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 Seven rounds (courtesy

Staring down the proverbial barrel of a voter backlash and civil disobedience on an epic scale, New York legislators are looking at walking back the seven-round ammunition capacity limit contained within the ironically-named SAFE Act. “Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver says that’s one of several, mostly ‘technical’ changes to the nation’s toughest gun control measure rushed into law in January one month after the Newtown, Conn., shooting,” the AP reports. “Silver says the leaders are considering the change because seven-bullet magazines aren’t manufactured. The standard is 10-bullet magazines. Silver calls it one of the ‘inconsistencies’ in the law that need to be fixed.” So that’s what you call it when Democrats and mealy-mouthed Republicans wipe their feet on the United States Constitution. Anyway, winning?

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  1. bad move. the R should stonewall changes and let the courts crush it – which they will. my opinion anyway

    • +1
      This is a tactic to
      a) stall a court challenge and
      b) when the challenge inevitably reaches the higher [less beholden to politicians and not dependent of campaign donations] levels, to demonstrate how sweetly reasonable they are.

    • I disagree. I think this clears the way for an uncomplicated challenge of the AWB. Drop the challenge to mag capacity limits (a fight for another day) and go straight for the AWB, which has never been done, even at the Federal level.

      The government can make a case (albeit, flawed) for a public safety and welfare interest in limiting magazine capacities. They cannot make the case for a public welfare interest in banning pistol grips from rifle stocks. It is purely arbitrary and capricious. The same goes for all the other features that comprise to legally define an “assault weapon”.

      Even before the Federal AWB in 1994, we all scoffed at the notion of an AWB because there was no way to define it. Well, they did it with a laundry list of design, ergonomic and even safety features. They only reason they got away with it was because it was never challenged. It’s time. Once and for all. Otherwise, when the political climate is conducive, it will surface again and succeed.

  2. Winning in that showing that part of it is wrong can help prove that the rest of it is.

    Not Winning in that this should not be used by NY GOP to say “see, we got that reversed so we like the 2nd Amendment.”

  3. “Silver says the leaders are considering the change because seven-bullet magazines aren’t manufactured. The standard is 10-bullet magazines……”

    The “standard” is whatever the firearm was designed with. Ar-15 standard is 20-30, AK standard is 30, M9 standard is 15 and so on…

    • Exactly. When I read “The standard is 10-bullet magazines” I immediately thought “Since when has there been a standard magazine size?”

    • Yeah, but knowing this requires even a basic understanding of firearms, which antis have none of. And god forbid they take the time to learn about something before banning it. The life of a tyrant is a busy one, after all.

  4. Nice, now how stupid does Gov Hickenpooper in Colorado feel about his precious bill? Seeing that Colorado has a different and more positive firearm history, their mag ban should be completely wiped off the bill, immediately.

    • Not going to happen. Hickenlooper is completely sold on this. I have no idea what the repercussions will really be in Colorado; the “Designed to be Readily Convertible” clause is the big catch in this bill (nevermind that for most guns except some pistols it -is- a 10 round limit).

      CO HB-1224 was intended to put *ALL* guns and magazines into question. I know some places like RifleGear aftermarket mod some mags to make them 15rd-blocked and sealed shut for NJ; this would likely be the only way to buy legal new mags in Colorado.

      (However, they still may be a problem, since the word ‘Designed’ brings up interpretation of -intent- from the manufacturer. It’s that nuts. If it was ‘intended’ or ‘designed’ to be readily convertible, even if it is no longer, it’d still be against the law!)

      When it comes down to it though, I’m guessing that folks won’t interpret this horribly written law that way. As Fields said so “eloquently”, “The limit is going to be 15 bullets”. Whatever. She doesn’t know what she’s talking about.

      I actually have little hope of the Colorado law being overturned. I want it to be, but I know it won’t be. And no amount of “recalls” are going to change that.

      CO HB-1224; This is apples and oranges to the NY 7-rd limit, and from what I’m reading, this isn’t even a change from the 7rd limit in NY. It’s still the ludicrous “you can own a 10 rd mag but you can only load it to 7″… I -still- end up standing agape at that, just the very idea that this is supposed to “reduce crime” because any given nutbag in the heat of a craze is going to go “Oh crap, 7. That’s right. 7.”

