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You been hankering for a longer slimmer GLOCK 21? Something with the same slim-line 5 3/4″ slide as the GLOCK 34 Tactical/Practical 9mm? You got it! The new GLOCK 41 is, for all intents and purposes, a Tactical/Practical GLOCK 21. Happy? Confused? Now, what’s up with Mas’ shirt collar? Is that part of the video’s whole Super 8 quality vibe? Oh, and here’s a shocker: Guns & Ammo really likes the new way-bigger-than-its-competitors .380 GLOCK 42. “Most compact pistols have been shunned because they’re too small and are not comfortable to shoot,” Chris Mudgett opines. “The new G42 won’t share that reputation.” It’s a feature not a bug! Never mind GLOCK fanboys, be of good cheer! “Many of you had your sights set [so to speak] on Glock announcing a single-stack 9mm in 2014. Me too. It’s not the end of the world though, as there’s always a possibility that pistol (and others) could be coming down the road.” As Annie reminded us, tomorrow’s just a day away.

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  1. Gotta’ love Glocks. Now I’m waiting for the practical/tactical 10MM. C’mon, Glock. Hope to it.

  2. I fail to get why people at efreaking about the Glock 42.

    It’s like any other gun.If you don’t like it, don’t buy it.Just because YOU dislike it doesn’t mean millions of others will.

    The only thing worse then anti gun politicians, are people of the gun who are evangelists for their brand.I like my Beretta, you like your Glock.You’re not changing my mind , and I respect your opinion enough to not want to change yours .

    End soapbox.

    • Well said, sir.

      Do I love Glocks? Kinda.

      1911’s? Yes.

      Sig 226? Yes.

      XD? Nice gun.

      M&P? Nice gun, also.

      Kahr? Nice.

      A$$holes who are always right, and everyone else is always wrong? Not so much.

      • I agree. I love my custom 1911s like i enjoy 1960s muscle cars. I know i need to work on them and maintain them inorder for them to perform. I know that my 3-GLOCKs are ugly bit they are ultra reliable and i win with them,most i portsnt theyare affordable. All other POLY guns dont have an advantage over Glocks and even some companies have had to pay Glock to use some design elements so that is where the haters come in. You cant deny that GLOCK was revolutionary in terms of weight,reliability,ease of use,easy field stripping,performance and price point. Yes a TANFOGLIO production II is a great,SIG SAUER X5/X6, or CZ SP-01/CZ97-B,Beretta 92’s,but to have a family of firearms in the same caliber that share the same mags (GLOCK) it makes more sense for alot of competitors or operators. This is why i own a GLOCK-34 for practical matches/steel challenge pro div,GLOCK-17 home defense and GLOCK-19 E.D.C. And bug out bag/camping pistol. This is why giys like JAMES YEAGER fromtactical response on YOUTUNE go on rants about GLOCK.They are not an S.V. Nor S.T.I. But they are the best for what they were designed to be and that is fact or 65% of law enforcement wouldnt be using them to protect their lives.

        • I disagree on the poly statement glocks are terrific considering the price. However, I love my glock but my hkp30L LM is a poly dream grip is perfect triggers longer than I like but at 4.5 pounds I’m not complaining!!

    • I own a Beretta, don’t own a Glock, and I STILL think they made a stupid business decision to forgo doing a slim 9mm for as long as they have Sure, the 380 will sell to people who always buy Glocks, but the reason I got my Beretta Nano instead of a Glock? I wanted a slim 9mm, and this was the closest to a Glock there was without being one. Slim, single stack 9mm with just a trigger safety.

      • Well, anti-gun politicians can’t help being such assholes, while the “shoulda got an X” guys could knock that crap off at any time, and they choose not to. It doesn’t make them worse that gun-banners, of course, but they’re still pretty insufferable.

    • So we are not allowed to want a better gun? That’s what the complaints amount to, we want a 9. Nobody would lament there being a silly .380 if a 9 were available. And since when has it EVER been bad for our cause for the consumer to demand better and more effective firearms?

