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The problem with the Manchin-Toomey background check amendment, as NRA A-Rated Joe Manchin sees it, was confusion. That, and a lack of time to sell it. “Discussing his desire to revive a narrower version of gun control legislation with Republican Sen. Pat Toomey (Penn.), Manchin urged to host Chris Wallace that his detractors understand the legislation before dismissing it.’The only thing we’ve asked for is for people to read the bill.'” Which is kinda strange, since actually reading proposed legislation is generally considered an impediment to getting it passed in Congress. Still, the pride of West Virginia seems undeterred. He says he’ll introduce the M-T proposal again, this time as its own bill for an up or down vote, rather than as attachment to anything even tangentially associated with Harry Reid. Shucks, when he had the chance to explain the bill to the folks back home in Almost Heaven, they bought in. Why won’t you?

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    • Harry Reid changed his vote from YES to NO….and because of that, he can
      hold the bill and bring it up again….for the reason of changing his vote back to YES.

      KEEP YOU EYE ON THE SCOUNDRELS! So many of them need to be behind bars!

    • I say if it doesn’t pass, there is a five year wait before the legislation can be introduced again. At least that way you only have to worry about defending certain rights every five years instead of every five months.

      • And what happens if the democrats block and vote down a pro-gun bill like National Reciprocity, so then we have to wait five years to reintroduce it! Sorry, but when you try to circumvent your opposition with laws like that, it always comes back to bite you in the a$$!

  1. why dont we amend the bill into a *must sell* background check bill. Every state must allow the sale of any gun if you pass an instant background check. The state must provide access for private citizens to perform such a check for free and must destroy all records of a check within 3 days. Period, no other requirements. What, Chuck Schumer does not like that universal background check bill??

    • If the background check was free like you say and acessible by anyone it would be used and all records destroyed after three days would eliminate any fears of a registry being created behind the scenes. I would support such a bill. Yet the reality is that in DC a NICS check is $150+. Out here in rural Wyo it is $20. They just look for ways to add fees, costs, and taxes to make it prohibitive to all but the upper class.

      • I think some places do charge for this. the actual cost is a few $$, plus the time spent by the salesperson or state trooper. I have no problem with a few $$ (not more than $10), but the state must allow the sale if you pass – and no records!

  2. Manchin must be tired of steady employment. It’s been many years since I lived in WV but I can’t picture those folks being happy with their senator about now.

      • Which is why Al Gore just opened his Presidential Library, right? The Clinton Gun Ban cost Gore the presidency in 2000. If he had won West Virginia, a blue state until 2000, or his home state of Tennessee, we would never have heard of a hanging chad.

    • Has West Virginia ever sent a Republican to the US senate? I just don’t see this hurting him enough to cost him his seat. I mean come on, these people consistently sent Byrd and Rockefeller to Washington.

      • ….and Jennings Randolph before Rockefeller. Poor OLD Jennings was so senile when he finally died, people had to lead him around by the hand! He didn’t know his hind-end from Saturday night! Poor old RACIST KKK Byrd hadn’t been to West Virginia for several years before he died….the people kept voting for him!

        Stand by for a REPUBLICAN (I hope not a damn R.I.N.O.) to take Rockefeller’s seat. REMEMBER in the primary, West Virginia voted for a felon in prison over the CRIMINAL that’s occupying OUR White House right now!

        With TAXIDERMY, though, West Virginia could keep some of them in office forever!

      • I’m not saying they’ll send a repub to the senate. But a more gun friendly dem shouldn’t be too hard to find. The last time i lived there they didn’t have shall issue. Even the cops had to go in front of a judge if they wanted to carry off duty and get a permit. A citizen had to be connected to get a permit.

        I can’t imagine that they’d want to take even a small step back on the gun issue. At least the ones I still talk to are saying that. I still have family there.

        • When was that. I know that they are a shall issue state now and they just preempted several towns there were allowed to keep there gun free zones last time around. The passed a law this year if you have a WV CCW permit you no longer even have to have an NIC check since the card proves you had one already.

          Apparently WV has changed some over the last few years.

        • Robert M, the last time i lived in WV was the 80’s. A lot of shall issue states became that way in the 90’s.

    • I’m from WV. I visit family there regularly and can’t believe how it’s changed over the years. It was a blue collar, conservative Democrat state that might vote Republican once in a blue moon (elected Gov. Arch Moore years ago). Note that I said “was.” Obama’s anti-energy policies have turned the state almost red.

