New York Subway slasher
Courtesy NYPD
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From the CCRKBA . . .

Friday’s slashing spree in the New York City subway underscores the need for immediate reform of city and state concealed carry laws so that honest citizens have the ability to fight back and defend themselves against such viciousness, the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms said today.

“We know at least three people were violently attacked by several people,” said CCRKBA Chairman Alan Gottlieb. “Fortunately, nobody was killed, but this is a symptom of a larger problem in New York City, which is the perpetuation of a system that is designed to prevent average citizens from being able to resist such brutality.”

Reports say police have rounded up some suspects, but there are few details. But Gottlieb suggested such attacks wouldn’t happen if dangerous thugs weren’t confident they would meet no resistance from their victims.

“The mere thought that somebody might be able to fight back with a legally-carried firearm can have a serious deterrent effect,” Gottlieb said. “Attacking and slashing people at random is barbaric, but under Mayor Bill de Blasio’s anti-gun regime, felony assaults have reportedly gone up 25 percent over last year.

“New Yorkers should not be living in fear of such crime,” he observed. “It’s not enough for the mayor or some police official promise things will get better with more officers assigned to provide security. People who do this sort of thing don’t do it when there’s a cop standing nearby, but only when they think nobody is there to stop them.

“When something like this happens, only an armed citizen can immediately and effectively fight back,” Gottlieb stated. “In New York City, thanks to antiquated, ridiculously restrictive gun laws, that’s not an option. Common sense dictates the necessity for a dramatic change of policy. New York must reform its carry laws and streamline the process for getting a carry license. No law-abiding citizen should be expected to jump through all the bureaucratic hoops now in place, or endure the costs associated with getting a carry permit in the Big Apple. This sort of crime should never happen anywhere, especially in a country where the right to keep and bear arms is supposed to be sacrosanct.”


With more than 650,000 members and supporters nationwide, the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms ( is one of the nation’s premier gun rights organizations. As a non-profit organization, the Citizens Committee is dedicated to preserving firearms freedoms through active lobbying of elected officials and facilitating grass-roots organization of gun rights activists in local communities throughout the United States.

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    • Richard,

      As you likely know, it was former President of the United States Teddy Roosevelt who said, “Speak softly and carry a big stick.”

      Of course a firearm is superior to a big stick. Nevertheless, a “proper” stick is a formidable self-defense tool in the hands of someone who knows how to wield it. Along that vein, on a relatively recent trip to a large urban destination which does not honor my inalienable to right to keep and bear arms, I may or may not have carried a “big stick” (in lieu of a handgun) which was quite capable of stopping a slasher in very short order.

      • Are you really that effen dumb?
        The “Stick” wasn’t meant to be literal, dum az m fe r

    • New Yorkers, there’s a reason we in Texas don’t have your problems.

      But don’t let me convince you to move here. Just your accents make us puke.

      • According to what I see reported regularly, The state of ONLY steers and Queenrs is about as bad as Kali…… just sayin….

  1. Where’s Bernard Goetz when we need him? Or Charles Bronson…? Wait a minute! Punished for the win!!!

    • Was just telling my brother about this guy. Been a long time since I’ve heard him mentioned but I remember my dad telling me stories about him while riding the subway together (early 90s). He seemed to be portrayed as both a badass and a bit of a crazy. Thankfully I no longer live in NYC, though I do miss the old days sometimes.

    • No one can help New Yorkers. They think they hung the moon. So, give up hope for them.

      New Jersey ain’t too bad though.

      • New Jersey absolutely sucks worse than New York City. One of the crookedest places in the country where sheriffs demand “campaign contributions” for doing their duty. It has the incredibly high real estate taxes because every town, township and borough has excessive public numbers of employees because there is nowhere to work unless you commute out of state. The public employees are connected to politicians to get their jobs. The state has 90 times more towns than states with more area. They’re all political fiefdoms under the control of the Democrats.Over 5,000 people have left the state to settle where their employers moved, North and South Carolina. Their parents follow them down and are amazed that they can afford to live in them with their pensions.
        It’s nothing more than a garbage dump or New York City and Philadelphia.

