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Feast your eyes on the Tac-Mag, a novel idea and simple solution to a lot of the modern day gun storage problems firearm owners face.

With accessibility in mind and a pretty universal application, the Tac-Mag is proving its odds of sticking around the market. It holds up to 25 pounds, and there’s little worry your handgun is ever going to become unattached.

The Tac-Mag Gun Magnet fits perfectly by your driver seat, under your bed, and in any tight space to ensure that you’re always prepared. It’s also priced nice at $11.97 on Amazon. Think about the advantages, and consider the Tac-Mag.

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  1. TTAG, if your product was as good as Ian and Karl’s you wouldn’t need to keep trying to find ways to sneak ads into the mix.

  2. Meh. I get to hang out here for free because of those ads… just ask my wife, I’m very good at ignoring things I don’t want to give attention to.

  3. I like showing gun magnets to customers, it’s an easy sale when you take a minute to brainstorm with them all the various places they could put one. So what’s so different about this one from the various other flavors I’ve seen over the years?

  4. Did TTAG get sold to Wide Open Spaces? These product advertisements with auto-play videos are getting to be a bit much.

  5. Nothing new about these things, they can be had for free scavenging them out of dead computer harddrives…

  6. 25 pounds? That’s not as much as it seems.

    A lot of cars today can approach 1G in a turn — that makes it an effective 12.5 pounds.

    Hard stop or hard acceleration can also approach 1G. Do that in a 1G turn, now your effective weight is 6.25 pounds.

    Or something like that. A gun clattering around the footwell in a hard fast turn would be literally a loose cannon.

    Or something like that 🙂

    • Even a Desert Eagle doesn’t weigh 5 pounds, and I’m sure the practical real high end for weight in a car gun is a cheap, sturdy all steel revolver (2 pounds loaded). Even if you were using a rifle (was this intended for that?), you could use 2.

    • I’m not at a place where I can stop what I’m doing and illustrate my point, but you missed the mark here. Few cars can accelerate or corner harder than 1.0 g. That equates to a 2.7 second 0-60 time. You’re assuming a linear reduction in effective force, which simply isn’t the case. You’d need to take into consideration the composite center of mass of the individual metal parts versus the CM of the entire body (i.e. – the whole gun) to determine the amount of force required to remove the body from the magnet. Without a very hard stop (i.e. – a crash), you’re not going to be able to generate this much force with an automobile. I’ll work this out on paper when I get home, but I’d guess that a loaded Glock 19 at just under two pounds could not be removed from this magnet by the forces generated by an automobile and that any impact hard enough to remove the Glock would render the vehicle’s occupants incapable of using said Glock.

    • That’s not how it works. Tire adhesion can give you 1G deceleration OR 1G turn. Or bit of one and bit of the other. Not both at the same time.

  7. now I know how you all feel about springfield, but when I got my service model it came with the plastic holster, and a mag loader, the two could be attached using the m/f pic rail built in. i cut the mag loader flush ant flat as possible, screwed the no small plate to my dash, and poof! removable dash holster at the press of a button, that doesn’t move when attached, and I do a lot of off roading

  8. Did I miss the sponsored content note? And autoplay is making the site one of my less favorites now.

    • I was thinking the same thing. No way that wasn’t straight from the marketing department of the company that makes Tac-Mag. Needs to be listed as sponsored content and in red text.

  9. And after you use it a few times, if you get lost in the woods, you can use your magazine as compass, just dangle it from a boot lace or that paracord bracelet if you can figure out how to untangle it.

  10. my concern would be the ferrous components of of the firearm becoming magnetized and attracting an accumulation of minute steel particles. accelerated wear/ induced malfunction?
    maybe. i would need some convincing otherwise.

    now, maybe a deliberately magnetized derringer that would adhere to steel services…

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