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As “Dandy” Don Meredith used to sing as each Monday Night Football game became a fait accompli, turn out the lights, the party’s over. While that may be slightly strong as far as Golden State gun rights (such as they are) are concerned, it’s not far off the mark. Here’s the list (courtesy Dan Silverman) of bills that have passed the legislature and are on their way to Governor Moonbeam’s desk for his customary rubber stamp:

SB 299 (DeSaulnier) Theft or Loss reporting within 7 days – Passed 41-32
SB 683 (Block) Long gun safety certificate – Passed 44-30
SB 475 (Leno) Gun Shows at the Cow Palace – Passed 42-29
AB 538 (Pan) California gun registry – Passed 50-23 . . .

SB 363 (Wright) Secured storage – Passed 62-8
AB 500 DOJ is now allowed more time to delay delivery of a firearm – Passed 20-14
AB 169 (Dickinson) If you own an older hand gun you can no longer sell it or will it to your children – Passed 21-14
SB 374 (Steinberg) – the Semi-Auto Rifle Ban just passed out of the Assembly – Passed 42 – 30 Abstain 6. It now goes back to the Senate for concurrence and upon approval, will head to the Governor’s Desk.
AB 231 (Ting) which provides that a person commits the crime of “criminal storage of a firearm in the third degree” – Passed 44-28.
AB 711 (Rendon) which will effectively ban hunting in the state by banning lead ammunition – Passed 44-27.

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  1. Time for the rest of the state to break away from the coastal jackwagons. Be a damn shame if I couldn’t go to the food Maxx in Fresno for a loaf of roasted garlic sourdough bauernbrot, but it’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make.

  2. Time to head East until I find that beautiful sign that has welcomed thousands of people to their happy new life, “WELCOME TO BEAUTIFUL NOW LEAVING CALIFORNIA”.

  3. Didn’t I just hear about The state of Jefferson recently on NPR? About time the folks of Kalifornia make it happen.

  4. Modern American Liberalism: The Idea that EVIL Deserves a Fair Chance

    Modern American Liberalism is the triumph of style over substance and emotion over reason.

    • Modern American Liberalism is truly politics by science: If two wrongs won’t make a right, someone has to find out how many it takes.

  5. Man, you’d think instead of passing all those bills they would just pass some laws against murder, robbery, rape, suicide, assault, etc so no one would do those things. Oh, wait…

    • Not so fast…

      Remember, the California penal code for murder is 187. Meaning, in essence, these people thought of 186 WORSE THINGS before they got there….

  6. Come to Flyover Country. Missouri welcomes you.

    My job offered me a position in LA area. They couldn’t pay me enough to move there.

      • Please be respectful and polite if you do contact him. He is NOT the gun rights anti that RF makes him out to be. He’s not a straight up friendly, but he absolutely has pushed back on ridiculous crap in the past.

        • AG, I just want to share a laugh with you. I was watching the live comment feed on the back end panel, which shows the comments in the order they come in, regardless of topic. On that panel, the comment immediately preceding yours (so I read it right before yours) was:

          “Please don’t bring God into politics.”

          Double-take, then laugh.

        • No, the governor has NOT signed anything. This is a legislative update.

          Matt, that took me a moment to reconstruct, but you’re right — that’s pretty darn funny.

  7. I remember when Audie Murphy kept his MG 42 in his closet, when he lived in San Fernando Valley and packed a 2″ Chief Special everywhere he went.
    Oregon and Washyton are next I’m afraid, both controlled by Obamites

    • Too true. These 2 states need to re-align east/west along the Cascade Crest. I’ll give up the pretty scenery for less nanny state.

  8. The other stuff, while stupid, I could live with. The semiautomatic ban is what really irks me. Some mocked that the semiauto ban would pass, but it seems (minus a miracle) that they were mistaken. Guess now the courts are our only hope (which seems like a hopeless cause as the California AWB was upheld with the Court using the reasoning that it doesn’t infringe on the rights of hunters and sport shooters). The Washington D.C. AWB was upheld as the Court used a study by the Brady Campaign that said that semiautomatic guns were so dangerous that they could be banned anyway, even though they are in common use. So I wouldn’t be surprised if the semiauto ban (semiautos with detachable box magazines) is upheld by the courts. Maybe it will go all the way to the SCOTUS and they’ll strike it down, but that’s a huge risk IMO.

