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Full Conceal is in the SHOT Show’s NEXT Pavilion showing off their M1 and M2 concealment systems designed to reduce the overall height of a carry gun. In effect, we’re talking about chopping down the grip frame of a polymer, striker-fired gun — they’re starting with GLOCKs but will expand into other models — and implementing two options for the pistol’s state of readiness.

The M2, seen above, is carried with chamber and mag well empty. A loaded magazine connects to the frame’s accessory rail and actually inserts through the front of the grip to reduce the effective length.

This is a full-size G17 mag, and Full Conceal’s baseplate/mount actually increases capacity to 20 rounds. A folding trigger is employed so the magazine can take up residence here. When this package is in a pocket, the almost perfectly-square footprint is extremely similar in size to a cell phone.

To put the M2 to work, the magazine is pulled forwards off the rail and out of the frame, then inserted as usual. The trigger automatically flips down into position.

The M1 is a bit different, in that a shorty magazine is inserted in the grip from the get-go. This allows for 7+1 carry. Under the accessory rail is a spare magazine, seen in 10-round flavor in the photos here. By removing the front of the trigger guard, that magazine sits closer in and limits the length added to the pistol.

While I don’t believe it would be safe to do so until the operator intended to actually fire the gun, it isn’t difficult to insert one’s trigger finger in the gap between trigger and top round. Doing so takes up the trigger safety blade and a little bit of the GLOCK trigger’s pre-travel. The weight of the aluminum mag carrier and a loaded, 10-round (or more) magazine should dampen recoil and muzzle flip.

TTAG will be requesting T&E units to shoot and review. In the meantime, let us know what you think about the Full Conceal in the comments below.

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  1. I’ll say this…I like what I see here better than the initial pictures released to the public late last year….and it’s bound to be better than a Taurus curve.

  2. On the M2, I’m guessing the trigger folds back into the grip? I wonder if in the future they could design one that folds forward and above the magazine/into the frame instead. That way you could safely carry with one in the chamber.

  3. Excuse me Mr. Mugger while I put my gun together, won’t take too long, I hope.. ‘Thunk’. Assine .

    • This would make sense to put in a backpack or Bugout Kit where space is highly limited. No use in carrying this as a primary weapon.

      • That’s the only utility I see. I applaud the ingenuity and look forward to other packable options like this and the MagPul Backpacker, but ain’t no way this is going to be my primary defensive pistol.

      • Okay… I guess… but boy is that a niche product. I’d be worried about more chance of a malfunction introduced with the increased complexity.

  4. I get it. This pistol is HIGHLY, downright INCREDIBLY concealable. All you have to do is draw it, rack the slide, do a double back-flip, and then expend whatever rounds you have in the magazine which are necessary to save your ass.

    I’ll take a pass on this one.

    • I think it’s maybe a question that no one on this blog asked. Most already-gun-people wouldn’t care for something like this because they already carry.

      But, I’d bet there are more than a few people who don’t care about guns one way or another, but see the workplace shootings on the news and know that if it came to their workplace, they’d much rather have a gun to shoot than a stapler to throw. Even if it took them 30 seconds to put it together. Add to the fact that it can be tucked into a pocket of a laptop bag and this might be the answer to their question.

      • The market is already chock-full of guns that will fit in a pocket of a laptop bag, and zero percent of those require assembly before use. They all have trigger guards, too, so the hypothetical non-gun-person in your scenario will be a bit less likely to shoot himself with it the first time he loads it, as compared to this thing.

        This is the kind of gun you would really have to train with a lot to use confidently under pressure. That’s the exact opposite of what would happen if it was purchased by a person who just wanted it as a “break glass in case of emergency” item.

        It just seems to add complexity and decrease usability while not particularly increasing concealability all that much. Am I missing something here?