    • I don’t so much like Glocks; I love my Model 21. The model 22 is ok. It is a matter of what is reliable, that you are comfortable with, and can shoot. If it meets those criteria, you have a winner. I like my old Gen 3 model 21 because it is quite accurate, absolutely reliable, and most importantly, it feels comfortable in my hand. Not any Glock, THIS Glock. If it aint broke, dont fix it.

  3. I actually do agree that it is a feature. I recently replaced my S&W 442 with a full sized 380 (Bersa Thunder Combat).
    Due to some nerve damage I can no longer shoot the tiny 380s or snub nose revolvers with any degree of accuracy or comfort. I can still shoot my full size Glock, or the Bersa just fine.

      • Why bother? The G25 is a double-stack pistol, the same size as the G19 and the G28 is a dbl-stack pistol, the same size as the G26. IOW, if you’re willing to pack a pistol of that *thickness*, length and height – it might as well be the 9mm version.

  4. Does that make Gaston Glock Daddy Warbucks?

    Glock fanbois are almost as annoying as the titular character in that musical. Almost.

    • Glockies are annoying but not nearly as much as the 1911 fan bois….not by a long shot.

  5. Does Glock (oops, I mean GLOCK) make a .45 acp pistol in a compact (G19/G23) size? All I can seem to find are subcompacts or ones with crazy-long slides.

    • Glocks are like Apple computer products. They don’t build to customer desire, they build to what they think (know) is perfection. You have to drink the kool-aid and buy into their tyranny. Being a G-19 and an iPhone owner, I can tell you that it doesn’t always make sense at first, but the kool-aid is really damn tasty and makes that uneasy feeling go right away. Just jump, it’ll be fine….

    • The Glock 30 is listed as a “subcompact” but it is very close in size to a Glock 19/23. I have pretty fat fingers, but I can get a good full grip on a Glock 30, especially when I add Pearce +0 grips to the magazines. The ability to also use G21 mags is a nice feature as well.

    • Kind of: the glock 30 is smaller than the 19, but bigger than the 26. It’s technically a “subcompact” but it’s nearly as tall as a 19, and a length in between a 26 and 19.

    • Basically they make 9mm, .357 Sig, and .40 in 3.5 / 4.0 / 4.6 / and 5.3″ I barrels. You can get a 6″ 9mm as well as 6″ aftermarket barrels. The 10 mm and .45 get 3.8 and 4.6″ barrels, and the .380 has a 3.25″ barrel. That should cover most of the models right there. The website has all the specs, and is laid out pretty well.

    • Yes Myshkin, it’s called a 36. About the same size as a 19/23. Even fits some of the same holsters. Single stack, 6 round magazine. Unfortunately they have a troubled past. Early models weren’t so reliable. Left a bad taste. I have 2. I carry a 19.

    • I wish they’d make a G38 with a slimmer slide and in Gen 4, the current one is kind of meh… The frame size is the same as the G19, but that fat slide means it won’t fit into a G19 holster. I guess they couldn’t make a single stack .45 in the same dimensions as G19, so they went with their own caliber. I’m not sure how reliable the .45 GAP is, maybe somebody here knows. I wouldn’t mind getting one if it was, um, perfected 😉

    • Yea why does TTAG always capitalize GLOCK? It’s silly. I remember reading my Hi-Power review and where I mention that the Glock line uses the Browning cam-lock system the mention of said Austrian pistol was capitalized. I thought “oh…I didn’t do that.”

      • TTAG capitalizes GLOCK because that’s how the company spells its name. Check out their web site. SIG SAUER does it, too. We try to be accurate about these things.

    • Not a compact, like a 1911 with a 4” + barrel. That’s something that I’ve been talking about for a couple of years Since they now have three (count ’em 3) sub-compacts of various configurations. But a single stack G19/23 frame .45acp would rock the industry, in my opinion. It would subsequently kill the .45GAP though, which is said to be still-born anyway.

      • CA’s approved gun list, I would think. GLOCK never bothered to get the Gen4s approved. Don’t see why they’d start with this one.