  3. Your a fool if you think anything he does to help Obama’s agenda is going over well in West by God.

    This turd ain’t flying in West Virginia either. I think the only place it is flying is in his bright lights big city bedazzled mind.

  4. Hon. Senator Toomey,
    From my perspective, the reason your bill failed is because you and the honerable Sen. Manchin crossed the line.
    As a responsable firearms owner, your bill was further erosion, another attempt at “infringing” on a right given by God, acknowleged by our constitution.

    I hope that you know that there is a line in the sand. You tried to cross it, and you failed.

    “I understand why people have some apprehension about this administration. I don’t agree with the conclusion as it applies to my [background checks] amendment, but I understand where the emotion comes from.”

    Apparently, you don’t.

    While I don’t have a vote in your election, I will donate time, effort and money to your opponent in the next election.

    Respectfully submitted,

  5. In Pennsylvania it is illegal to have a gun registry… yet one exists !!!!
    In PA the argument for the registry is that it is really not a registry because it is not 100 % complete, because it only includes new gun purchases. This violates the intent of the law.

    Illegal registries already exist out of the abuse of background checks. Govt breaks the law. They find tricks to get around the laws.

    Democrats have already banned or heavily restricted gun in cities that they control… Why would anybody think that their agenda for the rest of the nation is any different???

  6. Nicki over at The Liberty Zone has offered to debate Manchin publicly should he desire to follow through on his words to debate anyone.

    If anyone’s interested, here is Manchin’s official contact form. I have contacted him to let him know he has takers on his offer to debate his gun control proposal.

    Will anything come of this? Probably not. But it’s time to let these jacka$$es know there are yet Patriots living on American soil, and we’re not intimidated. It’s time.

  7. Actually this is CHUCK SCHUMER’S BILL! Everyone knows Schumer is a WEASEL so he had to trot out the PAWNS…MANCHIN and TOOMEY to try to sell it!


  8. I think that this is a golden opportunity to gut bad legislation in blue states. I think universal background checks, coupled with language that makes a registry and confiscation illegal, and funding to make NICS actually instant (so Joe Gun Dealer can type in someone’s name and DOB into a website and have an eligible/ineligible decision in two minutes) in exchange for national CCW reciprocity.

      • csmallo says:

        “Any background check is a violation of ‘Shall not be infringed’.”

        Absolutely! Background checks were infringement when the NRA sold us that bill of goods, and they’re still infringement. Compromise of core principle is always a defeat.

  9. Everything that politicians do now is a smoke screen to hide what is really happening to America through Regulations and EO’s that defey Congress and the US Constitution not to mention the Budget/Debt
    Obama intends to finish Stalin’s Manufactured Famines and Purges. The only thing that stands in his way is an armed Citizenry, once the guns and ammo are gone money, fuel and food will disappear (health care was killed in his first term). A New Cultural Revolution backed by Obama’s private army will rise
    Mao will be smiling at the result

  10. I’m in agreement with those that read it and didn’t like it. I could write a better bill.

    How about we throw in some poison pills to help out our brothers & sisters behind the wall and take out the Dem votes? States are allowed to run their own version of NICS but only if it is instant w/ no waiting period or training requirements, permits, etc. “Internet” sales – background check run at FFL and shipped overnight to purchaser who then shows ID and signs for it – no need to worry about laws other than the FFLs state. Interstate handgun purchases cash and carry – flood CA & DC + the others with handguns not on the “approved” list. Individuals can run checks on themselves and present it as proof of BG check w/ no record keeping requirement. Make sure FFL is not the only legal point of sale. Cut FFL fees to $1/year and roll back some of the inspection requirements for low volume dealers. The obligatory 50 state reciprocity with no ‘prohibited places’.

    I know don’t cut deals with the devil and all. Can’t believe these idiots are back at it again. I do think a lot of yes votes will switch to no if we could get some of the above ideas in the bill. I am aware of the Hughes Amendment nonsense from FOPA and would expect similar shenanigans. To be clear I’m firmly in the ‘no more gun control’ camp. We do need to start going on the offensive though, maybe we could get a good bill in the House and watch the Senate squirm.

    • Nate says:
      “I’m in agreement with those that read it and didn’t like it. I could write a better bill.”

      Adding more sh*t to the sh*t pile is not the answer. The only law we need is:
      “A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” Anything else is a rope around our neck.

