Nighthawk Agent 2 1911
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For a second I thought Nighthawk was selling an Asian Flu pistol. The actual 1911 on offer is certainly nothing to sneeze at. And its $4495 price tag might give some of our more financially challenged readers the vapors. But don’t worry . . .

you won’t be turning Japanese. It’s an all-American pistol, complete with “DNA Collector” front and read cocking striations. Sounds like fun! Press release . . .

Nighthawk Agent 2 facing down the competition

Nighthawk Custom Releases Agent 2 Pistol

January 19th Berryville AR, Nighthawk Custom, in partnership with Agency Arms, Railscales, Cerakote, & Hillbilly 223, releases the Agent 2.

The Nighthawk Agent 2 is the next evolution of collaboration between Nighthawk Custom, Agency Arms, Railscales, and Hillbilly 223. This continued partnership has given rise to the sleek, tough, expertly engineered and styled Agent 2; the successor of the highly coveted Agent 1 released at the NRAAM in 2017.

Nighthawk Agency 2 1911 muzzle

Every element of this gun is meticulously designed with emphasis on function and aesthetics. Modeled after the popular Agency Arms Urban Combat slide, the Agent 2 combines the functionality of Agency Arms and the artistry of Nighthawk Custom to include the following features:

– Faceted Slide to Reduce Weight
– “DNA Collector” Front & Rear Cocking Serrations
– Side Windows
– Revised Fiber Optic Sights
– Heinie Ledge Rear Sight
– Available in 9mm & .45acp

It’s all about the details! The faceted design carries down into the frame creating a consistent sleek style throughout.  A lightened and stylized rail incorporates the agency accelerator cut while still allowing for mounting of standard lights and lasers, making this a fully functional modern firearm made to run hard and fast.

The one-piece magwell, barrel bushing, grip safety, thumb safety, and slide stop, all continue the faceted flat edged profile and aggressive serrations with an incredible level of detail for both look and more importantly enhanced grip.

Railscales newly released grips are made from G10 material specifically for this pistol. These grips are ultra slim for reduced printing and shooters with smaller hands.

The press check serration design has been incorporated into the grip panels to maximize grip texture without being overly aggressive or rough. An enhanced thumb scoop near the magazine catch offers maximum relief and makes releasing the magazine without breaking your shooting grip easier.

The trigger has also been updated to a variation on the Agency Arms Flat Faced Trigger with an enhanced toe. While the Agency Arms trigger has been popular in making pivot-based triggers like the Glock feel more like a 1911 trigger, the new 1911 version of this trigger is an experience that needs to be felt.

Media, dealers, and attendees of SHOT Show can come to booth #12579 to see the gun on display starting Tuesday morning. We are taking orders for this gun starting today with shipments leaving Nighthawk Custom early February with an MSRP of $4495


Link for more information: https://www.

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  1. At that price it should do the dishes, mop the floor and take care of the kids because my wife would leave me if I bought it.

  2. A Taurus 1911 goes for 1/10th of the price. Does that mean this pistol is 10 time better? I think not.
    For this gun to command that kind of my $$ it would have to have a cloaking device built into it that could defeat metal detectors AND be able to convince TSA agents or any other authority that…”These aren’t the droids (or guns) you are looking for.”

  3. I don’t care if Ned Christensen, Ted Yost, Chuck Rogers and Mahatma Gandhi each fingered it, that’s a lot of dough for any serially produced handgun. $2499 would be a more realistic price IMO.

  4. I know there is no such thing as this is too expensive. To somebody. And “Build the chair, there is an ass for every seat”. Id like to think that’s my own original saying, but it probably isn’t.
    At some point enough is too much.
    Nighthawks reached that point in my opinion.
    That gun does nothing more then a Zinc POS under $200 45acp can do and as efficiently.

    Its nice to see these things exist??………………………………maybe ,maybe not.

    • It all depends on what matters to the buyer. I’m very happy with my Springfield TRP. I’m not very happy with my Remington R1. I love shooting nighthawks, les baers, and other custom guns but I have a hard time justifying the money when compared to my TRP even though I know it is a better gun.

      It isn’t like Nighthawk is marketing themselves to the “average man.” They’re very open about being a very high end custom shop.

  5. What a stupid-looking mess.

    These overpriced 1911 assemblers have completely jumped the shark, and I say this as the owner of over a dozen 1911s. Some of them overpriced.

  6. I’m just waiting for a company like this to branch out past the 1911 and into more interesting pistols.

    Gussy up a Star, CZ, M&P or even an XD FFS.

  7. I just don’t see how there’s a profitable market for such high dollar handguns such as this or others like it. Maybe I’m too poor, too rural, too old fashioned, etc.. but the vast majoriry of American gun owners just don’t have the cash on hand to drop 5 grand on a gun. The kind of people who do have that kind of money aren’t typically gun people. The upper class big city rich limousine liberals aren’t exactly throwing their cash in to the latest high dollar gun.

    • There will always be a market for these high end custom pistols. Clever marketing and (usually) high craftsmanship will always attract people with too much money to spend. Is it practical? No.
      I’ve shot Nighthawks and some other custom 1911s. Without a doubt they are in a whole other playing field than every production/semi-production pistol out there.

  8. I don’t get the point of the side windows. Never have gotten the point of such cuts in a slide. It’s just another way for dirt/lint/etc to get into a carry gun.

    If I were to get into the custom 1911 business, I’d build 1911’s in 9×23 Winchester: .357 Mag ballistics in a 1911. I’d certainly offer at least .38 Super or 9×21.

  9. Dont get me wrong, Im sure its a fantastic gun. But is it just me or is anyone else of the opinion that those folks who purchase $4K+ handguns that are tacticool operator to the hilt will never even come close to lliving up to the gun’s potential. Its like showing up to day 3 of fencing practice with a hand wrought damascus steel Scottish claymore with a stingray skin grip and a serrated steel pommel coated in diamond dust. You know, for when shit gets real.


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