New Leupold DeltaPoint Reflex Sight On Top of The World’s Best Revolver


I’m not convinced that anyone “needs” a red dot scope on top of a handgun. When push comes to shove, site acquisition can be a bit of a bother. And if you’re turning your back on OMG point shooting or (God forbid) using the sights, a Crimson Trace or LaserLyte laser might be a better bet. Still, why not? Especially in the case of the Smith & Wesson 686—which is about as common a self-defense firearm as a Viking sword is a letter opener. This set-up yields massive tacticool points (redeemable at most major MRE purveyors). TTAG will contact our friends at Leupold to see what a Glock-mounted DeltaPont Reflex Sight can do for real people in real trouble.


  1. avatar matt says:

    I have a 3.5 moa Doctor on a FNP45 Tactical, I would be worried about it if it was a duty weapon. The window is tinted effecting low light visibility, and god only knows what would happen to your sight picture if the gun was holstered while it was raining, allowing water to collect behind the glass.

  2. avatar Jason says:

    A fun toy, but the field of view is far too small. Red dots are great for rifles, but lasers rule for handgun applications.

  3. avatar I_Like_Pie says:

    “I’m not convinced that anyone “needs” a red dot scope on top of a handgun.”

    If one sees the firearm world with the only purpose of self defense that may be a true statement.

    But to the surprise of maybe 90% of the general readership of this blog…firearms are actually used for things other than blasting away at the range or packing for S.D.

    They are used for hunting…A 4 moa dot is the point blank vital area for many rifles 0-250 yards (depending on BC and velocity of cartridge) meaning that in that range the bullet will hit somewhere in that dot.

    They are also used for competition…Bullseye competition basically requires it to be competitive.

  4. avatar Sean says:

    I believe red dots are the future, handguns included.

    As the technology matures even more (though it’s pretty impressive now), I feel they will become more common on pistols.

    From off angles and difficult positions, the advantages are too great to ignore.

    I love my iron sights (w/ tritium), but I want to move in this direction. Someday.

  5. avatar Eric says:

    Red dots com into their own as range increases. I imagine they allow for stupid long handgun shots. Not particularly valuable in most close up SD settings, but how can you argue against better sights?

  6. avatar Eric says:

    Plus red dots are superb when starting shooting with kids. I just installed one on the 10/22.

  7. avatar racer88 says:

    I recently installed a Trijicon RMR (RM07) on my FNP-45T. I do like it. But, that’s based on just a couple of range sessions so far.

  8. avatar Fred says:

    I think that the Leupold rep is in bad need of some dental work. He looks like an Englishman with those teeth! Disgusting. I do like Leupold products though so I will ignore the disgusting teeth when I go to buy.

  9. avatar phil says:

    i love my shooting but my old eyes dont allow any thing but a blur at the end of the barel, thanks to red dot reflex on handguns!

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