Instructor Zero WIth FABARN
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FABARN is an Italian gunmaker, part of the House of Caesar Guerini. They’re bringing their Professional STF 12 pump shotgun to the U.S. market, selling their tactical AF ethos to American operators interested in operating operationally. Like . . .

Operator Instructor Zero! A man who could use a Keurig tactically. We’ll get trigger time ASAP. Meanwhile know this: the STF ain’t gonna be cheap.

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  1. They’re pretty well-liked up here in Canada, if a bit pricey. The shorter barreled ones are great backpacking guns, but I think a US buyer would have some additional forms to fill out if they wanted one at that length.

  2. I read that HK used to market FABARM’s shotties in the US at one time. Who is their distributor now, or are they selling them here themselves?

  3. “Ain’t gonna be cheap”. Well, the standard bearer in this platform is the Benelli M4. At around $2000, this will have to be cheaper to get any attention. And it will have to be substantially cheaper to get any traction. If this comes in at $1200-$1300, it will sell.

  4. I imagine that Instructor Zero is like Uther Pendragon (in Boorman’s Excalibur) in that he does EVERYTHING in full rattle.


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