  2. Well if they’re legally unable to defend themselves, I guess theyll just follow the thousands who’ve already escaped!!

  3. But it was only a knife… sarcasm font…
    People need to start carrying their own knives if guns are not legal…or canes/walking sticks…unless those are now illegal, too…umbrellas can work well, too
    learn how to use them as well…and don’t be afraid to use them on thugs and criminals

  4. Ear buds in – CHECK
    Eyes glued to phone – CHECK
    Oblivious to surroundings – CHECK
    Unarmed – CHECK

    Not victim blaming, just a general observation of many people out in public. Don’t make it easy on the criminals.

    • In a land where your neighbor has a job that pays 10 times what you make just because they were “granted” a worthless college degree, from a college system that works to warp young minds no less, then you BETTER stay armed….. the peasants will always uprise against that kind of B S….

  5. Why not find the slashers and dip them in gasoline and light a match? After all they are going to hell anyway.

  6. “We won’t stand for these acts of violence in our subways.”…You can find NYPD’s Finest down at the donut shop or deli sitting down on the job…those that are left after the “downsizing”…err, defunding.

    • Old Guy in the Venerable State of Montana,

      Well said!! Likewise: “Detectives are pursuing all leads & these criminals will be brought to justice.”

      That action is after-the-fact, after people have been slashed, after people’s lives have been endangered. How about all law enforcement unions in the city gang up on the Mayor and City Council and say “Give citizens the means to protect themselves or we will shut down this city.”

      If they are not going to stand for it, and they do not have the power to prevent it, then mobilize to enforce the Constitution so that citizens can protect themselves as God has ordained and our Founding Fathers enshrined.

      • @LifeSavor

        As other posters have pointed out the accelerated Catch n Release program in NYC is a feature not a bug. By releasing the worst of the criminals back into circulation, the Powers-That-Be create more panic among the sheep who then bleat for them to “do something”.

        The road to a dictatorship is paved with the accretion of power among fewer and fewer people until, ultimately, one individual becomes The Leader…this one person’s word then becomes Law carried out by the stalwarts of the Cause.

        The Democrats are actively engaged in scapegoating the POTG as the basis of civil strife. Read your Alinsky and study the Hx of the National Socialist Democrats in Germany for the modern USA Democrat gameplan.

        Ask yourselves: which is the political Party striving to aggregate their lust for Power into an overarching centralized government.

        See y’all later…yardwork is waiting.

  7. It won’t change anything in NYC, except move them towards a British-type of law change. New Yorkers will be turning in knives, razors, etc as soon as instructed.

  8. …and in other news: Today, 15 May, is the National Peace Officers Memorial in the Capitol. The day set aside to honor those peace officers killed in the line of duty during the past year. It is a solemn occasion when the surviving families gather and receive some measure of closure for their loss.

    The first year Obama was in office he missed speaking at the Memorial service because he was playing hoops with an NBA team at the White House. I wonder if Forgetful Joe will speak at this year’s service?

    Bush 43, whatever your opinion of him, only missed the last year of his time in office because he was in Israel trying to broker (yet) another peace agreement. The other years he was present and drove the Secret Squirrels crazy when he would take time and speak with every surviving family who was attending. He was out there for hours praying, commiserating, offering words of hope and praise to survivors.

    Obama finally deigned to speak at the Memorial and would leave immediately after his lukewarm speech.

  9. The last time I was there was several years after Bernie Goetz shot those thugs in the subway. I almost never go into a far safer downtown Atlanta any more and we have shall issue and stand your ground laws. There is nothing on offer in those places that either my wife or I find tempting enough to expose ourselves to the homeless people and thugs that inhabit those places.

    • My oldest son was a cop, ( time flys, maybe 14 years) he quit , one of the reasons was the homeless.
      You can’t be a cop and have compassion for the downtrodden.

  10. Way you fix that, incentivize the first million people who get a CC license, maybe $100, and publicize the crap out of it. Would you go out with a kitchen knife if 1 in 10 were carrying a 9mm?

