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A lot of the fun in designing firearms is just making a gun that looks cool. And in places like New York and California, that’s damn near impossible thanks to their ludicrously restrictive laws (which don’t stop crime and don’t save lives). Now, though, Plinker Arms is looking to solve that situation by introducing a 10-round magazine that looks like a 30-rounder. It’s the magazine equivalent of putting a fake silencer on your rifle, but there’s no doubt that it’ll look cool in the process. Presser after the break . . .

CORNELIUS, NC (January 2014) – Plinker Arms, LLC, makers of American-made firearms magazines, accessories and components, answers the call for firearms enthusiasts everywhere with the new Response Magazine; a magazine with the look and performance of a MIL-SPEC 30-round magazine but with the capacity of only 10-rounds.

The Response Magazine is a dedicated 10-round capacity AR .556 magazine that gives the appearance and feel of a full capacity magazine. The Response magazine is constructed of highly durable, long-fiber polymer that makes the magazine solvent and corrosion resistant. The magazine springs are stainless steel for long life and durability.

The Plinker Arms Response Magazines are legal in MA, NY, CT, MD, NJ, CO and CA. They are the first and only option for serious enthusiasts that refuse to compromise on the experience but must respect state laws. MSRP $14.00.

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  1. So… you have a legal magazine that will get you harassed by every cop, deputy and fed who sees you, and also prevents you from shooting prone to boot. Where do I pre-order?

    • I suspect they’ll sell a fair amount of these in the affected states; as per the article, there is a market for fake silencers, and the same objections (other than shooting prone) apply to those as well.

        • Until they get banned for “looking scary”

          There are laws that outlaw Airsoft “weapons” for just that reason.

        • @Hal J: Yep. Same as in NYC where there is no apparent distinction between an airsoft toy and a real gun. I’m still trying to figure out how they do that with the NYC Administrative Code’s definition of “firearm”.

    • The cops I know here in CA couldn’t care less about your magazine. They aren’t interested in figuring out whether its pre-ban or post-ban. So, no you won’t get hassled if they happen to see it at the range with you, or if you get stopped on the way to the range.

      However, the cops I’ve talked to have only used it to pile on additional charges against gangbangers they arrest for other reasons.

    • Not all cops harass people over things like these. As Ramithorne would say, “Don’t lump me in with that animal.”

    • Ah but if magazines like this are popular, there will be no reasonable suspicion to detain someone based on how long a magazine looks to be 🙂

      • Due to the NFA, never. Anything with a rifled barrel bore over .50 is consdered a destructive device. It would be a commercial failure.

        • Out of curiosity…how do double rifles chambered for cartridges such as .600 Nitro Express get around the NFA rules?

        • Contrary to popular belief, having a rifled barrel is not in the definition of destructive device. The only reason that 10, 12, 16, 20, and 28 gauge shotguns and shells are legal is because the Attorney General finds them to be “generally recognized as particularly suitable for sporting purposes.” At any time, the AG can find that a shotgun has no sporting purpose, and it becomes an instant DD. Which is what famously happened to the Streetsweeper and USAS shotguns.

          I can’t actually find an exemption for large bore double rifles in 26 U.S.C. § 5845, other than the broad phrase at the end “The term destructive device shall not include any device which … the Secretary [now Attorney General] finds is not likely to be used as a weapon, or is an antique or is a rifle which the owner intends to use solely for sporting purposes.”

          Apparently, the Attorney General finds that the owners of large bore double rifles intend to use them solely for sporting purposes. Long range .55 precision rifle? I guess not.

        • Try as I may, I can never find that “sporting purposes” clause anywhere in the constitution.

  2. How sad that there’s a market for this product.

    Luckily, even though I’m in one of the targeted states (Colorado), I had the foresight to stock up on dozens of grandfathered PMAGs.

    Until those are also outlawed, anyway…

  3. Okay,

    A) I think some other manufacturers already do this

    B) there’s a real advantage to a standard length mag in terms of reloading ergonomics.

  4. a magazine with the look and performance of a MIL-SPEC 30-round magazine

    Hmmm….doesn’t a 10 round magazine not have the performance of a 30 round magazine, by definition?

  5. I find it sad that products like this have a market. Where is the push back from our representatives in government that will stand up and say that the 2nd amendment (along with all other amendments to the constitution) mean exactly what they say?

