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It was anything buy a happy Independence Day for the NYPD. “A police officer was fatally shot in the head while sitting in a police vehicle in the Bronx early Wednesday, according to law enforcement sources. The officer has been identified as 48-year-old Miosotis Familia.

“Alexander Bonds, 34, came up and blasted Familia through the window without warning, sources said. … Bonds approached at 12:30 a.m. as Familia sat inside a temporary headquarters vehicle at East 183rd Street and Morris Avenue in Fordham Heights, according to sources.”

The shooter was chased down and shot to death while exchanging gunfire with police about a block away from the scene of the shooting. As the Daily News reports, Bonds had an extensive history with the criminal justice system.

Bonds’ criminal rap sheet includes an assault on a police officer with brass knuckles, a source said. He was paroled in 2013 after serving seven years for a robbery in the Syracuse area, according to state records.

“Let’s be clear. This was nothing less than an assassination of a police officer. Our understanding is she was filling out her memo book and he walked out and fired one round,” the source said.

The source said Bonds, who boasts up to six different aliases, recently spoke critically of law enforcement on an unspecified social media site. He said police in Oakland, Calif., were wrong to stop a child riding a bicycle.

The murder of Officer Familia was disturbingly similar to the assassination of two NYPD cops in Brooklyn in 2014 as they sat in their patrol car.

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  1. A senseless death. May she Rest In Peace!

    Mayor De Blasio and the police commissioner have blood in their hands. This is the result of their anti law enforcement rhetoric they have sponsored in favor of illegal aliens and refugees.

    Sad day indeed! My prayers are with her and her family.

  2. I blame institutional racism and an embedded culture of white supremacy. #blacklivesmatter

    • Sure thing troll.
      So he shot her because she was sitting in a vehicle?
      Or because shes a cop?
      What part made her a racist?

      • Ironhead, blockhead and similar – please learn to understand sarcasm without being specifically told to… get ready… clap your flippers, it’s sarcasm! Come on, people!

        • I truly believe that the comments section is too boomer-laden to handle sarcasm. For the uninitiated, this was a jab at folks that blame white people for everything. To the guy below me, yes, the thin blue line prevents a massive white backlash against rioters, illegals, blm types, etc.

        • You didn’t really leave any clue. Something fun would have helped. It is indeed true that many of our memories are not up the the task of remembering the proclivities even the other regular commentators.

        • 1st clue that the statement about white supremacy and BLM was sarcasm:

          1. Neither the shooter nor the victim were white.

    • A black worthless thug kills a black female officer(God bless her soul) and you’re yelling “racism”? Oh do please explain.

      • That’s the joke.

        Also, she was Black, Latina, and a woman, so she’s triply internally-racist for being a Pig!

    • I see no sarcasm here but maybe I’m wrong?

      Blaming racism for this is tantamount to blaming children for pedophilia, the Jews for the Holocaust, or babies for being born addicted to crack cocaine!

    • In his comment on “Quote of the Day: The Ferguson Effect Hits UK Police, Too” he posited that the police protect “dusky rioters” from racist Americans.

  3. Damn, he didn’t even wait for circumstances where he could escape. It is hard to see one like that coming. I don’t much like having the police made afraid of random looking people, nor anyone dying (the cop not the fellow that needed it) like that.

  4. Unconscionable! Had that scumbag not been paroled, he might still be in prison and the officer would still be alive!! When will the Left learn that the parole system is a criminal’s best friend?!?! By letting scumbags out early, they are signing the death warrant of anyone these animals attack! New York should be ashamed of itself!!!

  5. Did I imagine it or did one of the sources say he was wearing a hoodie and pulled it up right before the attack?

  6. As in many posts on TTAG we all need situational awareness. Especially when we KNOW criminals(and lots of others) hate us. Sorry she’s dead-RIP…

    • She was tired and working inside a police car that had several cops nearby. The killer approached quickly and from behind. I imagine that a lot of us would has missed the killer’s approach under those circumstances. I myself am not monitoring my mirrors continuously under similar circumstances. It does worry me that I don’t but it is just not possible to get paperwork done in a car and maintain thorough situational awareness.

    • Yes, of course, Sorry she’s dead-RIP-prayers to her family, AND “IT’S TOO SOON” BUT . . .

      A known criminal with a history of direct violent action against police killed her while she was ON THE JOB. She shoulda just called the cops. / sarc. When the cops demonstrate that they cannot always even protect themselves, then it should be glaringly apparent that people reserve the right to protect themselves for a reason.

