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In the run-up to Scream4, diminutive Heroes actress Hayden Panettiere is dishing the dirt on dicing with death with home invaders and the police. “It was the scariest moment of my life,” Panettiere tells E! Online without the slightest trace of hyperbole that usually marks these unsubstantiated pre-release tell-alls. “The alarm was going off and off and off, but no one was coming. As soon as I knew what was happening, I grabbed my Taser and my cellphone and locked myself in the bathroom. . . I called a friend that lived close and I called my dad  . . . I was sitting and shaking by the toilet, but then was like, ‘Screw this! I’m not waiting for somebody to come barging in.’ So I crawled out the window . . . I’m running with this Taser in my hand and I run around the corner of the house and I’ve got like seven police with sniper rifles and lasers on me. I’m going, ‘Don’t shoot! Don’t shoot me, please!'” So they didn’t. Save the cheerleader and all that.

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  1. Anyone other than a cute little blond girl, might have had a different experience coming around that corner running with something pistol shaped in his/her hand.

  2. I bet it was, like, y’know, totally scary and stuff but the police, like, they didn’t get all shooty or anything so she was like, “hi, guys,” and it was cool.

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