      I wish this were a win. Tomorrow, Hickenlooper will sign HB-1224 and we’ll lose Magpul here in CO; and unless NY SAFE gets an injunction, NY will still be stuck with its crazy 7rd limit.

  5. I think Our Dear Leader in Albany and the Dems knew the 7 round limit wouldn’t fly, but they stuck it in there anyway to make future “concessions and good will offerings” to show that they aren’t the gun hating freedom usurpers that any rational New Yorker knows they are. They’re not going to budge with the AWB. Silver said that himself. THAT is where the courts have to crush ’em.

    • They pretty much threw a handful of shit on the wall and waited to see what would stick. Whatever sticks is an excuse to build on it.

    • This. Go too far on purpose, then (if you have to) make concessions so you can claim you were “reasonable and listening to your constituents.” Best of both worlds when election time rolls around.

    • The time to make concessions was before the bill was rammed down people’s throats. Now that most of the state is up in arms, there is going to be a lot more compromising than perhaps Cuomo would like–but will have no choice but to accept.

      • The grabbers had no idea that we would come together as quickly and as effectively as we have. We aren’t divided by states and regions on this issue, something which happens in New Jersey, or anywhere in the nation, it will be going viral worldwide before the Sun is up next morning. When incidents get reported more of the not so serious gun owners get a wake up call and start thinking how it could happen to them.

  6. The 7 round limit is the best thing going for a 2nd Amendment challenge, especially when it has the practical effect of banning most handguns. At this point, I don’t trust the Supreme Court to find 10 round limits or an assault weapons ban unconstitutional. 7 rounds, on the other hand, shows the slippery slope in action.

  7. Liberalism is a mental disorder. From this day hence, anybody voting democrat is a libtard and traitor. What diseased brain would go from ten rounds (low capacity) to seven (insane), when 30 is standard and 50-100 round drums is high? Powder their lower jaws with ball-peen hammers and bite the flesh from their facial cheeks.

    • The actual number doesn’t really matter, they pick what they see as the most readily exploitable, things most likely to frighten the ignorant. If all we had left was double barrel shotguns they would be screaming that no one “needs” more than one barrel on a shotgun. Facts don’t even enter their crooked .little minds.

      • They specifically hit on seven because it cancels out every single pistol already saddled with the ten round limit and nobody will gear up to produce 7-round mags just for NY. A great case for the 1911.

  8. Remember where it’s all coming from!

    “They have the guns and therefore we are for peace and for reformation through the ballot. When we have the guns then it will be through the bullet.”
    Vladimir Ilyich Lenin

    • The tenth rule is that you do what you can with what you have and clothe it with moral garments. In Lenin’s April Theses he states, “They have the guns and therefore we are for peace and reformation through the ballot. When we have the guns then it will be through the bullet.”

  9. Yes, winning. The NY legislature and executive are looking down the barrel of the judicial gun. The complete Charlie Foxtrot that they’ve created is about to unravel in its entirety. So, how do they save face and salvage what little they can? They back off and try their best to get some kind of alignment with perceived orthodoxy in the sense that reduced mag capacity to the “10 round limit” will make the boo boo hurt less and placate the rubes, for the children. Traitors and punks, still, as always.

    This is our golden opportunity to crush them and drive them into the dustbin of history and irrelevancy. With the court cases pending, and the likely wins that will be ours, this will be their last gasp.

  10. Bummer for anyone who got rid of their 10+ magazine handguns recently because they wanted to be law abiding citizens, huh?

    • 10+ers were legal to own but you could only load them to 7 except at the range starting 4/15. Also the last I heard they were only walking back it to allow you to carry 10 in the home BS.

  11. If we’re winning, let’s make sure this does the maximum political damage possible to the politicians that attempted it. People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw boomerangs.

    • Agreed- contact your elected officials. It takes about the same amount of time to leave a phone message for a CongressCritter as it does to leave a comment here. The silent majority needs to sustain some noise now and vote to back it up.

