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“I’m much more a believer in glacial, incremental change.” – Missoula Montana City Council member Bryan von Lossberg in What Does a Gun Control Advocate Do in a Pro-Gun State? [via]

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    • The people of Montana shouldn’t dismiss it. They should take note of it, and should note that particular intolerant bigoted individuals such as the Missoula Montana City Council member Bryan von Lossberg, don’t like the culture of Missouri, don’t like the rights of the people of Montana, and wish to invoke slow crushing glacial incremental change (legislation wise – he is a legislator) in order to change the free people and culture of Montana into their imagined personal statist utopia. And I would recommend they fight fire with fire.

      • We HAVE noted same, long since. We have the same problem as rural Australia in the Weingarten article above. The people here are mostly all pro gun(except for government employees, OFC. “It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it.”― Upton Sinclair), but Missoula, along with the Flathead valley, have been suffering under an influx of California transplants for a decade and more now.
        They come in with lots of money, buy out some locals, and then increase local taxes to the point where the rest of the natives cannot afford to stay, and have to leave. Where I live in NE Montana is where lots of the locals have fled to.
        Then they use their local majority to force the laws they were familiar with back where the fled from, down the throats of what few locals managed to weather the storm of immigration. Its little different than the EU and their immigration crisis, except that they speak a similar language(sort of…)..

  1. The problem is Gun Control Advocates believe in the “rightness” of their cause and no amount of facts or statistics will sway them from their end-goal. They are also willing to play the long game gaining small wins here and there, and to use catastrophic events to further their aims despite the facts of the event.

    It happened in my part of the world with incremental changes in the law for the protection of the people and to tighten loopholes. Then a historic event happened which gave them what they wanted (Port Arthur). The Gun Control Groups are trying the same actions in the last bastion of freedom. Keep fighting the good fight.

      • No, they think “self-defense” is bad.

        Guns in the hand of government, the more oppressive the better, are GOOD to them.

        They’re FAR more worried about the gun in the hand of the woman who shoots a rapist than they’ll EVER be about the guns in the hands of the San Bernardino jihadis.

    • The problem with logic and reason is illogical and unreasonable people. Which, IMO, is far too many of them. Since the antis make their decisions based on ‘feelings’, sans facts and evidence, those things are useless to them. They don’t even understand what they are. For them, their feelz ARE facts…
      “It Is Useless To Attempt To Reason A Man Out Of A Thing He Was Never Reasoned Into” -

  2. The Left has been playing the long game for forty years. That is why the country is on the verge of Socialism.

    The one thing that Obama did for which he should be remembered is that he came out of the closet and tried to ram through the leftist agenda. That woke the silent majority out of their slumber. Obama gave away the Left’s game and goals and the majority of Americans started throwing the Leftists out.

    Now they will have to go back to the original plan of incrementalism.

    • The left has been playing the “progressive” game for a hundred years. The communist party adopted the strategy and have been working diligently every since. They are near their goal of total government takeover.

      • Yes, and it has been longer than 100 years. The Fabian Society was established in 1884.

      • One hundred and three years, six months, and thirteen days, to be exact. To save doing the math, that’s Dec 23rd, 1913. Anyone who doesn’t know what happened on that day should go find out.

  3. “Separate it into different laws and enact them one by one … Let the public digest them slowly before getting them passed.”
    Was this a quote from a “gun control” advocate, or a Communist Party official in reference to proposed laws taking more freedoms from the Taiwanese?
    It’s the latter, but pretty much equal in my book.

    • Which also does a decent job describing what the Missoula city council has been trying.

    • “Was this a quote from a “gun control” advocate, or a Communist Party official in reference to proposed laws taking more freedoms from the Taiwanese?”

      Close. Actually, it’s right out of the Saul Alinsky playbook. a little concept known as ‘nudge’.

      Take little, *tiny* bites out of something over a period of time.

      An example – if you want guns banned, the first thing you *must* do is know where they are. So, in the name of ‘gun safety’, pass a law requiring registration. But you can’t call it that, it’s too politically unpopular.

      So you call it something else, something non-threatening like ‘Gun Safety’, or ‘universal background checks’.

      Who could possibly be against safety? Do you want guns falling ‘into the wrong hands’?



  4. Every game is the long game. He’ll win eventually for a time. Then he’ll lose it all for a time.
    Societal changes occur so slowly that generations alive during transitional bursts think this is all new or never been done before.

    At the same time it wasn’t all that long ago we burned witches and it was an eternity ago. It’s “progressive” and “revolutionary” to consider not locking people away or raiding their homes weapons drawn for a plant now when people are still alive today from before this nonsense became accepted practice in the first place. Within a single lifetime yet still so long ago as to be ancient history seemingly incompatible with the modern world. Will there be an apology for the mistakes? Will their be reparations? Nope. .gov gets free reign to smash any and all it pleases for however long it pleases for any reason it pleases.

    I just feel bad for the generations that live during great times of prohibitionary stupidity. So many lives ruined by liberty crushing legislation. The .gov or authority responsible never pays any price but the people living at the time suffer needlessly. Amazing how much death and destruction is completely arbitrary and still people like this ass von Loserburg call for more.

