Gun Review: Desert Tech HTI

The world comes back into focus; time has started up again. A Desert Tech HTI in .50 BMG is in my hands, and, oh yes, that’s right, I must have just fired it. I’ve been abused by a 20-pound, bolt-action, bullpup rifle spitting out 12,144 ft-lbs of muzzle energy, but with another half-inch projectile going […]

Video Fun With Jeremy and the Desert Tech HTI .50 BMG

Desert Tech loaned me one of their HTI (Hard Target Interdiction) rifles to review. Look for that soon. Spoiler alert: it shoots half-inch pills at half MOA. But I couldn’t hold back from having a little fun with those big ol’ bullets in the meantime. Listed here in the order in which the videos were shot, I […]

Suppressed Barrett Fiddy-Cal – That We Didn’t Shoot

Nick and I spotted this rare beast in the wild at Media Day At The Range, but the headline says it all. We came, we saw, we walked away empty-handed. We were definitely up to the challenge, however. Nick and I both took shots with an absolutely gorgeous (and brutal) Sako .416 Rigby, and a few […]

Gun Review: ArmaLite AR-50 50 BMG Rifle

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: there’s beauty in functionality. If something fulfills a specific purpose and works flawlessly then it’s a work of art. Some might say the ArmaLite AR-50 .50 BMG Rifle is an ugly duckling because of its industrial appearance. To me, it’s a beautiful swan . . .