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Galco holsters new GLOCKS (courtesy

Despite the GLOCK 42’s relatively portly dimensions, the Austrian outfit’s selling their new .380 as the ultimate concealed carry gun. To back up the not-quite-a-backup-gun’s pitch, GLOCK’s worked with the leather lovers at Galco to ready holsters for the pistols’ release. Buyers looking to carry the something-less-than-entirely-diminutive GLOCK 42 can choose between four Galco carry systems: the Classic Lite, Pocket Protector, Stow-N-Go and Walkabout (nothing to do with Nick Roeg’s classic Australian flick of the same name). Moving from the almost-sublime to the not-entirely-ridiculous, Galco offers GLOCK 41 carriers ten options: the 3H, J1H, Jackass Rig, Jak Slide, M7X Matrix, Miami Classic, Miami Classic II (everything to do with the 80’s police show of the same name), Quick Slide, Silhouette and Yaqui Slide. We’ll see how concealable these bad boys are at SHOT.

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  1. Hopefully, the 9mm on the 42 size frame is right around the corner…

    I like the Shield, but the external safety is a big detractor for me, been keeping me from pulling the trigger on one, pun intended.

  2. They actually made a POCKET holster for the 42?!?!
    I feel for the guy who seriously thinks hes going to pocket carry that

  3. The .380 G42 is even bigger than the 9mm Kahr PM9, which isn’t exactly a pocket pistol. And it has the same capacity as the smallest .380 on the market, the Kahr P380, which is miles smaller than the G42 in every dimension. I’m not sure who this pistol is aimed at… I was disappointed to say the least.

  4. Hi. I’ve got a pm 9 and about to get a g42. The 42 is basically the same size as the pm9. Less recoil, cheaper, dependable (we’ll see) don’t have to shoot all the “break-in” (I’ve got some arthritis) ammo. To me, a Seecamp, which I have, is a true pocket pistol not these, but with the right pockets the 42 can be deployed just as quickly and for me, also, fun to shoot at the range. thanks

  5. Steve – agree about the seecamp and also about the fun of the 42 – and, you don’t have to be thinking – “gee, they tell me I should replace springs every 20 rounds.”

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