New York Bill Would Bypass the PLCAA, Allow Gun Makers to be Sued for ‘Gun Violence’

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Zellnor Myrie
Metropolitan Transportation Authority of the State of New York, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

[New York State Sen. Zellnor] Myrie has continued his agenda as New York City has seen an increase in gun violence, including a shooting in Times Square that left three innocent bystanders with injuries.

“There is an illegal trafficking pipeline that has gone unabated in which the gun industry has done nothing to help stem,” Myrie added.

“This bill … is saying we are no longer going to tolerate you having a business model that allows you to profit off of the death of people here in this state.”

In other words, the lawmakers hope to sue legitimate businesses for conducting normal business operations when their products are sold illegally by unrelated third parties.

— Peter Suciu in How To Kill The Second Amendment: Sue Gun Manufactures Into Bankruptcy


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  1. “This bill … is saying we are no longer going to tolerate you having a business model that allows you to profit off of the death of people here in this state.”

    Damn straight.

    Alcoholism plays a substantial role in domestic violence, so suing Budweiser and Jack Daniels for being culpable for domestic violence and for 10s of thousands of lives lost to drunk driving deaths is something worth looking into, I suppose.

    It’s about horrible injuries and lives lost, isn’t it?

    After all, fair is fair, *right*?

      • “Vehicular fatalities.”

        Your cousins hit by F-150s are “Just asking for it”… 😉

        • All joking aside I can name more people I knew that died in car wrecks then I can from gunm shots. I’m sure many others can to.

        • “…I can name more people I knew that died in car wrecks then I can from gunm shots.”

          The same here, Marsupial One, sadly.

          ‘Lives lost’ is their claimed moral reason for their fascist gun control, and that’s why demonstrating the absurdity of their argument is an effective way to counter that argument.

          With a straight face, we can argue for mandatory breathalyzers to be installed at the factory (and draconian criminal penalty for bypassing them) all in the interest of ‘Vehicle Safety’.

          The bottom line is, society simply accepts the loss of life and injuries in car crashes. We can drop the fatality rate by 50 percent if we lower the speed limit to 45 MPH, but “That’s too inconvenient” to take a few minuets more to get to where they are going.

          We need to get more creative and argue ‘vehicle safety’ to counter their ‘gun safety’. It’s a ripe target to pick, since both kill at roughly the same rate…

      • By extension sue politicians for there bad laws getting people killed or injured? I mean they claim to be all about equity…

        • Oh hell no. The politicians wrote immunity in the laws for themselves.

        • So what? Gun owners wrote immunity into the Second Amendment, too, and these fools don’t respect that, we should sue them out of existence!

      • I look forward to the legal marijunia business being sued out of business. And then forced back into the illegal business. As it was before. As every other drug will be sued out of bussiness as well.

        They came for tabacco first. But I didn’t smoke tabacco. So I didn’t care…

    • The difference is they want the sheeple drunk or stoned, marijuana legal now, hard drugs to follow. It keeps the sheeple compliant and amenable to vote manipulation. Next up they will sue the ammo and gun powder makers. No ammo, no guns

      • Ice up your 182 on descent and wad it into the ground ?… hey, let’s sue the shit outta’ Cessna, that FIKI system oughtta’ be standard equipment – gotta remember the bold pilots too, right?

        • Pretty much. Our “Betters” know what’s best for us donchaknow. Ban all the harmful, in their feeble brains, materials and the world will be sunshine, roses and lollipops forever.

      • Many people are saying that calling ‘Michael A. Cronagle’ an ignorant dullard is a major insult to ignorant dullards all across this great land, believe me!

        • It really is getting boring, isn’t it Mr. Ing?

          The same tired, lame trolling attempts by the troll, and everybody just laughs at him. How humiliating!

          It would be sad if it wasn’t so hilarious! 😉

        • I wouldn’t mind never hearing from this bag of excrement again, it’s true…but that Toy Story line makes me smile every time I think of it, so there is some reward. 🙂

      • Once I start shooting I just can’t seem to stop. I dont know if it’s an addiction or a disease.

    • Black killers are vastly overrepresented in murder statistics, we should outlaw blacks!

      • There you go again Larry, applying the exact chain of reasoning to another situation to demonstrate the absurdity of the original supposition. Racist, or something. I don’t know, I saw the word “black” and my trained seal barking response took over.

    • I would add in vaccines and Big Pharma (and their endless, prescription medication ads on television), as well to that list. Both have killed far more people in the name of making money, and have shouldered no liability for it.

      • “Both have killed far more people in the name of making money, and have shouldered no liability for it.”

        The way it should be, since vaccines have saved literally *millions* of lives.

        I can’t wait to see them make you get your COVID vaxx at gunpoint, if necessary.

        Just accept the fact you have no one but your own mother to blame for bringing you into this world as a mentally defective autistic-asperger’s reject. 😉

        Now take your anti-vaxx crap out of here, TTAG has already told you it isn’t welcome here.

        Talk guns or GTFO… 😉

        • “ I can’t wait to see them make you get your COVID vaxx at gunpoint, if necessary. “

          Lost any respect I might have had for you, Geoff, when I read that. It’s a very authoritarian / anti-freedom stance.

        • That was carefully tailored to infuriate that particular troll, Danny. There’s a years-long history of him here in TTAG, and folks have pretty much dropped being nice to that POS 🙂

      • i think i’d rather have an ocean burger than an ass burger.
        buy her a nice camera.