      Gun-grabbers, but especially the evil POS (D) and NYC want to leave you all as sitting ducks in your car.

    • There will always be times when our situational awareness falters when we are alone. I prefer having a second set of eyes with me but, alas, I am most often alone whilst I’m out. All I can do is pray that I stay safe on those occasions when I am distracted by some task such as loading my truck with my Wal-mart purchase, etc. I’ve done paperwork for various jobs in my auto before and it is impossible to do paperwork and be situationally aware.

  7. In my opinion this is a reaction to the Phiando Castile officer being found not guilty. There are many people on TTAG and else where who thought the officer was guilty. After seeing the dash cam video I don’t think the officer woke up that morning and decided to kill a black person that day.
    Now another police officer has been murdered just sitting in her car. Reason magazine was glad when the New York city police decided to stop enforcing certain laws, to protest the communist mayor in that city. They lost thousands of dollars in uncollected fines. The mayor who said the police are racist but has them guard his mixed race children, said the police needed to enforce these laws. As Reason pointed out the people most effected by these laws were black people in New York City.

    Part of the problem are libertarians and Jewish socialist politicians who think they can make points with blacks by supporting non-violent behavior and then prosecute those same people when the government needs more fines collected money. This non-violent behavior (DUI) has led to violent death.

    I like to police. I need them to draw a chalk out line around the person I shoot when they try to rob, rape, and or murder me and my family. It would be nice if they stopped “no knock raids”. But the Jewish socialist mayor of New York City has not stopped the no knock raid policy. I wonder why??????

    • I’ll bet that this guy had no idea who Philandro Castile was, and was simply angry at all police for daring to interfere with his lifestyle choices.

      And what does being Jewish have to do with anything about this case whatsoever that you feel the need to mention it twice?

      • Sian
        Let me up the ante. As a black gun owner, I have no problem saying a white Jewish person, Bernie Sanders, the ADL, or who ever, uses their minority status to take away my gun civil-rights. They don’t get a free pass.

        We have already discussed on TTAG antigun arguments used by white Jewish people who have actually said it was their religion that motivated them to take way guns. The mayor of New York City has said the police are racist. This is how he gets points with blacks who don’t pay attention. But he has them still guard his mixed race children.

        And as a member of the JPFO since 1993, when I heard Aaron Zelman say the reason for gun control was to deny gun rights to black people, I learned who was really a friend and who was not.

    • Libertarians don’t try to “make points” with groups. That is why they are never elected.
      You sure seem to have it out for Jews. That is probably not entirely rational.

      • ActionPhysicalMan
        I don’t have to make up things about libertarians. They have publicly supported for years the “right” to Drive while intoxicated. That has resulted in the violent death of people who are not driving while intoxicated. And hundreds of people are inconvenienced when the DUI driver crashes into a power pole ending electrical service for innocent people.

        It not a safe thing to DUI and have a loaded gun on you, when the police stop you for a broken tail light or you may look like a person they are looking for. I personally went through this except I was not intoxicated at the time.

        • I had thought you had said that they tried to curry favor with blacks, presumably for votes. However, people don’t drive drunk because libertarians oppose check points or advocate against lower BAC limits any more than murderers murder because of lax gun laws.

        • Well Thats a good Question Chris T KY: Whats wrong with driving after drinking? in and of it self it should not be a crime. The Problem is the correct punishment, if you drive a car and kill someone you have taken a life and should be Justly punished. But if you can drink and drive fine why should you be fined and suspended for it? Just a Question

        • If a man and a woman from KY get married there, then move to Texas, are they still considered brother and sister? Just curious.

      • ActionPhysicalMan
        I agree with Ann Coulter. No welfare, then you can do all the drugs you want. I would add one thing to this also. I want to be able to shot a person who steals from me, to pay for their drug habit. This was done back in “the good days” of the old west. Back then you could “put things into your body”, everything was legal.
        If libertarians really believed in freedom then they should support not forcing someone to pay for someone else drug habit.

        Do libertarians support government funds used to pay for Crystal Meth to improve the sexual experience of non-tax payers????
        High Bridge Arms, the last gun store in SF was forced to close by the city government and a pot dispensary was opened in it’s place.

