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Silencerco is rocking the New Year with its new Harvester 30 caliber and Harvester Big Bore suppressors. “Utilizing its lightweight design, the Harvester is barely noticed on the end of your barrel,” the company’s presser proclaims, ignoring the protrusion factor. “The Anchor Brake offers best in class recoil reduction across a range of calibers.” Better yet, “Using modular thread adapters, the Harvester can be used on a wide range of threaded barrels.” One suppressor to rule them all? No sir! “The Harvester Big Bore encapsulates all the features of the Harvester, but adds the capability to allow the use of a modular adapter to utilize various mounting options. From direct thread to Patented ASR mounting applications, the Harvester Big Bore has your needs covered.” ┬áThe Harvester is shipping now, with the Big Bore version in production and shipping in Q2. Nick is all over this, ain’t you boy?

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    • was it supposed to have just enough energy to fall out the other side of the deer and the bullet land on a lily petal?

      It isn’t a varment bullet that expends all its energy immediatly. A good hunting bullet such as a Sierra or Nosler partition are supposed to expand and go completly though what you hit.
      Looked like it did exactly as it was supposed to.

    • ^This.

      Also, five bucks says Youtube winds up taking that video down because da poor widdle fluffy animaws awe getting shot.

      • If every one of those animals was shot and killed cleanly, then there wouldn’t be any issues at all. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case. I have no idea why SCo decided to include footage of unethical and irresponsible harvesting of game, where the spinal cord shots only paralyze the animal, rather than kill it quickly. Hell, the girl *missed the spinal cord completely* on that bull. Spinal cord shots are anything but humane.

  1. Better get your paperwork in now, too, folks.

    I’m fairly certain that the BATFE’s proposed changes are going to go through eventually, especially knowing the way this gubmint likes to fuck us over at every single turn on every single thing imaginable.

  2. Ok i guess i need a suppressor considered bigger then big bore. is it wrong that i want a suppressor for my 45-70?

      • Me too. I want a suppressor for everything! I enjoy them. Especially for powerful cartridges. I’d love a suppressed Marlin 1895G Guide Gun, the added length would be manageable with it’s short 18.5″ barrel and it would make the rifle much more shootable.

    • AAC also sells a $750 thread-mount .308 non-magnum suppressor that claims similar dB reduction, the AAC Cyclone. It weighs twice as much (11.3oz vs. 22.4oz), is longer (8.8″ vs 9.5″), and is thicker (1.375″ vs 1.5″ diameter). The Harvester is also lighter and thinner than AAC’s more expensive .308 suppressors the 762-SDN-6 and 300-TM both priced at $1195. So this new suppressor is an advancement in technology, better and more affordable. The .338 version I’m less excited about, it seems like less of an advancement over AAC’s comparable TITAN line, but it’s still very welcome and sounds like a top-quality suppressor. For a magnum like .388LM, a suppressor can be a necessity to handle muzzle blast and ease recoil. I can’t currently afford to shoot one, but I think it would be hard for myself to handle repeated .338LM recoil, and even worse to stick on a muzzle break and endure the ensuing earsplitting blast, even with hearing protection. A suppressor helps a lot with both issues.

      I’m using AAC’s suppressors as a point of reference and comparison here only because they’re popular, reflect the state of the industry, and have the statistics for comparison easily accessible on their website.

      • I still say meh…I didn’t see one single ar-15 in that video. Do they not like freedom?

        Kidding. Just not for me I guess. When you put it that way, sounds great.

        • Seems they’re marketing this suppressor toward hunters, and with it’s lightweight construction I wouldn’t be surprised if it wasn’t ideal for combat/”tactical” volume of fire. I’d have to ask Silencerco. Of course, I’d love to thread one of these babies on the end of a really nice lightweight AR-10 like a LaRue PredatOBR or Christensen Arms CA-10 and go hunting. It would be disappointing to spend a lot of money on a light rifle only to have to put on a heavy suppressor and optic on it because top quality isn’t available lightweight. I’m very glad suppressors are getting lighter, shorter, and quieter.


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