        Also, my phone autocorrected “Glock” to “GLOCK”. I approve.

        • Copy editors everywhere hate your phone. And not even Glock can rewrite the conventions of English capitalization. Even if they are Perfection ™, the rules of prose writing still apply. They get one capital per word, just like everyone else.

          Whew… That’s been simmering for a while. Feels good to take the lid off and get it out in the open. 🙂

        • Don’t blame you at all. I try to use proper grammar in texts and instant messages, even in the middle of a video game. However, I always feel like the word “Glock” needs to be yelled in as deep a voice as possible to sound… appropriate for the cult of personality/BS GLOCK has built around itself.

        • To paraphrase Dylan Moran: saying “glock” sounds like a typewriter chewing on tin foil being kicked down stairs. What is somebody doing to you from behind? Please make them stop.

      • Glock ahem ahem i mean GLOCK basically already said forget ca. i don’t blame them. they would have to bend over backwards to make it ca compliant. also it would require micro stamping, which should be a big turn off to all gun owners.

  6. What about the GLOCK 40. No. Not the glock 22/23/27/35. The glock model 40? Any word? They skipping so as not to confuse homeboys?

    • I hope they make the Glock 40 a .22 caliber pistol. That would be great for confusion. The Glock 22 would be a .40 and the Glock 40 would be a .22. 🙂

    • i heard the the numbers glock uses are the patent numbers. so glock 1-16 were just patents on parts, not complete guns. thats just what i heard.

  7. Looks like Glock was listening to me when I said they should take the G30S concept (standard wide G30 frame with slim G36 width slide) and stretch it into a full-size gun. I was hoping they’d come out with a G21S, but I certainly don’t have any problem with the added length of the G41.

    Maybe they’ ll designate the G40 name to the G21S concept. Either way, a G41 might make it’s way into my stable someday.

    • I don’t understand the “s” concept. Does it make the gun more concealable? I can’t see how it would because the frame is still as thick as the regular version. A benefit would be that it cuts down weight. But why not cut down weight in a regular version slide and keep the same width, because the slide width does nothing negative for concealment if the frame is still wider. Why not do some milling to cut down the weight of the standard slide? It makes more sense to slim the frame down to the width of the “s” slide and lose a round. Then you would truly have a lighter gun all the way around and have higher concealability.

      Is my logic missing something? Are there some benefits to the “s” that I’m overlooking?

  8. Glocks better be perfection, because in a sense they only make one gun. Sure they come in different calibers, and various length barrels and hand grip lengths, but they’re all basically the same gun. When compared to “real” gun manufacturers that makes different types of firearms of various designs, Glock looks like a one trick pony.

    When demand fades for polymer framed striker-fired pistols, and it likely will at some point, Glock too will fade.

    • There would have to be a radical change in firearm technology for striker fired damand to change.

      I can’t fault a company for sticking to what works, considering firearm technology hasn’t changed in the last 100 years

    • When demand fades for polymer framed striker-fired pistols, and it likely will at some point, Glock too will fade.

      Smith & Wesson struggled for a while as their signature revolvers became less popular, but they adapted. If technology overtakes the polymer framed striker-fired pistols, Glock will likely struggle for a while, but there’s nothing to say they won’t also adapt to the new market even if they’re no longer comfortable at the top of the market.

      I’m a CZ owner because I prefer steel-framed hammer-fired DA/SA guns, but I have enormous respect for Glock even if they’re not quite my cup of tea.

    • I predict the plastic gun craze isn’t going anywhere for the foreseeable future…

      Not until the world has depilated it’s fossil fuel resources, plastic is just a byproduct of, to quote the, late, great Johnny Cash, “…burning dinosaur bones.”

      But, I also predict gun materials will be the least of our concerns when oil reserves are all gone, energy, jobs, fuel, and food will be atop that list.