    • I’ve been hoping for our AWB to go to the SCOTUS. Post-Heller, there’s no way that they could uphold our ban. And when 374 becomes law, the ban is even more restrictive, so it has an even higher chance of being struck down.

      And even worst, worst case scenario: the SCOTUS upholds our AWB ban. How would that change anything? Anti-gun legislatures across the USA are already passing these bans as if they are constitutional.

  9. I feel for you Californians, hopefully you can hang in there long enough for the lawsuits to go before a Pro-2A SCOTUS and settle this total semi auto ban nonsense.

    Hang in there, DO NOT SURRENDER your now “illegal” firearms, if you do they win.

  10. You all see EXACTLY what happens when every article about California on this site is met with “California is a lost cause, nothing to do but get out!” And sanctimonious claims that “MYYYY state would never do that!” Right? You realize YOU did this, right?

    • +1

      Running from your state only makes the anti-gun politicians stronger and sets an example to politicians in other states that they can do the same and the only result will be gun owners running to a state they *hope* will be friendlier.

    • ‘We’ Didn’t do this at all. The duly elected leaders of California did this. The fact is this couldn’t happen in Arizona, or Alaska, or Texas or Ohio or Florida. These places would never have elected the statist, elitist progressive scum California calls a state legislature. What passes for daily bread in California politics is deadly poison in 40 other states where partaking of it results in instant political death, and it sickens in several more.

      California has been a lost cause for better than 20 years. The only useful advice is to retreat from the occupied territory and realize that the vast majority of the rest of the country lives in a relative utopia of freedom that hasn’t been had in California in a generation.

      • Texas and Florida has its share of anti gun ass-holes in the state legislatures and U.S. Congress. Fortunately, they are out numbered for now. Our ass-hole Senator Bill Nelson and Congressmen Alcee Hastings, Debbie Wasserman-Shultz, and Corrine Brown would fit right in in Cali. Texas has a couple as well.

        • This is true and always will be for all states, however their are marginalized, have absolutely nothing in the way of support from the legislature at large and are actually a disadvantage to the people their serve since their anti gun anti freedom stances actually strangle legislation they introduce that is independent of either guns or liberty.

          Note that there are no anti gun bills pending in Texas of Florida. This is because the statistical insignificance of those who would introduce or support them is such that they never make it to a vote.

          Contrast this with California and it’s plain that while Cali is long lost, there are plenty of places (a majority of places in fact) where liberty is the way and these threats are over the horizon distant and not a feature of everyday life.

        • this whole thing is politics. no one, NOT A SINGLE PERSON, reasonably and wholeheartedly believes this crap will ACTUALLY work. its all politics. no one cares though because they got armed guards with p90’s and glocks ALL DAY ERRY DAY. its all an almost well scripted political game.

      • I live in Arizona and if there is one thing Kalifornistan teaches it is that “Eternal Vigilance is the price of freedom” it doesn’t take much to go to hell on the left……

    • I won’t say those nay-sayers did it, but they sure as hell do undermine everything we are fighting for in CA.

      It won’t stop here. Anything that passes here will affect you sooner or later, people.

      • Alpha Geek, such a statement demonstrates a level of misunderstanding of what the people in the rest of the country are like that is only forgivable of someone from California or New York.

        Frankly, quite a lot of us bite our tongues to avoid snappy responses to such insulting statements.

        The fact is that the horror show of statism and progressivism that make up the normal course of California politics are so foreign to the majority of the rest of the country that what you suggest is plainly laughable. Try telling people in Alabama that their daughter will now shower with a boy after PE because the boy says hes a girl.

        Go tell someone in Alaska that they can’t own a certain pistol, and while you’re at it, try the Cali tax code in Florida.

        California is not only lost in terms of liberty and freedom, it’s lost in terms of anything approaching sanity and sustainability fiscally.

        So, the fact is that California politics are no more exportable than it’s tax laws, and that much of the rest of the country has long used California as both the butt of jokes and a real example of how our way is better than the progressive liberal way.

        I feel your pain, but seriously, move out from behind enemy lines. You continue to support the madness with your presence.

