Gear Review: MagnetoSpeed M-Series Grip MonoPOD

Early this fall we reviewed the new M-Series Grip System from MagnetoSpeed, but the MonoPOD wasn’t yet ready. Just in time for the holidays, MonoPOD grip inserts are now shipping. Naturally, TTAG took one for a test drive. If you haven’t yet read that M-Series Grip System review, here’s the Tweet-length version: it’s an AR-15 […]

New From MagnetoSpeed: M-Series AR Grip System

MagnetoSpeed — yes, the manufacturer of the eponymous gun-mounted chronograph — has just released a very spiffy AR grip called the M-Series Grip System. Four different modules can be stored inside of the grip, clicking into place and ejecting under spring power somewhat like a pistol magazine… Module 1 is a functional, 3-round magazine called the […]