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Hurricane Harvey hasn’t yet brought enough water to the Austin area to float TTAG’s ark, but we’re getting there. The good news: there’s still some space left for a few more pairs of guns.

The last guy left behind the unicorns and mammoths, while saving tarantulas, leeches, and whatever this thing is. What three firearms should we be sure to save for posterity? What three should we abandon to the rising waters?

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    • Since you have space for 2 more guns, we’ll add:

      – Hi Point “tactical” in .45 GAP with $25 chinese laser/light module.

      – Beretta ARX-160 in 7.62x40mm WT.

      In the new world the Red Ryder will still be more popular though.

  1. In a survival situation you’d want what works. That’d be the glock, the mp5, and the ar. Of course, financially speaking, you’d save the most expensive guns…

    Just don’t use the submarine that Danish guy built. I hear it sinks…

    • “Just don’t use the submarine that Danish guy built. I hear it sinks…”

      He deliberately sank it.

      Well, he had to come up with a way *fast* to get rid of all the blood after dismembering the red-headed (now *no* headed) reporter he had on ‘Das Boot’…

    • replace AR with something that WILL operate when you need it most and you would be holding an AK….Just sayin..

  2. I’m taking them with me… all of them. 🙂 Choose just three? No way!

    Of course, where I live it is nearly 6,000 feet above sea level, and a LONG way from any ocean, so I probably won’t be going anywhere anyway – at least not due to flooding. Good thing… if I had to carry all of them, I’d be in trouble. I would have to leave a large store of ammo behind, however.

  3. Whatever you take, make sure it’s of the same caliber that the popo use (9mm/,.223/12 gauge) because you may need to resupply during your egress.

    PS WhyTF do I STILL have to put my Name* and Email* in every time I make a comment? Throw your IT people and server overboard and take more guns!

    • And fix the mobile version of the site.

      The full desktop browser version on a phone is damned awkward to use and the auto-playing videos are using up nearly all my mobile data allowance.

  4. Clearly the choice is individual. That’s like asking if we were stranded on a desert island, would we want to be stranded with our wife or girlfriend? Asking what guns we would take is like asking what dog do we leave behind.
    The answer is…I’m not, none of my babies….or guns stays behind if SHTF. They don’t take up that much room!
    Hell, I can always tie a dog to the roof of the car to make room. NOT

    • Any AK shotgun that’s reliable.
      I’m sure there is such creature somewhere. I just didn’t meet it yet.
      For now I will stick to my Mossy 500. It works with any ammo I have bought or made si far.

  5. Y’all are in Austin, eh ?

    Best make dang sure Los Leftos don’t attempt to nudge – read that as ‘preempt’ – your 2A.

    Yeah, I know, Gov. Abbott is on the side of the Constitution ; support your local sheriff and all that, but La Demon-crats couldn’t care less about silly things like laws they don’t agree with, etc.

    Eyes and ears open. Full situational awareness.

    ‘It can’t happen here’ – happened in N’Orleenz, etc.

  6. To save for posterity:

    1. Original M1911
    2. Browning Automatic Rifle
    3. M1 Garand

    If you have extra room:

    4. M1 Carbine
    5. M16
    6. M9 Beretta

  7. Take the guns leave the staff. They can swim, that 6 pounder that you need for ship to ship combat should you be set upon by the ruthless Blue Beard cannot.

  8. Flood damage is easy to avoid, just don’t live where it is possible. It is your own fault if you are a capable adult and you do live in such a place. Kinda like wandering around a bad part of town at night.

  9. Hope that those of you in Corpus, SA, and other locales are safe and dry. We’re getting through our end in Houston and bracing for a bit more.

    The spirit here should be an example to the country. I haven’t seen any robberies, looting, or other similar crimes. Just folks helping folks.

    • “I haven’t seen any robberies, looting, or other similar crimes. Just folks helping folks.”

      Yeah, but this is day #2.

      Give it a few more days, and watch the inner animal come out.

      Stay safe, Gulf Coast folks…

    • I live in SA and for the most part it missed us. Went to Austin last night and they actually got it hard as far as rain fall. My dad is in Victoria they got hit with 120mph+ winds most damage was light structural with a lot of downed trees and power lines. My Mom in Brazoria county SW of Houston got heavy rain, almost no damage but the real danger there is that the Brazos river is forecasted to reach 10 ft over it’s crest. Rockport got annihilated.

  10. Of my collection My 1894-1994 .30-30 centennial which was my first rifle and in hindsight I have no clue how or why my dad gave me such a nice gun. S&W 19-3 4″ because I can hit anything with it DA or SA and most importantly my S&W model 1000 12 guage because apparently it’s defies the common knowledge that they are POS jamamatics by flawlessly firing thousands of crap ammo without a single malfunction.

  11. The guns you want to take are those that are useful for gathering food and/or defense. 1.A 12 gauge is critical, preferably pump action, both for close defense and for hunting birds or, with slugs, larger game. 2. Then a varmint caliber rifle, probably a .22 or .22 mag, if you want anything left to eat after you shoot it. 3. Finally, one intermediate to heavy caliber bolt or semiautomatic rifle for larger game. Forget the handguns; saving ammo would be critical, and these are not sufficiently accurate at range. The same with automatic weapons; they have only one use, and it ain’t taking game.

  12. Any guns I leave behind will be locked away, smeared with a coating of vasoline.
    Instead of an AR15 melt down, how about a preservation test using different materials??? Iraq vet 8888 are you out there???

    I know it’s as exciting as watching paint dry. But the real excitement is in using something thats been preserved for long term storage.
    If the democrats get back into power, that “burial gun or guns” might become a reality. (Smile)

  13. Model 70 pre-64 action

    Browning Citori


    No need to save any Glocks. I’m pretty sure Glock “perfection” carries an implied warranty that it will float or else it would be less than perfect.

  14. My wife warned me not to go on that small boat in the rain. It tipped over and I lost them all.

    I wish I could have saved a shotgun, an AR, and a g19. But sneak a .22 in there also.

  15. Tarantulas are fine. Leeches could have been left off but they serve a purpose. But the fact that he took mosquitos, fleas, gnats, june bugs, roaches, and horseflies is unforgiveable. I’ll be having words with Noah before I’m cast down.

  16. a glock 19
    a 16″ ar-15 chambered in 5.56 with a MID LENGTH GAS SYSTEM YO
    a remington 11-87 with barrel length magazine tube

  17. Can’t you people just play the game? List six guns…..that is easy…… isn’t it? Just six! That’s all! No commentary! No chit chat! Just play the game!

  18. Ar-15, tactical shotgun and semiauto pistol. That should cover most any self defense and hunting requirements.

  19. Whatever it is, it would be light! Don’t want to drown being weighed down by firearms. Besides that, the rest would be lost in a horrible boating accident going to safety never to be seen again.

  20. Garand, SAA Army, and some form of pdw. Probably an ar setup.

    I’d ditch the hi point, the famas, and the uzi. All for being uglier than sin.


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