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I own a pair of Vertx Phantom pants. Aside from the fact that they’re about as soft as a turtle shell, they’re a GD miracle. The trouser’s panels circulate air through your legs, into your private parts — and beyond! Bottom line: the pants laugh at the Texas summer heat; they’re better even than shorts (which allow the blazing sun onto your skin). But I’m not as enamored with Vertx’s new long sleeved Speed Concealed Carry Shirt.

The way to make those under-the-fake-buttons lower poppers pop during a defensive gun use: wear the shirt untucked, grab the weighted end and rip the shirt open, throwing the tail backwards as you grab the gun. While the in-shirt weight is a definite bonus, it’s still not a done deal — especially if you’re using an inside-the-waistband holster and the shirt’s tucked in (not depicted in the press release image below).

[NOTE: the weighted corner throw method works much better with an outer garment, using an outside-the-waistband holster.]

I reckon pulling a standard untucked shirt up with your support hand is just as fast and more secure; you don’t have to worry about the weighted shirt tail returning to base before you secure your firearm. Alternatively, you can hook your thumb under your untucked shirt tail with your gun hand to gain gun access. Which is best performed with a shirt or (even better) T-shirt that’s slightly too large

That’s based on personal, anecdotal evidence. It’s time for a proper test. Meanwhile, the 37.5 Active Particle Technology does keep you dry, as advertised.


The Speed Shirt: Performance fabric meets performance functionality

Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 7.21.44 PM

Cincinnati, Ohio (August 2016) – Vertx, a leader in low profile apparel and gear for the prepared professional, presents its Speed Concealed Carry Shirt with 37.5 Technology, available in both short and long sleeve.

“The Vertx Speed Concealed Carry Shirt was designed with the prepared professional in mind. From the 37.5 infused fabric which keeps your body dry and at its optimal temperature to the concealed carry functionality; this shirt is designed to look great and function when needed,” said Darrell Morrow, Vice President of Vertx. “The details and technology of this shirt truly set it apart from others like it in the market.”

Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 7.22.39 PM

The Speed Concealed Carry Shirt allows for a smoother sweep-to-weapon, while maintaining a low profile in large or small crowds.

It features a small inner pocket at the bottom of the shirt that you can weigh down to allow the shirt to sweep away as you reach for your firearm. In addition, it has two eyelet grommets on the hem and placket for adding a rigid item like weed-eater cord to give the shirt a rigid base. A rigid weighted base allows for an even faster and smoother pistol draw.

The Speed Concealed Carry Shirt has faux buttons that actually snap so the wearer no longer has to worry about losing buttons when drawing a weapon. It has a vented back yoke with mesh lining for increased air circulation and keeps the wearer from stretching the back of the shirt out when presenting a firearm.

Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 7.26.49 PM

For added comfort, the shirt is made with breathable 37.5 Active Particle Technology that dries out five times faster than traditional  fabrics, maintaining the optimal core body temperature of 37.5°C thus helping the wearer stay cool under stress. Finally, the Speed Concealed Carry Shirt sports two blended, streamlined chest pockets for discreet storage.

The Speed Concealed Carry Shirt in long sleeve is available in bark and forest patterns at an MSRP of $89.95. The Speed Concealed Carry Shirt in short sleeve is available in field, leaf, sky and steel patterns at an MSRP of $79.95.

To learn more about the Vertx Speed Concealed Carry Shirt, or any of Vertx’s other products, visit Follow Vertx on FacebookTwitterInstagramYouTube and at #zipbang.

About Vertx:

Vertx is a premier tactical and outdoor brand for the modern day prepared professional. Vertx designs world-class apparel, bags and packs that are created by best-in-class designers to combine a low visual profile with superior functionality. Since its inception in 2009, Vertx has earned trust among the nation’s top operators for exceptional performance, fit and durability. Vertx is a brand of Fechheimer, a Berkshire Hathaway Company. For more information, visit

About Fechheimer:

Fechheimer, a Berkshire Hathaway Company, owns and operates a portfolio of brands including Flying Cross, Vertx and Justin FR Work. Founded in 1842, Fechheimer serves the military, public safety, industrial and outdoor markets.

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  1. Good idea
    Carrying OWB only, no problem with polo shirt.
    With button shirt, I always have to leave the last button on bottom unbuttoned.
    Have had people tell me, you forgot your last button.
    Don’t tell them why, just say “thanks”.

  2. “The Speed Concealed Carry Shirt has faux buttons that actually snap so the wearer no longer has to worry about losing buttons when drawing a weapon.”

    If I have to draw my weapon the least of my worries is losing buttons. I’m more worried about losing my life.

    • Actually, it IS a type of camouflage: printed fabrics (plaids, stripes, Hawaiian floral, etc) break up the silhouette of the gun underneath. Solids print badly but if the gun is thin enough in a form-fitting holster most folks won’t be paying attention anyway…

  3. Personally, I have never been able to get these types of shirts to work 100%. All too often a piece of the shirt gets caught. 99% is not good enough.

    I find it best to grab the shirt by the bottom and lift it high and fast.

  4. Are you kidding me? $80-90 for a frigging shirt?

    My cover shirts are regular dress or sport shirts (MAYBE $30), and it takes me about 20 minutes to replace all the buttons with snaps (maybe another $3 for the snaps)…

    • Heck I buy most of my “dress” shirts at second hand stores for $5-$8. No way I’m paying $80 for a shirt that may make my draw a tenth of a second faster. Good luck to them though, I’m sure there’s a market!

      I put my dough in the belt and holster.

  5. Of course you could do this with a cheaper shirt by adding some weights to it… BB&C only posted a how-to on that… a year and a half ago?!

  6. I am volunteering to buy two of these shirts for Califotnia Zimmerman and Illinois Zimmerman. On second thought, maybe not, as the firearms would be illegally and semi-legally carried, respectively. I better not encourage that sort of behavior. Those two get in enough confrontations all by themselves.

  7. “The trouser’s panels circulate air through your legs, into your private parts — and beyond!”

    Oh, great.

    That’s just fvcking great.

    Get that rotted intestinal gas outta there before I get the chance to beat cheeks and get *far* away.

    (“Sharing is Caring” does *not* apply to flatus…)

  8. Why o why is Plaid or OD green the only way you can get shirts like these. I swear, its okay to do shirts that actually look like what everyone is wearing.

    We, the conceal carry community, promise not to get mad.

    Its getting so you can spot a conceal carrier by his cloths faster than you can spot a printing gun.

  9. Call me nuts if you like, but I only carry IWB at 3 O’clock year round. In the summer I tuck in a graphic T shirt and throw a Hawaiian shirt over the top and leave it open, gun stays covered and access is a simple sweep with the gun hand on the way to pull out the gun. In the winter a light jacket gets the job done. No matter if the gun is IWB or OWB I always prefer to have a shirt between me and the gun as that makes it easier on both me and the gun.

    • I do pretty much the same except my OWB is at 4. Just because the buttons are there doesn’t mean you need to use them.

  10. 5.11, Oakley (with an employee or other discount), Woolrich Elite Tactical, Blackhawk!, GruntStyle, or just a generously sized shirt offer better value and good utility. I fully admit to wearing the occasional “I’m carrying!!!” shirt, but these guys are unusually obvious whilst being unfortunately-styled and darn pricey.

    That’s a pass for me, but if I see an off duty cop or CCW carrier with one, I’ll be happy to buy them a cup of coffee and ask them what they’re carrying.


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