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While RF was spreading the cheer about New York Democrats wanting to revise the NY SAFE Act, it looks like Governor Cuomo might not be on board. The news program Capital Tonight is reporting that the Gov says he will not accept any change to the magazine capacity limit. From the program’s blog . . .

Gov. Andrew Cuomo was quick to hold his first question-and-answer session since Thursday with reporters after Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver confirmed that alterations to the state’s new gun control law had crept into the budget negotiations.

Cuomo, who insisted he would not accept a change in the limits on high-capacity magazine, opened the door to the budget not be completed by the end of this week.

Honestly, I’d be pretty happy if Cuomo strong-armed New York Democrats into keeping the SAFE Act as-is. The man has his eyes on the presidency, and something tells me that he’ll be wanting to use the SAFE Act to sell his bona fides to New York and California voters. So keeping the act in place is high on his list of priorities. Which means that legal challenges like the Tresmond case can run their course and completely and totally bitchslap the bill out of existence.

In short, this thing isn’t over. Not even close.

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  1. Don’t forget that he himself needs some changes, for the retired police, etc. Unless he has enough votes to give him just the changes he wants, he may be forced to compromise.

    I was under the impression that the idea of the compromise was that a 10-round magazine could after all be sold, but he would insist that the magazines still not be loaded with more than 7 rounds. If that’s not enough of a face-saver for him, well, we’ll have to wait and see how this plays out.

    • That’s something that’s confusing to me as well. I live in NYC and was told by one of the folks at the NYPD License division that I could keep my presently owned 10rnd magazines if I promised not to load more than seven rounds into it (eye roll). Now my father (also a NYC pistol license holder) was planning on transferring an old Ruger MK1 over to me (they have nine round mags). When I asked the NYPD License Division employee how the SAFE Act will effect that transfer, she didn’t know and, as usual for that office, told me to call back later for the answer.

      • My impression was that (a) previously grandfathered magazines of over 10 rounds must be disposed of and shouldn’t even be modified to hold only 7, (b) previously owned 10-round magazines are grandfathered, but can’t be loaded with more than 7, (c) future magazines sold (transfered?) must be seven rounds.

        But then again, I used to live in NYC and then Upstate New York rather long ago, but not any more, so don’t take my word for it, go the NY Safe Act FAQ and see what you can find out:

        • I may have had a misconception on one point. From the FAQ:

          Q: What if I have a magazine that can contain more than ten rounds?
          A: You can permanently modify the magazine so that it holds no more than ten rounds, responsibly discard it, or sell it to a dealer or an out of state purchaser by January 15, 2014.

  2. really hope he would stick to the guns to pander NY and CA votes. It’s not likely either state will vote anything short of democrat anyway, so this just paves the way for creating more swing states that will look at this crap and vote the other way.

    strategically, this is about as dumb as it gets, but who am I to say…

    • The first part of any campaign is to please the base so you can ask for money, over time they move to the center for the national elections. Many voters forget very quickly, our job as gun owners in 2014 and 2016 is to remind people what an asshat this man is and for people to vote differently

      • So true. I’m too young to remember the political fallout of the 1994 gun bans but I’m certainly going to remember who not to vote for.

  3. Gotta love that coast-dweller myopia. I can’t wait to see his finger-wagging, paternalistic ass get booted out in the primaries.

  4. I’m actually really glad that he won’t change it. We need the law to be as stupid as possible, which makes it easier to strike down as unconstitutional in the courts, setting a precedent for more court cases to take back the occupied zones of California, New Jersey, Conneticut, etc.

  5. I’d love to see some challenges in Colorado but since our mag cap is so much more “fair” at 15, I’m guessing that aint gonna happen. Anyhow, sure as hell hoping for New York here.

    • It’s still far below what’s considered protected under Heller v DC if argued from what’s in common use for lawful purposes. Senator Brophy says he expects a court challenge to HB-1224 and Dave Kopel told the legislators that if the 15 limit and the “readily convertible” language isn’t changed (which bans virtually all magazines) it won’t be hard to argue against in court.

        • I would guess there are several groups that have the law suits written and will file as soon as the law is signed.

        • On the good side in Minnesota, they kicked butt on Paymar 237 senate bill pretty much killing it in committee last night and are now going after Latz 458 bill, both are nearly identical to the NY Safe Act.

          Here is to hoping for court based wins in NY & Colorado and once the precedent is established there, we can go after Kalifornika!

  6. Knowing the general emotional and mental immaturity of progressives, he’s just being a spoiled child who couldn’t get his way.

  7. Protocols of the learned elders of Zion…
    In Protocol #5 the Jewish Elders state:

    “We shall create an intensified centralization of government in order to grip in our hands all the forces of the community. We shall regulate all the actions of our subjects by new laws.

    “These laws will withdraw one by one all of the indulgences and liberties which have been permitted by the Goyim.”

    • Gentlemen, let’s keep it classy. Again, if your source is so accurate, why are you frequenting a firearm blog started by a couple of Jews, and why was our second amendment memorialized in Heller and McDonald by another pair of Jews?

      • What’s the negative in acknowledging the existence of Zionism? Many evils have been committed in the name of Zionism. Nowhere did I see Niceguns implicate all people of Jewish decent, nor did he accuse all Jews of being Zionists. Just being anti-Zionist doesn’t make one anti-Jew. Not all lesbians are rabid feminists, not all blacks are gangstas, and not all red necks in the South want to see Jefferson Davis rise from the grave. There are bad people in every group who give the rest a bad name, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t call out the wrong-doers for fear of offending the rest of the class.

        I don’t think anyone here would accuse RF of being a Zionist. But if he is, he’s doing one hell of a job pulling the wool over our eyes and deserves a palace in Jerusalem for all his work when world domination is complete!

  8. good, he should stick to his guns. The SAF challenged the $340 NYC handgun fee a while ago and thats wending its way through courts. Lets the dismantlement begin.

  9. OTOH, a fight avoided is a fight won. The 2nd Circuit is reasonably likely to side with Cuomo so we would have to hope SCOTUS strikes it down. If SCOTUS looks like it does right now that is a fairly likely outcome (at least for 7 rounds, not so much for 15), but if one of the Heller five drop dead between now and then it could get ugly, creating terrible binding SCOTUS precedent and ringing the dinner bell for further restrictions.

  10. Follow the money. Cuomo needs Bloomberg’s money, whether he’s running for Governor again, or entering the Presidential derby. Silver couldn’t lose in his district unless he was revealed to be a cannibalistic Muslim pederast…and maybe not even then.

    So Silver is using his brains and trying to protect as much of the SAFE act as he can, whereas Cuomo is not really interested as long as he can claim that he tried.

  11. Completely pathetic that millions of NY’ers have to have their rights temporarily stripped away so that one man can further his political career. He should be tried by a jury of up-state men and women and hung in the public square upon the conviction of guilty to treason.

  12. shouldnt the title say he is sticking to his slingshots or something like that? we all know he doesnt want guns.


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