he turns out to be wrong?

  18. It will only be after the Founder’s beloved Constitutional Republic has been fully devolved into its most natural state of tyranny and despotism, that some among the population may perhaps finally come to realize that — with the aid of sniveling collectivists writing whiny opinions about GUNS and other subjects they know virtually nothing about — the actual destruction of an entire Nation came from those within government itself.
    This, as a consequential outcome of having implemented confiscatory taxation and regulatory policies, Citizen disarmament laws and various and sundry other social engineering programs critical to their agenda of:-
    transposing an entire population of potentially independent people into masses of helpless, wholly dependent victims and indentured peasants, groveling to their masters to save them from themselves.

  19. Another short sighted historically myopic Jew. Matters not if they are from the right or left, US Jews generally despise gun ownership and support State mandated gun control/banishment even in light of the historical antecendents of Hitler/Stalin.

    US Jews in the media and politics are the most vocal and vociferous threat to the RKBA today.

    • Luckily, there are more than a few U.S. Jews who work tirelessly (not including an afternoon nap) to defend and extend Americans’ Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms. Present company included.

      • Ikh bin maskim, as do I, however you must also agree the overwhelming majority of media and political RKBA opposition is Jewish. This forum is too short to provide a compendium of the whos who of gun banning, but there is a predominant Jewish thread.

        • As a corollary, the overwhelming majority of people who have effectively fought against control are Jewish. The names Alan Gura, Robert Levy and Alan Gottleib immediately come to mind. Not to mention some guy named Farago.

  20. “The vast majority of people…”

    …’s opinions will have zero impact on public policy or thought. Therefore, free speech concerns are are misplaced.

    …’s votes will have no impact on the outcome of elections. Therefore, concerns over voting rights is misplaced.

    David Frum’s should move to Cuba.
    … will never need an abortion. Therefore, concerns over constitutional “privacy rights” are misplaced.

    … have committed no crimes so they should not complain if the government needs to listen in on their communications, right?

    This David Frum belongs in Cuba or Venezuela.

  21. Frum is completely ignorant of most all technical facts, and it’s pointless to try to educate him. He’s another scribbler who has his mind made up, don’t confuse him with facts.

    Years ago, he wrote a column where he was wondering why, with all the progress we had made with increasing the mileage for automobiles, heavy (class VIII) trucks were still getting 4+ MPG.

    I tried to educate him… but I seriously doubt that any of the facts and figures stuck.

  22. Unmentioned are the times a shot is never fired, yet a gun protects the lawful owner of that firearm. Liberals are very selective with their facts and rely too much on their theory. In theory, helicopters should not get off the ground. We live in the real world where hovering search lights look for criminals evading the cops. I’ll believe what I know to be self evident. I’ll keep my .44 handy.

    • A theory is provable, and can be used to make useful predictions.

      Their beliefs are a shoddy hypothesis, not a theory.

  23. “If their guns are ever used, it is because they have been stolen by a burglar who targeted their home precisely in order to get hold of their guns.”
    Someone might nick your sh!t. therefor, you shouldn’t be allowed to have the sh!t in the first place.

    • Since your car could be stolen, and used to run down some innocent people, cars really should not be trusted in the hands of untrained civlians.

      Liberal logic.

    • That’s precisely his position. By his own “logic”, he has no right to own a car.

  24. Cowards like Frum just want all other people to be cowards like them so that their cowardice appears to be the norm.

    I tell people like Frum that after they get done explaining to their wives that guns are scary and that they should instead relinquish their family’s safety over to the police that are 20 minutes away (at best)….. almost undoubtedly the wives will nod approvingly.

    However, a good percentage of those wives are also silently thinking “I married a P!ussy”

  25. I’ve never shot a human with a gun.

    While I’m pretty damned certain that I’d have little qualm should such a course of action prove necessary to the preservation of life and/or limb, I cannot know.

    That said, I’ve shot an intruder with a steel crossbow of sufficient strength that the bolt transfixed him.

    That double-shot, knife-prowed bow was left loaded and never hurt a soul other than that intruder.

    Neither has any firearm I’ve owned.

    This guy is really special, in a short-bus sort of way.

  26. Yet another well off old white guy that lives an insulated life within a closed gate community telling me how I should be living my life, because he is smarter than me and knows whats good for me.

  27. Yes the likely hood is low that I will ever have to draw on someone. It is also unlikely I will ever have a fire in my home but we still have a fire escape plan. Not super likely I will be in a potentially fatal car accident, but I wear a seatbelt. Not likely I will get struck by lightning but we always get out of the pool when we hear thunder. So preparing for danger is ridiculous? This man is a fool.

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  29. May (if he gets his way) the future tyrannical ‘Big’ government turn this bastard into a pelvic ashtray.

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