        • +1

          That’s why I left. It isn’t just the gun rights. They “balanced” the budget this last election by forcing multiple tax hikes on CS residents. There is no logical reason to assume that because CA has gone so blue that it’s lost its collective mind, that the rest of the country will as well. I didn’t “give up” by moving out of CA. I realized that the bully was going to outnumber us for the foreseeable future and the only way to beat them was through the courts and spending all of my money fighting unconstitutional legislation with the hopes that the next hyper-liberal president won’t have stacked the decks in the courts. Not that CA was going to let me take any of that money home or spend it on anything other than outrageous rents anyways.

        • As a former Bay Area denizen and watcher of history, I really have to agree with Alpha Geek – as Cal goes, more often than not, so goes the Nation.

          I can rattle off a hundred trends (good and bad) and they all took root first in CA. From the anti-gun nonsense of then Governor Reagan to his horrid anti-gun behavior being supported when he made to the White House.

          Coloradans used to think it ‘could never happen here’ and yet…

    • If you don’t believe CA is a lost cause, you’re not paying attention. It seems to me that CA’s millions of gun owners could do the country a lot more good by dispersing to “on the bubble” states and helping tip the scales in our favor there, instead of fighting against an overwhelming, concentrated force in CA. Instead of exporting statist, anti-gun shitheads to places like Oregon and Colorado, you could be exporting pro-gun enthusiasts, and leave the corpse of California to rot in its own filth.

      Let the anti-gunners have California, and it can be a very visible, cautionary example of failure for the rest of the country.

  11. I’m reposting this from the Post ‘will Californians comply. . . ‘ It’s my post and fits just as well here as there.

    Don Quixote had his windmills, and, it seems, you have the California legislature. Don’t get me wrong, I really feel for your situation and wish you all the best, but you’re bailing water with a bucket on the Titanic. The rescue ships have all moved on to thwart the next disaster and no survivors of this one are to be expected anymore.

    All the polemics and jingoism in the world won’t change the fact that what happens in California really cannot spread outside of other liberal bastions. You still have some court challenges that might well slap the Ca legislature back into their senses, but baring that the whole state is a write off.

    Specifically to the concept that what happens there can happen ‘here’, there are large swaths and whole states in this country where the sorts of proposals, firearms related and otherwise, that are the daily fare in California would not only spell political suicide but might prompt recalls.

    The people of California have spoken, again and again. They want disarmament pure and simple. Take your fighting spirit, your money, and retake your liberty somewhere that it is appreciated and may do some good. Colorado comes to mind, though if you’d like to really live in peace, there are other places.

    The very notion that the madness that is California politics may spread to sane places (like my home state of Ohio) is actually insulting to the people who live and vote in those places. This is perhaps why the last of those who would be free in California feel so abandoned. A simple misunderstanding that aside from parts of New England and California itself, such ridiculous laws and inane propositions would be laughable rather than noteworthy. Even the gun banner with the blackest heart would never introduce such bills in the legislature of Texas, or Utah, or Ohio, since it would signal the last election they could ever win.

    That the federal representatives from California are both a constant cause of concern nationally, and such (at least to most of the rest of the country) damnable fools is an embarrassment to all Californians who aren’t in lockstep with their statist, progressive and ultimately totalitarian goals.

    As you beg our assistance from the bastion of progressive statism we beg you, retreat, join us where your efforts can be effective in concert with ours, and turn your back on California because baring an extinction level event, it is truly and forever lost.

    Your continued presence there only validates their direction.

  12. SB 299 (DeSaulnier) Theft or Loss reporting within 7 days – Passed 41-32

    -Shouldn’t people be reporting the theft of their firearms anyways?

    SB 683 (Block) Long gun safety certificate – Passed 44-30

    -They already make us take a 25 question common sense test for pistols.

    SB 475 (Leno) Gun Shows at the Cow Palace – Passed 42-29

    -This required an actual State Bill?

    AB 538 (Pan) California gun registry – Passed 50-23 . . .

    -Aren’t they already doing this? The State already has teams of folks tasked with forcibly removing firearms from those convicted of felonies or domestic violence. They’re using DROS forms to do so.