      • Absoluetely correct…VINTAGE GLOCK GEN-1s are going for big money and going upin value every year..GLOCK GEN-1 models are going dor more than GEN-4 new models on,one 1980s model just sold for $900 and there is a RARE GLOCK-17 GEN 1 with factory night sights for sale with already one bidder at $499
        Here is the auction#: Auction # 387052396
        Im going to start collecting the older generation-1 GLOCKS,ive always liked the feel of the grip without the annoying finger grooves and the non-rail look was alot cleaner in my opinion. Not everyone wants that embarrassing,tactical,bullshit lasers and flashlights hanging off their E.D.C. Pistol,especially those of us who know how to aim with iron sights i wish GLOCK would make the old gen-1 frames without the rails and finger grooves as an option. Until then ill just keep buying the Gen-1s.

  9. Do you think we should take up a collection for Mr. Ayoob so he could purchase a decent HD smartphone, at least?

    This video almost looks like he took a video of while playing it back on his 1986 Sony Color TV.

    : )

  10. We will be able to buy any Gen 4 Glock model in California, thanks to SSE (Single Shot Exemption) at least till the end of this year. Governor Brown will probably sign the bill ending SSE for 2015, they submitted it to him last year and he vetoed it but in the process, told them how to resubmit it so he will sign it. If you want any non California rostered handgun, this year is the year to buy it.

    We have a court case, trying to banish the roster, Pena vs. Cid, but the wheels of justice turn very slow, it could be years until we abolish the anti-Constitutional “Not Unsafe Handgun Roster” B.S. that the antis have managed to make us live with.

    That said, I wish they had put the cool looking Glock 34 slide cutouts for the barrel on this one, they, frankly, look cool and I would want them, even if their effect is negligible. Sometimes it’s just about having a cool looking, yet still butt fugly gun. Glocks are hideous but I still like them because they are so damned utilitarian.

  11. Maybe its time to put this blog on the pay no mind list for awhile. The bigger it gets the more smug it becomes. Now you’re taking cheap shots at Mas Ayoob. A guy who’s forgot more about guns than you or I will ever know. If that’s not enough now you seem to be committing violation #1 of Gun Jerks; criticizing for the sake of criticizing other people’s choice of firearm. You seem to particularly dislike the Glocks. Is it because it brings a level of functioning never seen before at its price point. Does it make you mad that there is a decent gun us poor folk can get our grubby hands on? I use to really like this site but it seems maybe someone needs to check their ego at the door.

    • In my opinion you seem to be overreacting a little bit.The writers of TTAG havent changed their tone or writing style since I started reading a year and a half ago. In fact I think they toned down the sarcasm and off humor a little. The comment about Mr. Ayoob is not disrespectful to me. Cant the guy look in a mirror before he broadcasts himself to the world, or use a video recorder that has higher resolution than a 2002 nokia phone? Farango is just pointing out the obvious.

      Full disclaimer, half of my pistols are Glocks, and the reviews here on TTAG have given highly favorable reviews of their pistols and have never trashed them.

    • Uh, not sure what site you’ve been reading, but we’ve uniformly given GLOCK guns stellar reviews. Why? Because they make great guns, whether or not you like their looks.

      Even Ralph rated them highly and he can’t stand them. So there.

    • MASAAD AYOOB is great i agree. But you have to realize the way he learned things was a long time ago and those techniques are antiquated at best. You have grandmasters for USPSA,IDPA,IPSC and operators like JAMES YEAGER, or CHRIS KYLE,COSTA who are leading the industry with new proven methods. It depends on if you in your 30s or 50-60s what class you will suscribe to. If you shoot: weaver stance bladed your old school..your new generation if you shoot squared off to target in combat stance or if you call a mozambique a “failure drill” your real
      There is always a popular figure associated with any products/training and MASSAD has that household name. However that doesnt make him the “end all be all”

  12. How about a Compact 45 with the same 4.99″ height as the 9, 40, 45 gap, and 357 sig?

    Its their hole in their 45 line.

    Full Size to subcompact to subcompact to Long Slide Full Size.

  13. Capybara, how would I get a GEN 4 Glock here in CA as a “single-shot?” My local Gun Shop won’t even ORDER them because they aren’t “approved.”

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