      • “Even if it took them 30 seconds to put it together. Add to the fact that it can be tucked into a pocket of a laptop bag and this might be the answer to their question…”

        Or you can just get a gun that DOESN’T take 30 seconds to put together (under pressure of life or death) that can also be tucked in the pocket of a laptop bag.

  5. Well it’s different! I don’t see the point especially when you can slip a little 380/9mm in your pocket with a nemesis/Uncle Mike/Sticky. Or even a Sneaky Pete deal.

    • Seems to me, if you need your backup gun, you need it now, not “whenever I manage to get it assembled”.

      • You are having a colossally bad day, on the day in which you needed your primary gun RIGHT NOW aaaand you needed your backup gun RIGHT NOW. Sheesh, I guess those who don’t carry a backup gun are just waiting to die.

    • Yeah I’m looking from this chopped up G19 to my G26 back and forth like…don’t they know Glock does this for them at the factory?

  6. I hate to go “Grammar Nazi” on you… ok, that’s a lie. I love going “GN” on people. Anyhoo, the correct word is “damp,” not “dampen.” You don’t want anything to add moisture to the situation.

    • And I’m going to go grammar Blues Brothers on you and knock you off your bridge.

      Merriam-Webster’s first definition of dampen – to check or diminish the activity or vigor of.

      • “Merriam-Webster’s first definition of dampen – to check or diminish the activity or vigor of.”

        Kinda like what the ‘Blues Brothers’ did to those Illinois Nazis on the bridge?

        • The other definition of dampen equally applies there – to make (something) somewhat or slightly wet.

          That’ll make Timmy! happy. No doubt he hates Illinois Nazis as much as Jake and Elwood.

    • Yeah, gotta say, Timmy!, I make grammar mistakes now and again for sure, but this wasn’t one of them. “Dampen” is perfectly correct in this context. Sorry to dampen your grammar nazi fun.

  7. Anybody know if that is their own slide or one made by an existing aftermarket company? I think the m&p style slide serrations are some of my favorite and may consider a glock slide with that type of serrations. As for the gun itself, I could think of a few uses for it but primary carry probably isn’t one.

    • Dyspep, I scroll comment sections to find your input on different articles. I find your commentary extremely satisfying.

  8. I have been wracking my brain for 90 minutes about what niche this thing fills and I’ve come up empty. There is nothing this thing does better than a gun that’s already around.

    CCW: pick your poison.

    Carry to work in a bag: you could pack an MP5, so pick your poison.

    Car gun: not fast enough, easily stolen.

    Bug out/get home bag: once it hits the fan you want the mag in the gun with one in the pipe…in a holster, not folded up in your bag.

    I just don’t see a place for this thing.

  9. I’d go with a double tap .45 before carrying this (quicker first two shots).

    And I just sold my double tap .45…

  10. All faults aside, it certainly beats the imaginary pistol 95% of ‘concealed carriers’ claim to have on them.

  11. I just can’t see going through the trouble and expense of cutting your mag well and trigger guard, voiding your warranty and rendering your sidearm less safe in the process, just so you can have fewer rounds upon presentation.

    Really, you’re extremely unlikely to need more than several rounds. You’re most likely only to have to present the firearm without even firing it.

    Concealability is important, I get it. Then hiw about buying the right size firearm, like a Glock 26, in the first place? If you need more rounds, carry a spare magazine or, for the same $300, a backup gun?

    If they’re wedded to this attached magazine idea, then just create a magazine holder that can attach to the underside rail, forward of the trigger guard. On a G26, that’d give you 10+1 in the gun and another 10 on the rail, without permanently altering the gun.

  12. Why?

    How much money was spent on this stupid idea?

    When and Where do they think this would be more useful than any compact gun?

    Who thought this up? A committee of nitwits or maybe just one (the son in law of the owner maybe)?


    Did I miss any?

  13. Look, this is a post Obama world where we are fighting terrorist on the streets, nightclubs and movie theaters. Not quick drawing on a New York mugger. I dig this for being able to have a full size firearm with me when I normally wouldn’t.

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