    SB 363 (Wright) Secured storage – Passed 62-8

    -There’s already a law on the books on storage and a “free” mandatory firearm lock with the purchase of every pistol.

    AB 500 DOJ is now allowed more time to delay delivery of a firearm – Passed 20-14

    -10 days isn’t enough as it is?

    AB 169 (Dickinson) If you own an older hand gun you can no longer sell it or will it to your children – Passed 21-14

    -Makes no sense

    SB 374 (Steinberg) – the Semi-Auto Rifle Ban just passed out of the Assembly – Passed 42 – 30 Abstain 6. It now goes back to the Senate for concurrence and upon approval, will head to the Governor’s Desk.

    -Does it actually change anything that already isn’t LAW? Bullet button, 10 round fixed mags.

    AB 711 (Rendon) which will effectively ban hunting in the state by banning lead ammunition – Passed 44-27.

    -So lead poisoning has only just recently turned its head despite hunters across the globe using lead ammo for the past 300+ years?

    Hmmm….why not just punish the criminals who use firearms to commit crimes? Rob a 7-11 with a firearm…why not tack on a 30 year sentencing enhancement? Pull a drive-by shooting against another gang member, 30 year enhancement. Found in possession of a stolen gun? 30 year sentence enhancement. That would put a real dent in the # of criminals roaming the streets and victimizing what decent folk are left here. Oh wait…..that would increase the # of prison inmates and the state doesn’t have the money to fund what it currently has. They’re releasing felons early or transferring them to local jails which in turn release their own inmates. I guess its easier to create new laws (to show that they’re doing something) and punish decent people rather than targeting the actual known criminals.

    • 299 makes you a criminal if you don’t report the theft. So, if you are out of town for 2 weeks, and your firearms are stolen on the second day, then you are now a criminal.

      683: And? The pistol test should be equally as unconstitutional as the rifle one, and does not justify a new test.

      363: This one, similar to 299, adds criminal liability to the storage laws. So if your firearms are taken by a minor, you can go to jail. The way it is written, you can go to jail is your firearms are stolen by a 17 year old gangbanger, and used in a crime.

      374 changes A LOT. Bullet buttons will no longer make rifles legal. The only legal semiautomatic rifles will have fixed magazines that can’t be removed without disassembling the action, and the fixed magazine must hold 10 rounds or less. So, no more featureless rifles, no more bullet buttons.

      And of course, 711 is based on incorrect “science”.

      • Before this is all over, there will have to be some very serious discussions as to what the bills actually say, not what people seem to think they say. For example, SB 374, while indeed onerous, does not outlaw currently owned “bullet button” rifles; rather it redefines them as “assault weapons” and requires them to be registered by July 2015; but you will get to keep them until you die or transfer it to someone out of state. As it is, ALL long guns purchased after January 1, 2014 will have to be registered, so the main part of 374 is simply a retroactive registration requirement under a very very broad definition of AW. Now where it gets tricky is that , EXISTING law already bans the sale, manufacture or importation of “AWs” as defined by statute so the effect of these new definitions is to ban the in-state sale of virtually all existing semiauto firearms that have a detachable loading device or a tube fed mechanism of greater capacity than ten rounds, including bullet button equipped rifles, after the first of the year. The only semiauto rifles allowed will have internally fixed mags with a capacity of less than ten rounds, such that popular hunting rifles will be exempt. However, among the victims of the bill will be the M1 Garand and the M1 carbine, as both have detachable feeding devices.

        AB169 is also tricky, but it won’t ban the sale of all old handguns, only those that are no longer on the California roster and are not qualified for sale as C&R firearms. It is pretty weird when you parse it out, but so is Dickinson.

        • “Before this is all over, there will have to be some very serious discussions as to what the bills actually say,”

          THAT needed to be done while the bills were on the floor of the legislature. Discussing how the horse got out of the barn does not get him back into the barn.

        • If I’m reading it correctly, just about every semiauto is banned. If you can potentially alter the long gun to accept more than 10 rounds without disabling the action (hammer, firing pin?), then it is illegal.

  13. Under no circumstances should you buy ANYTHING that was made or passed through California. Boycott everything from that state as if it’s radioactive.