  11. What jury in NYC would be willing to convict a citizen for using a gun to protect themselves or another from a slasher? Everyone of them. Which is why the universe of decent citizens has no use for them and don’t want them moving into their town.

  12. I have family in East Jerusalem. They are Coptic Christians. Palestinians need a 2A to defend themselves against Antifa-style Zionist who are doing the same thing BLM did in America last summer. Christians around the world need to have solidarity with other Christians!!!

    • You raise an interesting point that requires discernment and sharp critical thought. First, a disclosure: my Dad was Jewish and a strong supporter of Israel. Since my Mom was Puerto Rican, I do not qualify as a Jew. However, half my heritage is German-Jewish.

      The dialectic that assumes Israel is good and Palistinians are terrorists is bunk. The situation in and around Israel is complex; it is causing great suffering and misery. There is evil on both sides and goodness on both sides. I do not know how to fix it, but, understanding that this should not be reduced to bumper sticker good/bad sloganeering can help reduce the suffering.

      • Israel is stealing people’s homes. The government lets mobs attack people in the street. Palestinians deserve concealed carry rights.

        The situation isn’t complicated. Zionists are becoming emboldened, and terrorizing Arab Christians and Muslims.

        • Watcher,

          I agree: Palistinians deserve the right to arm and protect themselves. But I cannot agree with your statement that the situation is not complicated.

        • During the first Israeli War in 1948 the Jordanians forced Jews out of homes in East Jerusalem the Jews had purchased in the late 1800s from the Ottomans (who had ruled there for hundreds of years). After Israel took East Jerusalem in 1967 (I think), it became possible for Jews to reclaim their property. That is what is happening now. The Palestinians who are being evicted are 1) leaseholders under expired leases issued by the Jordanian government or 2) squatters. Lower courts have awarded the homes to their former Jewish owners, and the final appeal is before the Israeli Supreme Court. The defense of the Palestinians to the claims of the former owners boils down to a claim that East Jerusalem is Jordanian territory and the Israeli courts have no jurisdiction.

    • The Jewish state of Israel needs to get out of the way and let every citizen of Israel be armed. Regardless of their race, color, creed or national origin.
      But when a country next to you starts to launch rockets into your country? Then I expect the socialist left wing government of Israel, to bomb the crap out of that attacking country.

      These attacks only show just how weak Biden really is at an international level. Many had a respect and fear of President Trump. Not so much with Biden.

      • Socialist left wing government of Israel? Umm, since when? You know that Netanyahu is a serious right winger (and likely a bigot as well) who in his early years was a special forces soldier trained to take down/take out PLO plane hijackers. He was on the raid to Entebbe, a raid on which his older brother was killed.

        • I guess the Palestinian’s got all the milk and honey because fighting over a pile of rocks just dont make no sense to me.
          And Moses came down the mountain with the commandments of their God to find them worshipping a golden calf.This after being freed by their God from the Egyptians.
          Sometimes I wonder.

  13. Maybe De Blasio can offer a coupon for free french fries to everyone who turns in their knife?

    (On second thought, maybe I shouldn’t be giving him ideas…)

  14. If they were half as interested in dealing with criminals as they are with AR’s, the world would be a better place.

    Forget the cold blooded killer with the knife…we want the AR’s and AK’s.

  15. The problem is clothes.
    If every human had none a person would notice someone pulling a knife from deep concealment and have ample time to react.

    • But possums would have the upper paw since they run around in fur coats. And the girl possums got that concealment pouch.

      • “And the girl possums got that concealment pouch.”

        Human girls like Miss Dallas Archer have another concealment pouch… 🙂

        • If you find the guy that went in to find the guy, tie a rope to his ankle, we’ll try and pull him out, breached or not.

  16. New York is broken forever. Maybe upstate has a chance? But NYC is a slave city. And they are comfortable slaves in that city.
    I wonder what will happen when they have as many knife attacks as they do in England or communist China???
    London already has more attacks than NYC now. More murders in London than NYC. Most done with a knife.

  17. “We won’t stand for these acts of violence…”

    Oh, yes you will. You live in a scheit-hole of your own making.
    You voted for it, you reap the scheit.


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