    • “Societal changes occur so slowly that generations alive during transitional bursts think this is all new or never been done before.”

      Agreed, anyone who thinks the democratic agenda and US societal “issues” (if you actually consider them issues or just politicians over inflating and blowing smoke about nothing) are new should take a gander and peruse Animal Farm. Then explore the allegory to the actual events of the Russian Revolution and the final outcome.

      Although I seriously doubt anyone thinking this is new stuff will believe that history will ever repeat itself and therefore they will not learn from it

  5. What Does a Gun Control Advocate Do in a Pro-Gun State?
    1. Read the constitution and the bill of rights.
    2. Accept the fact that you are in a pro gun state. If you cannot do that, i suggest you leave. I hear France and Germany are nice.
    3. Quit whining.

  6. I feel I speak for most Montanans when I say if you want to live in Seattle, move to Seattle, don’t bring Seattle here.

  7. It has always seemed to me that the liberal mind does not favor quick, decisive action. Further, it has always struck (maybe too strong a word) me as a form of cowardice. You cannot take back most decisive actions.
    Since the use of firearms usually produces quick and decisive results it seems to go against their very nature. If you truly believe that an armed American population is an evil thing, do something about it. Claiming he is in it for the long game is simply cowardly.
    As for me, my long game is a Sako TRG 42 chambered in .338 Lapua with a Schmidt and Bender PM ll 5-25×56 scope.

    • “It has always seemed to me that the liberal mind does not favor quick, decisive action.”

      *Wrong*. They *love* decisive action.

      At the beginning of the Obama administration, Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel was overheard saying “We must not let a tragedy go to waste. In the immediate aftermath of a major tragedy, you can do things you never would have been able to accomplish beforehand.”

      This can work in our favor as well. The Congressional baseball game shooting means Congress is now more open to favoring concealed carry.

      *We* politically control the House. We need to strike while the iron is hot…

  8. From the article, he became concerned about teen suicide success rates, so he pushed for a law banning private firearm sales.

    Not more or better counciling. Not help lines. Not additional education and training for teachers. Instead, a law that can’t be enforced and won’t help the issue he says he’s concerned about even if it could be enforced.

    This is a long way for a mechanical engineer to fall.

    • What it accomplishes (if it stands) is mandatory firearm registration.

      That makes forced confiscation or outright seizure easy-peasy…

  9. When someone sells his firearm in Montana he is broke. The person is selling a tool that he has owned a while, why else is he selling it, other than he is a collector. A buyer of a used gun wants it for a collection or to use. If he had the money, he would buy new. If he is a collector, what difference does it make? He already has guns, so it shouldn’t matter.
    If they really want to underwrite this, it should be a totally free deal, one where it cost nothing to the buyer or seller. The real point here is registration, so they know who to come to to take all of the guns. New weapons are registered, the government wants to know where old relics are and that is a shame.
    Many people in Montana hunt, there do not have high paying jobs that buy thier meat. If a rifle breaks and a man has to get game, he might be on a budget and should not have to pay even more for a replacement rifle.

  10. Yet another California refugee and lifelong government employee invading a perfectly good state and trying to cram his freedom snatching, socialist agenda down people’s throats (ILLEGALLY, I might add). This guy is not fit to vote for public office, let alone to hold elected office.

  11. Another state of which I ‘ve heard residents brag about. And I keep hearing jerkweeds say “just move” from Illinois(or California or NY or Massachusetts or…) NO state is immune to the leftards. Not your precious Arizona or Wyoming either. THAT’S the “long game”…

  12. Typical Kalifornia transplant who moves to their idea of paradise only to try and make it like it is back home. Happened to CO. I hope it doesn’t happen to MT.

  13. “”been proven to save lives,” says Laura Cutilletta, legal director for the Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence”

    Um, excuse me, could we please see that evidence of proof?

  14. Play the “long game”? Humbug I say, humbug and poppycock! Little Bryan and all of the other intolerant, anti-civil rights bigots are Reality Deniers!

  15. The zero tolerance of gun shaped pop tarts at American schools is proof of this long game. “Give me just one generation of youth, and I’ll transform the whole world.”-Lenin.

  16. They may play the long game, but as with many games, there comes a point where, though you can continue to play, it would require a miracle to win. I’m starting to believe that gun control, with the few states on its grasp not withstanding,is at that point.

    Reading the NRA-ILAs Armed Citizen reports, there are links to the websites of the news articles concerning the events. Reading the comments hosted on those news sites is telling. They are almost entirely positive of armed self defense, and not one I’ve seen yet had an anti gun message.

    The antis have lost the narrative, and thus the culture. With more Americans able to exercise their right to bear arms, these stories become more common, and the people begin to see that armed self defense is better than gun control.

    Americans are often generous and tolerant, and like to be seen in a good light, but largely they hate being told what to do, or what they can’t do.

    The antis have no facts on thier side, and they are slowly losing the appeal to emotion to the alternate narrative: law abiding people ought to be able to defend themselves from criminals and terrorists, and calling gun owners criminals and terrorists just isn’t getting much traction.