    • The only thing that’s going to be “made” in CA in 10 years is welfare claims. I have never once met a business owner in CA who said, “Yes, I’m glad I operate a business in CA. If I had it to do over again, I’d start one right here in the Golden State.” Anything that can be done outside of CA already has been or is being moved there.

      • Apologies for being blunt, but you are both appallingly ignorant of how much of the tech world is based in CA. You literally would not have a functioning Internet if everything designed in CA disappeared tomorrow. Your cars would not start (chips designed here) and your microwave wouldn’t heat your food. No more Apple. No more Google. No more Yahoo. No Facebook. No Cisco. Getting the idea yet?

        Oh, and you’d better start boycotting TV and movies, too.

        • The executives and bigwigs of the tech industry (aka those rich enough to insulate themselves from reality) live and work in California, but more and more of the heavy lifting happens in places like Texas. Most of the film and tv industry does live there, but they just film everything anywhere but California.

        • Uh huh. Interesting theory.

          FYI, I’m one of those tech execs in Silicon Valley. I’m pretty sure I know where work is getting done, and in what proportions.

        • AG, Most folks also have no idea that the internet is held together with bandaids, baling wire, and chewing gum. Or that all the number crunching supercomputers modelling nuclear explosions, predicting the weather and what not, still run on Fortran. They’ve never heard of Dennis Ritchie, and when someone says “Josh Harris” if they think of anyone at all, it’s some fisherman on Deadliest Catch.

          • It surprised me, because I never would have anticipated this, but I totally lost interest in that show after Phil Harris died. And I didn’t even like the guy much at all.

        • Matt – Wasn’t trying to disparage Deadliest Catch, it is good, and the most real of the reality shows. Just that few people remember the first and biggest online live TV/Radio/everything that was Especially from the days when almost everyone (among those who even knew what the web was…) was on dial-up and there were only 2 big services Compuserve and Prodigy.

        • @WB: Phil Harris was a force of nature that was really only truly felt in his absence. I didn’t lose interest when he died, but it did change my watching style. The last couple seasons I’ve not waited breathlessly on each new episode, but rather let them accumulate and blew through 4-6 at a time. It still captivates me.

          And the Time Bandit guys are pirates. Modern day pirates. I love those guys.

  14. I’ve said for years that CA was a total loss..this news just proves it.
    It dies suck for you all.
    Anybody with any sense would have left CA along time ago.

  15. Looks like CA is a lost cause, but I’ll still probably stay here another 3-5 years. During that time, I’ll be making arrangements to leave. The stupidity and statism (same thing?) are truly depressing. Ugh. Best of luck to those who stay and fight with me, and to those who leave for freer places I say Godspeed.

  16. As a former CA citizen, I will never return to the state for any reason. Next they will require people to report to the SS oh I mean state police, when they see a firearm, or know someone who has a firearm.

  17. These assholes just don’t know when to Quit.Oh by the way the Colorado recallers just got their BUTTS kicked out of office for passing the same type of laws……HMMMM?

    • Colorado’s citizens obviously didn’t want it; they ousted their Senators for attempting to pull these stunts.

      However, California’s sheep obviously don’t seem to mind, as they haven’t done anything to really battle against the actions their government is taking. They’re okay with being shepherded, being told what’s good for them and what’s not.

  18. its time to dig a trench around cali and fill it with bull sharks then set up check points and background checks to get the hell out of cali

  19. Byron York, Editor of the Washington Examiner said it correctly. Liberals will pursue any field open to them. The Courts, the bureaucracy, the legislature, the schools to corrupt the young, the media. Whatever field is open to them they will pursue. They have a super majority in both legislative houses for the first time plus Gov. , Jerry Brown.

    27 years ago when we moved here from the midwest, with four small children, CA routinely passed similar inane and likely unenfoceable laws but always had an “Adult in Charge” as Governor, always Republican for some strange reason, and always vetoed.

    1 in 4 in the L.A. basin is illegal alien. Gangs are on the rise there as well as here in N. California. Police forces are shrinking due to budget shortfalls. Prisons are burgeoning. California has more on Public Aid than are working people currently. Public Pensions are out of control, unfunded and on the steepening part of the Curve of liability for payment. Five cities have declared Bankruptcy, so far. Cities like Stockton and now even Lodi have similar crime and murder to Chicago. (It’s not just for Richmond and Oakland anymore)

    Those of us who have raised our kids here, educated at the top Universities, UCLA, CAL etc. are telling our kids to move out and/or not come back. I have 4 kids, plus spouses and have told them all not to come back or to get out. They will pay an extra 10-20% in taxes over their lifetime and deal with the highest real estate costs in the country.

