New From MagnetoSpeed: M-Series AR Grip System

MagnetoSpeed — yes, the manufacturer of the eponymous gun-mounted chronograph — has just released a very spiffy AR grip called the M-Series Grip System. Four different modules can be stored inside of the grip, clicking into place and ejecting under spring power somewhat like a pistol magazine

Module 1 is a functional, 3-round magazine called the MiniMAG.

Alternatively, the MiniTORCH is a bright flashlight that can be ejected from the grip and used as a separate unit or clipped rapidly to a rail mount.

The DryBOX can be used to store small items that need water-tight containment.

Finally, the MiniPOD is a rear monopod that rapidly ejects to a 3″ length and then can be fine tuned with a thumb wheel.

TTAG has requested a review unit to borrow, but on paper I certainly dig the M-Series Grip System!


  1. avatar Emb says:

    I like neat little gadgets and this is a whole system of neat little gadgets. Pretty cool.

  2. avatar Stu in AZ says:

    Pretty cool. I keep a boresnake in my grip (and tiny bottles of CLP in the buttstock). I’d be interested in seeing what other modules they can come up with.

  3. avatar skoon says:

    Damn it. I thought of spare ammo in the pistol grip years ago. But I didn’t envision a mini magazine so they got meet on that one. That’s pretty dope

  4. avatar Ralph says:

    If ARs are boring, then AR gizmos are more boring. Much, much more boring.

  5. avatar Dan in CO says:

    Go go gadget flashlight! Go go gadget matches!

  6. avatar Dan l says:

    I love the flashight and monopod! Cant wait to buy both unless price is redonkulous. Right now i carry tools (suppressor / scope mount wrench made of aluminum cut down to fit, allen and star wrenches), batteries for my illuminated / red dot scooes, an ar pin and spring kit, and some foam ear protection which also helps keep the rattling down in a magpul moe…will be tough to give up my mini ar / hunting repair kit, but for a monopod , im interested. Very interested. Its gotta be way lighter than a versapod mono pod mounted on the stock, time will tel if it is nearly as functional.

  7. avatar Dan l says:

    I dont like the middle finger notch but i can grind it offf

  8. avatar Vhyrus says:

    How do you even get that mag into the gun? 3 rounds might be useful for hunting but I can’t imagine much else.

    1. avatar Tile floor says:

      I was just thinking about that it’s almost like you’d have to flip the gun over and finger it until it locks in. And what happens if it fails to drop free, it’s not like you can rip it out, you’d have to separate the upper and lower. Innovation is good, and more power to anyone who wants to buy this, but I’m not one of them. I’d rather have a dedicated light, and I’ve never lost sleep not having a three round mag squirreled away.

      1. avatar No one of consequence says:

        I think the 3-round magazine would be an emergency measure for when you don’t have any other loaded magazines anyway, in which case dropping free isn’t as much of an issue.

    2. avatar Bill says:

      I was thinking they aught to make it so you can put hand gun mags in the pistol grip. Swap out different grips for different handguns. It would be kinda pointless… And a little stupid. But I’d do it for some reason.

      1. avatar Brocko says:

        It would be very useful if it could hold a spare Glock mag for all the Glock AR lowers available now

        1. avatar WalterJ says:

          Someone did. New this year from shot. Tritech Tactical:

    3. avatar Chadwick says:

      I think it would be great for the guy that hunts with his AR, but isn’t an “AR guy” if you will. He might be inclined to leave his AR mag at home because storing mags in the gun might seem weird or something and he might forget that he needs to bring it because his other hunting rifles have internal mags.

  9. avatar RockOnHellChild says:

    Neat idea, so long as it doesn’t rattle around.

    I’ve tried keeping stuff in the grip, but the clunking and rattling drives me crazy.

    1. avatar Mort says:

      Nah, see… you gotta get those little plastic bags, like jewelry/craft ziplocs. Then you roll everything up in the baggie and the puffy excess plastic braces against the grip walls and keeps it snug (and waterproof).

      In my BCM I keep a laser boresighter, some spare batteries, some muzzle condoms (cut the fingertips off those plastic food-handling/medical gloves… keeps grit outta the birdcage and barrel…), and a couple hex L-wrenches that double as punches. The laser boresighter is very handy when I’ve set up camp in the woods… in the evening I use it to quick-zero the Eotech, when I can’t (or shouldn’t) take shots, and I can’t see diddly with the irons.

      On-board rifle storage… it’s beautiful, man.

      I really like the handy rail-flashlight on this grip system above… albeit, then you’d have to get some space in the stock for other stuff. But still, since I usually wear a headlamp instead of mounting a rifle lamp, the “emergency” light is pretty nifty. Like the other fella said, though, I really don’t get the single-finger ledge, either… maybe just because the GI grip has always had one, so its existence is perpetuated by its existence… I guess.

      Anyway, get some little baggies and get back to hoarding junk in your grip, man! Go rattle-free and stealthy… it’s a thing.

      Rock on. But be safe.

  10. avatar AlanInFL says:

    Sweet concept. A bit more versatile than the Miad grips.

  11. avatar Pete says:

    Prefer the Magpul version, spare bolt and firing pin in the grip.

  12. avatar gargoil says:

    i see 2017 is going to be the Year of Useless Gimmicks in the gun world.

    1. avatar WalterJ says:

      Useless comments too. Wait that’s every year.

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