    • Where is the push back

      Well, there’s been some push back in Colorado; two state senators have been recalled, and one other has chosen to resign rather than be recalled.

      That having been said, I’m still shocked to see such civilian disarmament measures in the Centennial State.

      • To clarify, I’m talking about our elected representative not just voting against these measures when they come up, but introducing countermeasures to ensure freedom. Instead, especially on the federal level, the same politicians stay away from the 3rd rail politics to save their hides.
        I am quite impressed with the citizens of Colorado and hope in the upcoming elections that all US politicians heed their warning.

        • To clarify, I’m talking about our elected representative not just voting against these measures when they come up, but introducing countermeasures to ensure freedom.

          As a practical matter, there’s not much point unless pro-gun politicians (Republicans, for the most part) control the legislature in question. Even then, it might not make a difference. Example: In Colorado, Democrats control both the state House & Senate as well as the governorship. Unless Republicans take control of all three of those this coming November (unlikely at best), the chances of any civilian disarmament measures being repealed is virtually nil.

        • Hal J. wrote, “Unless Republicans take control of all three of those this coming November (unlikely at best), the chances of any civilian disarmament measures being repealed is virtually nil.”

          The Republicans in Colorado should introduce counter measures today since the 2014 elections are only months away. Any legislator or senator who votes against the counter measures will do it knowing that they will most likely loose their seat in November. Three have already lost their seats. They know that more will lose their seats.

          And if there Democrats decide to hold up the counter measures in committee to avoid a vote on the floor, they will do so knowing that it will most likely cost them their seats as well. But the key to all of this is that liberty minded politicians (whether Republican or Democrat) need to move now.

        • The Republicans in Colorado should introduce counter measures today since the 2014 elections are only months away. Any legislator or senator who votes against the counter measures will do it knowing that they will most likely loose their seat in November.

          If I’m not mistaken, the three senators who were removed were targeted specifically because they were considered vulnerable. There are districts in Colorado (Denver & Boulder come to mind) where Democratic politicians are absolutely safe, regardless (and perhaps because) of any votes for civilian disarmament.

          That having been said, your overall point stands; attempting repeal of these measures could indeed put pressure on the some of the Leftists.

        • Colorado got screwed up by all my fellow Californians leaving the mess that is California. Then voting exactly the same way in Colorado they had in CA– the exact same type of idiots that made CA a place they didn’t want to live. Clueless fools who couldn’t admit to themselves that they were responsible for the mess they were running from.

          Sorry Colorado. And for you folks in part of Texas having to put up with it as well.

  6. That’s sad. A dude in a dress is not a woman no matter how tightly he’s tucked.

    Best use I can see for them is to be left about town to cause the PD’s to waste their time and money running to and fro collecting little plastic boxes up. Bleed the beast by means of their own stupidity.

  7. But where can I buy a 30-round magazine that is externally indistinguishable from a 10-rounder? THAT I would be interested in.

  8. Oh god – the range nazis will be all over this one.

    Too many guys with no authority at the gun club already want to give their $.02 about what configurations are legal. This will only make it worse.

  9. You know what we need now? We need Plinker Arms to make an actual 30 round magazine that looks identical to their 10 round magazine pictured above. (Alternatively, Magpul could make a 10 round magazine that looks identical to their 30 round magazines.) Then, we assemble 20,000 people at Sacramento, Denver, or even Washington D.C. and all those people wave a magazine in the air. Keep in mind that some magazines could be 10 round magazines and some could be 30 round magazines. There would be no way to know without actually handling one and checking its part number or actually loading it.

    Think about that. Talk about a massive expression of civil disobedience. More importantly, it would be a huge positive public relations move for the gun rights crowd and a massive negative public relations move for the gun grabbers. What are the gun grabbers going to do? Send in the police to try and detain 20,000 people to inspect all 20,000 magazines? Then what? Arrest thousands of people for holding a piece of plastic with a spring in it? Better yet, as soon as the police start moving in, everyone drops their magazines on the ground and kicks them. At that point there is no way to prove whether someone was holding a 10 round “legal” magazine or a 30 round “illegal” magazine.

