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  1. The FNX series actually brought something new to the table: a fully-ambidextrous polymer pistol you could carry cocked & locked, and which didn’t require you to encounter HK’s customer (dis)service.

    The FNS? If I wanted a striker-fired pistol, I’d buy another Glock, and avoid an extraneous safety and a flexy hinged trigger.

    Although… if they added a magazine disconnect and a grip safety that won’t let you rack the slide, they’d have the ultimate annoyance handgun.

    • Another +1

      They’re welcome to throw their hat in the ring, I’m all for competition and seeing new stuff on the market. But I wonder what FN thinks is going to make this gun really stand out in the striker fired tupperware market.

      • The fact that it won’t stovepipe or throw brass in your face will make it stand out from current Glock 19’s and 17’s. I predict they do well.

  2. That trigger looks suspiciously similar to the absolutely awful trigger found on S&W’s series of Glock knockoffs (Sigma).

  3. I’ve owned an FN FiveseveN for about a year now and love the gun and the company. I’m looking forward to seeing this new one. Once I began to learn more about FN, I am even more loyal to their brand. This is one company that is truly on the cutting edge of innovation for both military and civilian technology. I believe they hold a 70% market share in the military “small arms” market and for good reason.

    I have to laugh when I hear Glock tout themselves as an industry innovator. Don’t get me wrong, I love my Glocks but let’s call it like it is: Glock’s idea of “innovation” is to add a rough texture, replaceable backstraps and an integrated spring/recoil rod. All of those “innovations” were previously done by other manufacturers. Glock has adopted a very typical Austrian posture when it comes to product design : put out a solid product, claim it’s the best in the world, rest on laurels for decades until a competitor threatens market share. I have had the pleasure of working with Austrian companies and they all seem to follow a similar pathway. Change only comes in a reactionary bubble.

    I would encourage further due diligence on FN and hope you’ll be as impressed as I am on their history, design and innovation prowess. Pick up a recent FN catalog at your local shop and you’ll be hooked.

    Cheers to FN for another excellent gun!

  4. So, FNH has decided to produce a Ruger SR9 and SR40?

    They also think they are mostly an American Company:

    FN Manufacturing, located in Columbia, South Carolina, is the U.S. manufacturing arm of FN and is currently producing M16 rifles, M249 light machine guns, M240 medium machine guns, FN bolt-action rifles and FNP pistols. FNM is one of only three manufacturers designated by the U.S. Government as the domestic industry base for small arms production. Sharing design, engineering and manufacturing expertise with FN Herstal in Belgium, FNM’s reputation for quality and reliability is clearly demonstrated by the fact that 70% of the small arms used by U.S. Forces around the globe bear the FN name.

  5. I’ll have to wait until I can feel it in my hands. One of my biggest points with a handgun is if I’m able to hold it, go into shooting stance with my eyes closed, open them and find my sights lined up. If the sights are right there, it’s a natural shooter for me-then I start wanting it. The next is checking on availability of magazines, and , if it’s a new model, how long until good holsters are made for it. It took a few years for brand name holsters to be out for my beloved Beretta 90-TWO. Luckily, Blade Tech will always help you out. They even made a custom kydex sheath for my Cold Steel Taipan. FN does make good stuff, I,ve seen their operations. Now, will they come out with a .45 option?

  6. I’ve been carrying FN’s P45 for six months now, and I’ve found it to be, as you say, a “natural shoot” for me. It got a hammer, not a striker, which is one of the reasons I settled on that particular model over, say, the Springfield or the HK.

    That, and the 15rd mags.


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