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“It’s symbolic. The idea here is to turn guns into pieces of art.” Everyone’s a critic, including New York City Police Commissioner Ray Kelly [via]. I’m happy that Ray likes the work of artist Lin Evola. (As do Bill Clinton, Ye Olde Million Mom March and Sarah Brady.) I’m not so happy that the Commish is supporting the work of a gun control advocate bent on using weapons confiscated and melted down at taxpayer expense to create a hideous sculpture to promote her gun grabbing agenda. Placed smack dab in the middle of the city’s main cop shop. “The silver-colored statue will depict a seated angel whose left hand rests atop a globe and whose right hand holds an olive branch. The statue is to be installed at One Police Plaza next March.” So what are those kids supposed to represent, then? Here’s a hint: victims of “gun violence.”

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  1. I hope she sculpts better than she sketches. That looks like something I did in seventh grade art class.

  2. I never totally black-booked New York because the Statue of Liberty is one of the single coolest things since the Valley of the Kings, but this just did it for me. The Police Commissioner of God City is officially sponsoring a specific, anti-rights political ideology and installing items of symbolism to go along with it.

  3. Since NY is so safe they should take away the cops guns, and then they’ll see how the unarmed citizens feel.

  4. … The idea here is to turn guns into pieces of art. …

    News flash; Guns are pieces of art. In my opinion. My German P220ST Sport is a piece of art. Lot of inanimate everyday articles are art. Ever heard of Andy Warhol?

    Oh, sorry Ray. I misunderstood. You mean pieces of art that you and your LEO bureaucrat buddies approve of. ‘K. I’ll try and do better next time.

    Well, I’m gonna go shoot some guns. Art. Wait… Eh, see ya.

  5. I’m all about realism. How about a sculpture of Sarah Brady shoving her proposals up her ass?


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