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Tyrant Designs CNC has spent the last year or so becoming an established name in the AR accessories market by introducing sharp looking, functional parts. New from Tyrant is the HALO handstop. Press release follows:

TYRANT DESIGNS CNC |  HALO HandStop Launch | Press Release

Tyrant Designs CNC is at it again, this time coming out with their new HALO Series AR HandStop. Machined from aerospace grade aluminum and finished in hardcoat Black, Red, Grey and Blue these little AR-15 handstops fit directly onto MLOK and KeyMod handguards by utilizing Tyrant Designs’ 2 in 1 technology. They’ve stated that the HALO HandStop works great as a forward stop and a barricade stop as well.

Their Pre Sale event is going on now, so head to their site if you’re interested in picking a few up at a great price.

“After the success of our AR-15 vertical grip, we are very excited to release our new HALO Series AR HandStop. We only hope that our customers enjoy it as much as the VFG. We plan on growing out the HALO Series even more with a new AR pistol grip coming soon!  ”


Tyrant Designs CNC is an AR accessories manufacturer based just outside of Chicago. They have had several successful designs for AR pistol grips and are now working on expanding their product line.

Tyrant Designs CNC, LLC

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  1. I really like those Fortis REV 2 rails. They use a standard milspec barrel nut and are solid. Their gas blocks are nice but expensive. They do look good sticking out just past a BCM rail. Midlength gas with the BCM 10.5″ rail gets the gas block right at the end and the lines for the BCM rail and Fortis gas block complement each other nicely.

  2. “…spent the last year or so becoming an established name in the AR accessories market by introducing sharp looking, functional parts.”

    If you like mall-ninja accessories for your plastic-poodle-popper, they do seem to make some neat-o stuff…

    Just an observation, but it says something about the fleeting and transient nature of the market for these “accessories” that one becomes “established” after surviving a year – without someone making it in China for a tenth the cost and running them out of business.

    Which begs the question, if these things really are worth a good flyin’, why aren’t the Chinese copying them?

    (Don’t know, off to AliExpress to investigate further….)

  3. Seems to me that it is mounted backwards in the photos. As a place to index your support hand, the angle of the stop really doesn’t matter, but if used as a barricade stop, the orientation as pictured would promote muzzle rise encouraging disengagement with said barricade. Reverse the stop, and the more you lean into the barricade, the more solid the rest….or am I over thinking a simple piece of kit?

  4. Those skeletonized foregrips and pistol grips are really cool!
    They have a very high chicks dig it factor

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