  11. If you believe background checks is where the answer lies then break it down to its simplest form. set it up so that every holder of a Federal Firearms License has access to a data base that simply shows an approved or denied. A denied could easily be flagged by a State or Federal agency for inquiry or enforcement purpose. The FFL holder would be required to affix a hard copy of the approval with the paperwork normally kept on each firearm sale. This approval paperwork would be subject to inspection for the purpose of ensuring compliance ONLY. Not for State or Federal record keeping or tracking purposes. For any State or Federal agency to copy, record or take possession of any such records containing personal or purchasing information it must be in compliance with the 4th Amendment. There must also be provisions for The People to obtain a copy of their pass or fail status and an explanation of any reason for a fail status as well as a simple and timely appeal process. Also, allocated monies should be removed from the FBI or any other law enforcement body and allocated directly to the Information and Technology division/group/etc in order to ensure that funds are used solely for system upgrade purposes only.
    Just a thought. . . . .

  12. We will counter their John Paul Jones “not yet begun to fight” thing by following Captain James Lawrence’s dying order.

  13. What everyone is missing, NICS is headquartered in WV. Mandatory background checks on every transfer means more staff needed which means more jobs to WV. This is all Manchin cares about. It’s money for his state.

  14. I need the mathematicians to help me out with this one. When Manchin doubles down on stupid, is that 2xStupid or Stupid Squared?

  15. Congress of the United States
    begun and held at the City of New-York, on
    Wednesday the fourth of March, one thousand seven hundred and eighty nine.
    “THE Conventions of a number of the States, having at the time of their adopting the Constitution, expressed a desire, in order to prevent misconstruction or abuse of its powers, that further declaratory and restrictive clauses should be added: And as extending the ground of public confidence in the Government, will best ensure the beneficent ends of its institution.

    One further declaratory and restrictive clause in particular was in fact of history intentionally added in order to prevent misconstruction and abuse of the few and limited powers afforded to any and all persons within and acting on behalf of the federal government — certainly including but not in the least limited to ‘representatives’ of the Citizens of the numerous States to the Federal Congress — as follows:
    Amendment II
    “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

    And what, if anything, might possibly be understood from this?

  16. Why don’t we look at the laws we have now, Why are we not looking at a law that if you used a firearm to kill, kidnap, rub a bank, or moved it out country say to sell to drug gangs, you get life or the death penalty . And any drug gang members get the Electric chair… How about real CRIME control , and if you make and use bombs to kill you get the electric chair… I say go all out for CRIME CONTROL… and leave our Bill of Rights alone… the federal government should have no say about medical conditions , that can and will be used to destroy rights of people who are not P.C.

  17. Doubt they will get to 60 votes to pass it they might flip Kely Ayotte. But flipping 6 Senators from progun states thats just wishful thinking by Manchin who want buddy points with Obama.

  18. Hey, it went up in flames last time so why not try for extra crispy? Like someone said, there is only so much they can polish that turd, the bill that is, Randy

  19. I read it. The amending and striking of HIPPA, the “tweaks” and vague ambiguity of interstate transportation of firearms, the flat out carrot and stick bribery if states agreed. Having a health care professional red flag your 2nd amendment rights because you needed grief counseling after your cat got hit by a car, and were deemed depressed. Etc.,,, et al… It sucked, and will suck again. Don’t forget Gottleib was for it, right up until he was against it.

  20. I love when leftists use the word “fight” like they actually understand its implications. Be careful what you wish for, traitor.

  21. If the checks do happen, and it seems like a distinct possibility at this point, wouldn’t it would be better to help write the legislation, so it wouldn’t have some bad provisions in it?

  22. This is the best quote Manchin could come up with? We’ve not yet begun to fight? He could have gone with something like “was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?!?”

    At least he didn’t start crying this time.

  23. Believe me when I say that Lyin’ Joe is no friend of West “By God” Virginians. We are fighting tooth and nail on the local side and federal side to block him at every turn. The biggest group is if any of you are West Virginians and want to help.

  24. “Shucks, when he had the chance to explain the bill to the folks back home in Almost Heaven, they bought in. Why won’t you?”

    I think you need to double check your sources. I know the 4 gun related organization on the local side are dead set against Manchin and his idiotic bill. And the only people here he talked to, were his money grubbing buddies and big backers. The general populace is very pro 2nd Amendment. Research a little more. From a PROUD WEST VIRGINIAN!


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