      • Every drug I see advertised always tells you of the possibility of harm. You read it, they tell you of it. YOU make the decision to take it or not.
        It’s called”personal responsibility”. I’m subject to a few chronic health problems. Some of these drugs might do me some good but I’ve chosen to ignore any drug that could possibly affect my immune system or my liver or pancreas. As a diabetic cancer survivor with a spot on my pancreas whose father died of pancreatic cancer and whose father and grandfather also had prostate cancer I tend to be very cautious about what medications I take. I’d love to get rid of these psoriasis patches but is messing up my immune worth the risk.
        I’ve been informed and I’m making informed decisions. Everyone who drinks alcohol knows it affects their decision making faculties. But they’ll have that “one for the road” anyway.Everyone knows that when driving they’re sharing the road with inexperienced drivers and people who drink and drive but we get in the car anyway. As far back as I can remember I’ve known that there are people out here going through life hurting others. They’ll do it while drinking or driving or possessing an illegal weapon. But I choose to go through life despite all the dangers and I don’t blame the distillers, the automobile manufactures or the firearms manufacturers. I blame the people who choose to disobey laws or common sense, not the tools they use.

    • Geoff is a miserable hate filled dry drunk who would absolutely beat his woman…if he could ever get one 🤣!

      • “Geoff is a miserable hate filled dry drunk who would absolutely beat his woman…”

        Actually, she beats me, and I kinda like it. It makes the make-up nookie all the *hotter*.

        You would know that, if you ever had a live woman you didn’t have to pay for… 🙂

    • Bad, Bad, Leroy Brown would agree…

      • “Well the two men took to fighting
        And when they pulled them from the floor
        Leroy looked like a jigsaw puzzle
        With a couple of pieces gone”

        • i remember a junior high argument with someone who heard it as, “got a ‘raise up’ in his shoe.” (which probably should have been a line in “short people”).

    • Why not Stanley for hammers and screwdrivers? I knew one friend who was beat to death with a hammer when we were 16. I stabbed myself in the arm with a screwdriver once.

  2. Why oh why can’t these errant rounds ever hit the leftists and liberals instead?

    I guess this is an incrementalist’s way to working up to suing the car and liquor industries for DWI fatalities. Once they achieve this they’ll start focusing on how they can tax the victims for being in the wrong place at the wrong time in spite of knowing better in advance … (???)

    • “I guess this is an incrementalist’s way to working up to suing the car and liquor industries for DWI fatalities.”

      Never gonna happen, why it makes the analogy so effective an argument… 😉

  3. Let’s sue a deranged NY state Jim Crow Gun Control senator for conducting what is a Salem Witch Hunt. If it’s not soda straws and salt it’s always something to take the heat off two bit criminal coddling politicians.

  4. Well OK then. There’s a handful of federal laws I’ll start “bypassing” as well. I didn’t know that was an option.

    • You didn’t? Lol what kind of sh-bird american doesn’t circumvent federal laws?

      • Well, yea but most people don’t announce in the newspapers which federal laws they are breaking.

  5. Went out for dinner and drinks with some friends from the Buffalo, NY outskirts visiting us, here in the Lehigh Valley. They tell us the mood upstate is fuming. Cuomo and his communist, tyrannical administration is more than hated. I wonder what a hundred thousand angry upstaters converging upon Albany could accomplish.

    LEOS upstate are strongly pro 2A.

    For those FBI types who may be monitoring TTAG, I am not suggesting violence or insurrection. Given how we are all being surveilled, such truthful disclaimers are necessary. Just look at what has happened to people who peacefully walked through the US Capitol after being invited in by the Capitol cops.

  6. O K , what’s the point of having a Supreme Court if their NOT going to take cases that infringe on the Constitution & Bill Of Rights ?
    The highest county in the land just seems to Twittel their thumbs and do a lot of NOTHING.

  7. They can pass the bill if they want… it will just be pre-empted by federal law… but they don’t care that their new law will be functionally useless, they are just doing it for the publicity.

    • They can pass the law, sue a bunch of gun manufacturers and dealers in state court, and wait for Federal appeals to invalidate it under PLCAA. In the meantime, the dealers and manufacturers had to pay lawyers for the state court case and appeals. Their goal isn’t to get money from the legitimate businesses — it’s to bankrupt them with legal fees.

  8. Preemption by fed law but what happens when they’re the feds? Nothing.

    Stop selling guns and ammo to the .gov. Seriously, they literally and culturally manufacture these areas where the most ‘gun violence’ happens.

  9. Just make gun sales illegal in New York, and the violence problem will go away….

  10. It’s not the “gun industries” responsibility to determine criminal activity. They provide the tool. If your city allows crime to be so high, maybe start arming “law abiding” citizens to enable their right to defend themselves. Wanna bet crime rates get lower when criminals know that potentially everyone is a deterrent to their premeditated criminal activity?

  11. It is time that we take back our country from these leftist bastards. This needs to be an armed conflict because nothing else will solve it. They intend to twist the law to their advantage because the control 2 of 3 and soon to be 3 branches of government determined to put conservatives and religious to the torch!!! We need to start with attacking big tech infrastructure and destroying it. From their we move to the lame stream media outlets and destroy their ability to spread lies by any means possible! Next we isolated the socialist states and starve their power over us. We have California and New York currently running the country and their ideas are so far out of whack that they too need a rude awakening. Thomas Jefferson extolls us in his writings to refresh the tree of liberty with the blood of patriots. If not now then never!!!

  12. I will be bringing suit against the DNC for being completely void of common sense, integrity and ignorant of the US Constitution . Their ignorance has given me a headache and has created a situation where I have to write my Democratic Representatives and educating them on the blatantly clear concepts the US Constitution lays out.

    Had they not been lacking in common sense, integrity or a understanding of our founding document I could have pursued other things more enjoyable.

    100 Billion sound about right for pain and suffering?

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