  12. Yeah, in that same vein I don’t call it winning when your opponent scores 50 – 0 and then concedes that the last point really came after the buzzer and the score should really be 49 – 0. Even if the SAFE act goes away completely, you’re merely back where you started. Winning is when all of NY state becomes “shall issue” and no problem with whatever type of ammo you prefer or what type of gun you prefer. Hardball is what is called for in this situation not tag.

    • NY State is stuck with NYC, like Florida is stuck with Miami. Big cities and big city people are the problem we all face.

      • That’s the really odd thing about Arizona. The largest city, Phoenix, votes red but we have Tucson south of us (second largest) and Prescott north of us voting blue now.

  13. This isn’t a win. This is just politicians backpedaling in an attempt to save face before this unconstitutional BS gets blocked via injunction or thrown out in court.

    “See, we’re not so bad. This proves we’re reasonable and open to compromise.”

  14. Standard capacity is whatever their police would have and carry. If the NY National Guard can have it, if the NYPD can have it, then it should be available to the people at large.

    Going back to a silly 10 round limit is not progress. registration is not progress. Freedom and personal responsibility is progress, in the right way.

    • I would have whatever the cops have in my own home. If you shoot badguys, then just swap out the high (standard) cap mags for a couple sevens and say you changed mags if you used more than seven rounds in the ‘event’ to the cops.

  15. If this is victory, I want to see what defeat looks like. One still has to get rid of all magazines over 10 rounds, so if you have an old pistol with a 13-round magazine, you get to use the gun as a doorstop. Unless there is also a “technical correction” to that effect, that is. You still have to register all “assault weapons” and, if I am not mistaken, your children won’t be able to inherit them upon your death, which is a gun grab despite them saying “we are not taking anyone’s guns”. And you will still have to have 7-rounds in your magazine to defend yourself with.

    The seven round magazine limit is a sweet spot for lawsuits, I wish there were enough votes to block the “technical corrections” to the law, but I doubt it’s going to happen.

  16. I won’t consider anything a victory until all small arms are made legal in every state, concealed carry is an unlicensed practice, any politician who’s supported gun control legislation is arrested for treason, and the concept of progressivism is wiped from the nation.

    In other words, we’re pushing back against an unstoppable force. There’s no stopping the descent. This is a “victory” the way throwing a thimbleful of water on your flame-consumed house is a victory.

  17. First of all the Constitution has nothing to say about the difference between a 7-round limit and one of 10. Secondly, the joke’s on you. After haggling between 100- and 30-round allowances you were threatened with only 7. Now it looks like you’ll have to live with 10. Who wins?

    • No mikey, only those in the (some) blue states have to live with it. There will be no such foolishness in Tennessee or the other red states. Sorry. And one more thing. A voter backlash? In New York? What are they going to do? Not reelect Cuomo?Please.

    • “First of all the Constitution has nothing to say about the difference between a 7-round limit and one of 10.”

      You’re right. The founding fathers naively believed that future generations would be smart enough to figure out the simpler “shall not be infringed” language.

        • Actually they did. This is why we have the electoral college voting system, although it isn’t working as it should.

          “The mobs of great cities add just so much to the support of pure government, as sores do to the strength of the human body. It is the manners and spirit of a people which preserve a republic in vigor. A degeneracy in these is a canker which soon eats to the heart of its laws and constitution”.
          Thomas Jefferson

        • Sorry, but the electoral college is working fine. That’s the problem, this is the best the EC can do when literally just anybody is allowed to vote when they turn eighteen and manage to still have a pulse. Reset the laws to zero and make the right to vote and hold public office an earned thing, something you have to go through hell for and something you have to stick with even when you’re being encouraged to quit and walk away.

          I think Heinlein had it right in Starship Troopers – a neo-Spartan meritocracy where you volunteer six years active duty in a job you hate for a branch of service that was picked for you, and you can quit at any time just by ringing a bell and signing some papers. But quit before six years and you’re never allowed to come back. Stick with it, risk death or serious injury so that you can vote. No other benefit, just more responsibility and the eternal headaches that come with. Hooray.

    • Who wins? You win, mikey. Freedom loses. The Constitution loses. America loses as it slowly turns into a third-class Eurotrash failed socialist state.

  18. Here’s hoping there’s a voter backlash anyway. BIG TIME. Voters should realize they’ll be back, and eliminate them from their jobs.

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