    One could also argue that the left really doesn’t have a long game. Most of its key representatives date to the 1960s era revolutionaries, who are now old and out of touch. It could be said that their current ill behavior is actually the death throws of the movement. For Democrats to stage a comeback, virtually every expert says they must move to the center, dump the old guard, and turn away from radicalism. They are actually doubling down, embracing an aging leadership and catering to radical elements more than ever. They act as if the time is now, and if the moment is not seized, it never will be. I’d argue they are partially right…except the moment has actually passed, and while they may come back, it will be to the extent that they moderate their possition.

    The ‘left’ doesn’t really have a compass, or a monolithic leadership, and they are schizophrenic in their direction and cause du jur.

    Conservatives have something in common, principle. Progressives only have a party because they stole it from rank and file democrats, who are increasing aware and upset by this.
    Really, what does a WV coal miner have in common with antifa thugs? What does an Iron worker have in common with BLM? What auto worker sees himslef aligned with radical gay rights supporters? What association can long endure between a miner and and environmentalist?

    The progressives are few, democrats are many. As the party leaves the mass of its members behind it fails. Given time, it will either move back to the center, or fragment into factions that have less in common that the average Democrat does with the average Republican.

    The long game is no winner for progressives, their coalitions are weak, temporary and in many cases illusory. Facts do not support their possition, and experiments with thier ideology as policy routinely fail. Meanwhile, the truth remains, a persistent problem for them to be sure. The slower the wheel turns, the further out of reach progressive goals become.

    • ?The antis have lost the narrative, and thus the culture. With more Americans able to exercise their right to bear arms, these stories become more common, and the people begin to see that armed self defense is better than gun control.”

      Well, said. And we can thank the NRA for effectively denying the gun-controllers their moral imperative. Gun controllers can brag about playing “the long game” but the NRA wrote the book on that strategy. Over several decades now, the gun-control movement has attempted several major efforts to achieve gun-control and, yet, each time these have been handily defeated by the long-game strategy of the NRA. I don’t say this to diminish the efforts for other groups and people, but facts are facts: the defeat of the gun-control narrative has largely been an NRA game.

      • ” Over several decades now, the gun-control movement has attempted several major efforts to achieve gun-control and, yet, each time these have been handily defeated by the long-game strategy of the NRA.”

        Not so much.

        Some states have implemented universal background checks (gun registration). Mandatory registration of scary-looking guns. Magazine limits.

        Now they know what doors to knock on…

  17. “Gun Control Advocates Play the Long Game”

    Whoever wrote the headline does not know the difference between the “long game” and the “long con.”

  18. This this cough cough, American is entitled to his opinion. However, when taking any public office one takes an oath. As such, should NEVER serve any public office or position. Just goes to show us, that oaths mean very little these days. SHAMEFUL.

  19. Being from the state where Glacier National Park is located, I’m surprised he hasn’t heard that those glaciers are retreating.

  20. This is why, always remember, and never forget:

    – It’s not about this thing, but just another incremental position to negotiate from. (Never give them an inch.)

    – They are not honest brokers. They aren’t looking for a “balanced” solution to accommodate everybody. They have decided before they start that you are wrong; your position not worth accommodating. Deplorable, even.

    – Set the frame: never accept theirs. It’s about lived lives. It’s never (never, never, never, never) about “gun control”, or even “gun safety”, or even “saving lives.” It’s about *living lives.* “Saved” lives are a means to more lives lived. “Gun safety” is a mans to perhaps more lives “saved” to more lives lived. “Gun control” is perhaps a way to get more safety around guns (odd when most of them come with one or two, like nearly no other products), which is maybe a way to “save” more lives, which leaves us with more life to live.

    Getting somebody killed because “gun safety” is a net loss — less life lived.

    Making it hard for someone to protect themselves is a hell of a trade-off, even if it works — their odds are worse so yours are better … interesting.

    Regulations, arbitrary enforcement, fees, paperwork, snap inspections all mean *less life*. It better net us something big.

    I’ll believe the anti-gun folks believe the trade-offs they claim when they recruit a TSA checkpoint in front of their offices, homes, cars, bars, restaurants & social group gropes. Until then, they’e voting with their un-groped selves: the life lost to all that “safety” ain’t worth what it gains.

    Always remember, and never forget. They think you are irredeemable. Your hobby silly. And you don’t count: you’e not smart enough to have an opinion, nor skilled enough to do for yourself, not righteous enough to be worth protecting, and not aligned enough to have rights. As Councilman Terminator let slip, they can’t be bargained with. They can’t be reasoned with. They absolutely will not stop… ever, and they don’t care if you end up dead.

  21. The councilman there is an example of representative government – not representative of the people it oversees, so representative of what?

  22. Today’s lesson: push anti-gun legislation in a pro-gun state and expect your significance to melt away faster than any glacier ever will. Cheers to Montana’s Attorney General for putting this faqqot in his place.

  23. The guy USB a California transplant to boot. This couldn’t be anymore stereotypical of gun grabbers.

  24. “What Does a Gun Control Advocate Do in a Pro-Gun State?”

    Grow old and die with nothing accomplished?

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