    2 million net OUT migration from California and it’s the young people with families with a lot of high priced education that are leaving. The future productive tax base is leaving California.

    Next door neighbors just sold their house last week, 2 weeks on the market, to mainland Chinese family for Cash, $1 million, the new residents showed up yesterday with a new Audi, new furniture, have a son at CAL, paid cash for that too full price out of state, and asked “how many hours a day the electricity and gas are on by the utilities companies”. They asked that. The woman doesn’t speak a lick of Engrish but the 10 year old daughter does, she translates. Two children family from a country where forced abortion is the method to enforce “the one child policy”. You figure it out.

    Pile on making legal hunters and gun owners defacto criminals. It’s enough.

    This state is Balkanizing and it won’t be pretty when the lid comes off. I love it here and have dedicated 27 years of my life here. We’ll be out to a better place and have a rescue planned for any kids stubborn enough to remain behind.

  20. Right now I’ve got a few words for some of our brothers and sisters in the occupied zone: “the chair is against the wall, the chair is against the wall”, “john has a long mustache, john has a long mustache”.

    • Great RD reference. Some may not know that what was supposed to be Colorado, was mostly shot in and around Las Vegas, NM. Including the high school. A bunch of the high-country vista stuff was shot on the Glorieta Mesa, an enormous mesa between Las Vegas and Santa Fe, which was the site of a Civil War battle….

  21. OK, So, I got a touch bored and did some math.

    California has ≈8,102,845 gun owners, representing 21.3% of the state population. It is surpassed ONLY by Texas at ≈9,355,253 gun owners. The top NINE states by percentage-of-gun-owners are Wyoming (60%), Alaska (58%), Montana (58%), South Dakota (57%), West Virginia (55%), Idaho (55%), Arkansas (55%), and Mississippi (55%). They TOTAL ≈6,243,515 gun owners, COMBINED.

    “Lost cause” seems a bit extreme, considering.

    (P.S. Californian has enough Gun owners to make the 13th largest STATE.)

  22. May have to rent storage in AZ. Yuma is a few hours drive. I assume registration is to lead to confiscation. If I take my offending versions out of state, they can’t get them. Still have a Marlin 30-30, shotguns and three revolvers they don’t seem to be going after yet. It is obviously time to lawyer up to protect our Constitutional rights.

    • By all means remain in hellish Kaliforniageddon, until you have to drive ten hours to fetch a single .22 revolver.

      Would you be receptive to a much more workable suggestion? GTFO.

  23. I’m out of here. Just signed papers on a house in Tennessee and will be gone from Sacramento by the end of October. This is the last straw – I’m not usually one to give up, but sometimes a strategic retreat in order to live and fight another day is what is called for.

  24. “FYI, I’m one of those tech execs in Silicon Valley. I’m pretty sure I know where work is getting done, and in what proportions .Alpha Geek…”

    What’s your point? Various people have pointed out that outside of the High Tech industry, CA. is barren. There is no major auto factory on the west coast anymore, there is little other industry of any sort, and once one leaves the major cities on the coast, it’s fairly obvious that this is a agricultural state. Aside from the tourism on the coast, lower wages prevail, and just like anywhere else in the U.S. the biggest growth industry is the number of people behind bars.
    So, let’s save the condors with BS science, disarm all the law-abiding folks who like to do a bit of real conservationism for recreation,and the high techies can party their a….s off in SF while their companies collaborate with the government and its various spy agencies to watch us. Can we please restore a sense of critical thought and remember that 2 + 2= 4. If the jobs have disappeared, crime and misery will increase, the middle classes will worry about little minor stuff like their “view of the bay” and the rest of us continue to see our democratic rights get taken away. Anti-gun = more power to the state.
    By the way, I don’t give a great god damn whether my neighbors are Chinese and saved some money to have a decent house and standard of living. what does that have to do with anything??

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