        Libertarians are trying to make points with blacks and anyone else but they are not telling people their are consequences to their actions in this freedom.

        stossel vs coulter

        • Stopping the government transfer of wealth from the productive to the non-productive is at the heart of libertarian ideology. The right to self defense is as well. The republicans participated in the construction of the welfare state far more than libertarians did. Just because the Republicans and to a greater extent the Democrats saddled us with other peoples bill doesn’t give people like you and Ann the right to infringe on other people real rights. You and Ann are using the same rational against drug use as the progressives use against firearm ownership – that since society suffers from abusers, individual rights need to be infringed. I posit that just because group A robs group B to pay for groups C’s bills (and votes) doesn’t mean that group B gets to tell group D what they can and can’t do. You and Ann are as tyrannical as the progressives.

      • ActionPhysicalMan
        When given a choice libertarians choose drugs over guns. There is no libertarian utopia. I choose guns.

        • The libertarians don’t promise utopia any more than conservatives do. The right to self defense and medicate oneself as one sees fit are not incompatible except in some peoples heads. I choose both.

    • Sadly, it has always been so, and it will ever be so as long as one group of people is empowered to enforce laws upon another. It is human nature to resent authority, and, as the Democrats just learned, the people will always prefer freedom. Unfortunately, politicians forget this. The people forget that they allow politicians to make laws where no law is needed, often in order to justify their positions and income.

  8. Just wanted to say I’m shocked this guy served 7 years for a robbery. I mean, hell in Chicago he’d be done in 2 or less!

  9. But killing Cops in illegal?

    All Stupidity aside: Our Prayers are with This family!

  10. The Sheepdog’s Prayer

    The Knights of Olde were Men of Honor who used their Might For Right!
    Today they’re known as Sheepdogs, those who carry on the fight.

    I am a tired old Sheepdog, the guardian of my flock.
    I keep the predators at bay and stand watch around the clock.

    Please stop the Sheep from pulling my teeth. I’ll need them for the fight,
    When the hungry Wolves come calling, some dark and deadly night.

    I pray I’ll never need my gun, but someday if I do:
    May my cause be just!
    My draw be quick!
    And my aim be ever true!

    Heaven holds a special place for those who do the deed.
    Defenders of the innocent in their hour of need.

    May the Sheep someday be grateful. There’s a debt they can not pay,
    To the Sheepdogs who lay it on the line, each and every day.

    I’m proud to be a Sheepdog. I’ve done my very best!
    I’ll stand my watch until my Maker calls me home to rest.

    But when I meet St. Peter, there’s just one request I’ll make:
    “Please let me spend Eternity, standing guard at Heaven’s Gate”.

    Lord, help us bring this ”Age of Sheep” to a rapid end.
    Then fill this land with Sheepdogs, Men of Honor once again.

    This prayer is dedicated, to those who bravely face,
    The dangers all around us to make our world a safer place.

    To the soldiers, cops and warriors- Sheepdogs through and through.
    Thank you for your service and your sacrifices too.


    By Roger E. Temple- revised 2/11

    • I get what you’re going for, but let’s not strain the metaphor too much. True, a sheepdog is there to assist the shepherd in keeping the flock safe from wolves and from wandering off wherever. However, that isn’t out of kindness, chivalry, or love of sheep.

      It’s because the owner of the flock wants to keep and exploit the sheep for his own purposes, including slaughtering them, just as the wolves want.

    • I posit that Lazarus Long’s words should be considered, if not believed, here. “Beware of altruism. It is based on self-deception, the root of all evil.”

  11. I’m confused. First, an ex-hospital employee uses a NY state compliant AR-15 to kill 6 people. Then this upstanding citizen uses a pistol to kill a police officer. How did these guns get into the hands of these murderers when they are clearly illegal to possess in NYC? There has got to be some laws these criminals violated, but it didn’t stop their actions. How can that be?

  12. (sarc) It is a good thing he didn’t use a silencer, or else he would have gotten away with it (sarc).

  13. We have not seen this level of violence against LEOs prior to the Obama administration. Barry made it very clear that in his opinion, those who are twisted enough to be on the edge of perpetrating such acts, it is acceptable. Shame on him for putting those who suit up everyday and put their lives on the line to protect us in danger. Someone should put a uniform Barry Soetoro, place his ass in a patrol car and let him sit in Garfield Park, Chicago every night for a month. Afterall, he is from Chicago, so he should be comfortable.

  14. I thought it was illegal to carry a handgun in NY. How could anyone possibly be shot when its illegal to carry a handgun?

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