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The good folks at Gemtech are stepping up their game with their new titanium G-Core silencers.  These solid two-piece cans are the result of tons of research using the latest computational fluid dynamic (CFD) and finite element analysis (FEA) software. While all that may sound rather geeky, the results are hard to beat: tough-as-nails, full-auto rated, user serviceable cans at a reasonable price . . .

Courtesy Joe Grine

Courtesy Joe Grine

When mated to the Nemo Arms Tango 6 (300 Blackout), the barrel/can combination shown above is 13 & 1/2 inches long.  That’s an inch shorter than an standard M-4 barrel, even without a conventional silencer attached. The GMT 300 Blackout  provides 36 -39 dB of sound reduction, and is full-auto rated. Remarkably, it’s hearing safe on the Nemo’s 7.5 inch barrel with PNW 147 grain supersonic and 187 grain Gemtech subsonic loads.  Also, when the Tango 6 is used in conjunction with the GMT 300 BLK, no adjustments are needed to run these two loads.  The .300 Blackout can is screwed opened and closed with the assistance of a common 3/8 inch drive socket.  MSRP is $995.

DSC05739 (2)

Another hot new product is the “Extreme Duty” line of silencers, which is gears towards heavy military use.  At the SHOT show, Gemtech showcased their remarkable GMT 300 Win Mag silencer.  This silencer has been designed to be used in conjunction with the Nemo Arms Recon chambered in .300 Win. Mag. (shown above). This beautiful beast of a gun (shown above) features a 18 inch barrel, which is so short that it creates unique problems for conventional silencers.  According to Gemtech, The GMT 300 Win Mag is the only can on the market that can handle the pressures exerted by the Nemo’s 18 inch barrel.

Equally impressive is the fact that it is rated for sustained full-auto fire.  We’re talking Lone Survivor kind of sustained fire; not just one or two mags at a time.  Sound reduction = 27dB with the Nemo.  The Gemtech GMT .300 Win Mag has been tested and approved by USSOCOM and is currently in operation with various U.S. tippy-spear guys around the world. BTW, can you imagine rocking and rolling with a 300 Win Mag!?!  My wallet hurts at the very thought!  Well, at least the can itself is reasonably priced, with an MSRP of $995.

Courtesy Joe Grine

Gemtech has also begun production on a new line of muzzle brakes.  These brakes are designed by active duty military personnel to work in conjunction with the Halo and Quickmount series of silencers, and are also compatible with blank firing adapters.  These brakes function as a “multi-tool;” they can be used as a carbon cutter to help clean Halo and Quickmount suppressors and they include a breaching tool for glass. You can use a standard 3/4 inch wrench (or even, gasp, a Crescent wrench) to attach and detach the brake from the barrel.

Gemtech is also continuing to produce its traditional line of silencers:

Courtesy Joe Grine

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    • Hassle? I just had a stamp returned to me approved in 87 days…It isn’t too much of a hassle right now with e-filing. As to lists, most of us are so far ON the grid that another addition isn’t likely to change much.

      One can was all it took…hooked for better or worse now.

  1. Isn’t 18 inches short for .300 Winmag?

    Though I am interested in the first one, is the 39 decibel reduction with subsonic ammo or regular.

    • Very short. Considering normal length is 24″. Even if a silencer can take the abuse out of an 18″ 300winmag barrel, it’s lifespan won’t be all that great. Not to mention the lifespan of the barrel itself also.

  2. When is the stupid NFA tax stamp going to go away? Its just RUDE to shoot freaking loud guns, or pay the government a ridiculous amount of money to make them quieter. Just sayin.

  3. If the stamps and nfa rules went away you could buy these for a lot less than a grand. Open the market and ramp up production.

    • Bingo! Seeing suppressors at my outdoor range used to be rare. Now it is almost every time. I’d love to see their use be routine. I am particularly sensitive to the blast and noise from handguns – I just cannot shoot on an indoor range because of that, even though I use both ear plugs AND decent ear muffs. Granted, I don’t spend hundreds of dollars on fancy noise cancelling devices because I cannot afford them.

      I would love to see the day arrive when someone shows up to the range with whatever hand or shoulder-fired cannon they chose to use that is unsuppressed and the people around think, “how rude!” Cannot happen soon enough for me. Make suppressors legal everywhere.

  4. Got to play with a GMT-HALO a while back and don’t understand why this can isn’t getting more press. It’s an excellent can that weighs nothing and sounds great. I shot it on my 11″ SBR and it was very comfortable to shoot without ear protection.

  5. I’ve been running a Liberty Mystic since early last summer, and thought I’d mention it here because it has an MSRP of $750 and will handle 300 blk, hearing safe, supersonic and subsonic, full auto rated as well, but also has swappable mounts so you can run it on a 9mm pistol or 9mm carbine (full auto, of course), .223, any rimfire, and literally dozens and dozens of other calibers and firearm combos: …not the smallest or lightest, no. It is one of the very quietest. Obviously the selling point for me was one $200 tax stamp, one 9-11 month wait, and a can that I can use on a ridiculous number of firearms. And easy to take apart with no tools. Cleanable in an ultrasonic tank. Etc etc. So far so good. Not that these G Core ones aren’t badass looking, ‘cuz they most certainly are.

    • Too bad I can’t have them. Ironically, the countries with the best suppressor laws can’t get some of the best ones, because they are made in the USA.

      Solution is usually to get a machinist friend and copy existing designs (or just buy a regular can).

      • Did you know the price of a small mill or lathe (depending on if you want a monolithic can or not) run a bit CHEAPER than a good suppressor?

        Just sayin…

  6. That is one smokin looking rifle, the kyptek is starting to grow on me. Really want to start trying to a can …

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