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M1 Carbine (courtesy

“Dozens of guns seized by the Bibb County Sheriff’s Office are set to be auctioned off to the public for the very first time in September,” reports. “Pistols, rifles and shotguns are among 60 firearms that will be sold Sept. 10 at T. Lynn Davis Realty and Auction Co. on Broadway.” Previously on Who Wants to Be Politically Correct, the Peach Tree State destroyed confiscated guns. It’s taken four years to put the new law in effect, but now #allgunsmatter.

Firearms to be sold include: a Remington 870 12-gauge pump police shotgun, a World War II-era Inland M1 Carbine 30-caliber rifle, a Savage Model 110 and a 30.06 bolt-action rifle . . .

The guns to be sold are among hundreds of confiscated guns that have been in stockpiled since the 2012 law change.

Pearce said more guns will be sold at future auctions in the coming months.

Two Americas people. Two Americas.

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  1. one where they’ll ship ’em right to your door, and one where you can’t have any. because guns.

    • Feels good to live in the one where they get shipped to your door. Though I feel for the folks living in the one where you can’t get it at your door.

  2. “Two Americas people. Two Americas.”

    Here’s hoping the America that auctions off confiscated guns from actual criminals grows to be the bigger of the two.

    • Let me guess, various Lefty cities are just ignoring the law. Either that or the law has no teeth to make sure the law gets implemented by Lefty cities that feel free to flaunt the law. Republican lawmakers have to wake up and realize that they need to put real sanctions on cities that ignore the law because that is just how the Left rolls.

  3. Sometimes I miss that Inland M1 (1942) I had. Taught my future wife to shoot with that lil’ pop-gun and she certainly loved her some thirty-round mags, lemme tell ya’.
    Shortly thereafter I got her our Ruger 10/22 so she could throw all the lead she wanted downrange while still leaving enough dollars in my wallet for us to eat with afterwards. Looking back, I still would have sold it: too weak to hunt with, too expensive to feed, and between the 10/22 and my Mini-14 the M1 would have simply languished in the safe.
    Now a Springfield M1A1 or M1 Garand on the other hand would be very welcome in my home…

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