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Until receiving this press release, I hadn’t heard of Atlas Gunworks. Apparently they’re “the country’s fastest growing custom gun builder.” While I can’t confirm or deny that, I can say their 1911s and 2011s are darn sexy. Including the $3,999 Titan Operator announced in the following press release . . .

Atlas Gunworks Releases the Titan Operator Pistol

North Ferrisburgh, VT – Atlas Gunworks has released the Titan Operator 9mm pistol for duty and self-defense. It’s based on the popular Titan competition pistol and is the newest pistol in Atlas’ growing lineup.

Atlas understands that competition guns aren’t the best choice for military, law enforcement or self-defense. So, when the tactical team at a west coast sheriff’s department requested 9mm Titans for duty, the Titan Operator was born. Atlas starts with a full-custom 2011 Titan in fit and finish and adds features for the tactical user. Features include a DLC coated, tri-topped and lightened slide, 5” KKM bull barrel, PT aluminum grip, 19 + 1 capacity, tactical rear sight and a railed frame.

Pistols for duty and self-defense require an extra measure of reliability. It must run in extreme conditions with many different types of ammunition. To achieve this, Atlas installs heavy duty springs to ensure reliable cycling and primer ignition. The trigger pull is also set to be slightly heavier than their competition guns, coming in at 3.0 to 3.5 pounds.

Staying true to their commitment to short wait times, the Atlas Gunworks Titan Operator ships in less than 3 months. For more information visit or call 855-940-1911.

About Atlas Gunworks
Atlas Gunworks is the country’s fastest growing custom gun builder. Located in North Ferrisburgh, Vermont, they specialize in ultra-premium 2011 and 1911 style pistols. Atlas builds guns for shooters serious about winning, whether it’s winning a USPSA, IDPA, or 3-Gun competition or winning an encounter in a dark alley. Unheard of in the custom gun market, they are committed to shipping most models in less than three months.

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  1. Seriously? A $4000 gun as a duty sidearm, cops must be getting bigger bribes these days. “So, when the tactical team at a west coast sheriff’s department requested 9mm Titans for duty, the Titan Operator was born.” Now I know where my tax dollars are being wasted.

  2. im ready for all this “catering to the rich” bullshit to end. i hope them and Cabot go out of business. they don’t deserve the money they get.

    • You must be one of those antifa millenials. I can understand you being hurt about a $4k gun, because you’re too lazy to work and earn a decent living.

      On the flip side, maybe we should call for Hi-Point to stop selling cheap guns because they are catering to the poor.

      Or how about we remember this is the USA and we have the freedom to chose what we spend our money on.

    • little horn. If someone does want to spend $4k on a custom 1911 they can damn well do that if they want to. It’s not your damn money. They might have been saving for YEARS to be able to get a custom gun.

    • Just for the record, I hope Cabot does good business and sticks around for a long time. I think the 1911’s they make are absolutely beautiful. When the day arrives, and it will, that I can afford their guns, I will own 1 or 3.
      Seeing these high-end guns gives me hope because it lets me know that there is a market for them, which in turn let’s me know that it is possible to reach a financial status that allows one to afford such guns. If someone else can reach a level of financial success that allows them to buy such guns, then I can do it as well.
      I like knowing that there are rich people in America; it means that it is still possible to become wealthy in this country.

  3. While I’m at it — they’re dressing up a 107-year-old design and charging $4,000 for it.

    Would anybody here be in a rush to buy a brand-new totally tricked out Model T? It dates back just as far (1908) and was designed by a legendary automotive genius, Henry Ford… shouldn’t we be frothing at the mouth for $200,000 Model T’s that employ the same basic design, but have sumptuous leather and carbon fiber?

    Never mind, just pokin’ at the 1911 crowd…

    • I would totally get two tricked out model Ts! One in black and one in slightly darker black! Ohhhh, I’m getting chills just thinking about it!

  4. Some of the guys I shoot USPSA and IDPA with have guns from Atlas, and I’ve shot some of their Open guns and ESP guns. They’re insanely good, but a $6000 Atlas isn’t four times better than my $1500 CZ Shadow: it’s not going to get me back on target in 25% of the time, or reduce my groups by 75%. They’re well into the long tail of quality and workmanship (which probably starts around $1000 for a pistol), where every smidgen of improvement costs twice as much as the prior one.

    But if Atlas ever comes up with a good lefty-friendly mag release for their 2011 frame, I’ll probably buy one…or two.


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