    I cannot think of a better way to illustrate how arbitrary and silly the laws are regarding 10 round magazines. And what politician would want to be responsible for the arrest of thousands of people whose “crime” was holding a piece of plastic with a spring? It would be $14 well spent.

    • I like this I am Spartacus approach! We could take it on the road in the occupied states, imagine the turnout. And there would have to be police there due to the fact that scary mags will be there.

      • Sounds like a fun trip for late Spring!

        It would be really nice if Plinker Arms made a reduced price version (with no spring or floor plate) just for the demonstrations. Now that would be incredible marketing for Plinker Arms … or Magpul if they decided to join the fray.

    • Wait, I thought that David Gregory already did that and the D.C. police said it was ok to have 30 round mags in Washington D.C……

      • Yes, the District Attorney in D.C. said David Gregory was good to go because David is a member of the Communist propaganda machine it did not serve the public interest to prosecute him. It would be interesting to hear what the D.C. District Attorney would say about 20,000 protestors some of whom possessed “illegal” 30 round magazines.

        • Of course by “not serving the public interest” he means that Gregory’s corporate supplied legal team would shred the law and it might very well be declared unconstitutional if that happened and we wouldn’t want that to happen now would we?

  10. Supply meeting demand and all that. I also hope it forces people to question the efficacy of the stupid laws, hopefully if enough busy bodies and po-pos waste their time chasing down dangerous super mega capacity plastic boxes only to discover that they are simply “normal” capacity plastic boxes they will realize the futility of their Quixotic campaign. Or more likely they will ban anything that “looks” like the aforementioned scary box. That is why airsoft is outlawed in OZ. Statists are as stupid does.

      • Apparently in Victoria they are outlawed because there are “no approved ranges”. Of course, to have an approved range you need to write the standards for it and then have someone sink the capital and wait for a market to spring out of nowhere. Not gunna hold my breath.

  11. One of the 2013 Laws proposed by the loonies in the California State Legislature would have banned magazines that complied with State Regulated 10 rounfd maximum (for new magazines), but looked like a larger magazine. This got defeated last year, but will, no doubt come-up again in 2014. This law would also have outlawed previously “grandfathered” larger than 10 Round Capacity Magazines.
    So, I would not encourage any Californian to go buy these things, but spend the $$ this year to get the frakking Democrats out of Sacramento.

  12. Until they get banned for “looking scary”

    There was a proposed law last year in California that was to make mags that had the ‘look’ that it could take a capacity of more than 10 rds illegal.

  13. As an upstate NY (real upstate, as in the ADK park, not Albany) resident, I could not see myself buying into this. I’ve removed the muzzle brake (not “break” as stated in the un SAFE act) and put on a featureless stock so that my AR is now the equivalent (in the eyes of NY penal code) granpa’s old hunting rifle and thus, as a featureless AR does not require registration. why would any sane person want to put a faux 30 round magazine on their AR and draw attention to themself? its beyond logic. As a young man I had an encounter with the NYS po po one time (non gun related) and although i was not in violation of any laws, the works of the officer stucke with me “what you’re doing son is not illegal, but you have my attention”. Personally, i don’t want their attention and this faux magazine screams out for your un-informed neighbors to call the po po (thanks to the NYS snitch program of “if you see something, say something”) and the accompanying (up to) $500 reward if you say something and it results in a firearms conviction. not worth the aggravation.

    • Continually trying to fly under the radar may keep you legal…but it diminishes the clout of firearms owners, and makes it easier to marginalize them. Strange, the left promotes minority rights, except when dealing with those cherishing their enumerated 2nd Amendment rights, a minority group by the left’s own propaganda.
      Kudos to the Detroit police chief, calling for all citizens to get handguns and permits to conceal. He said it will help the police, the deterrent will reduce crime. He even detailed how and why, amazing to see a big city chief who really gets it.

    • I can respect that position. The fact that these mags are around could do a lot to decrease what the police can investigate based on the looks of one, though, so it could be a win if your neighbors want to use them.

  14. Perhaps they can also manufacture stock & pistol grip combinations that use transparent lexon or acrylic to fill the space between pistol grip and stock so people in the ‘slave states’ can have an AR that looks ‘normal’ without violating the law.

  15. Looks like they’ve just invented the firearms equivalent of stuffing your underwear. They must be so proud…

  16. I guess the same “fake out” demonstration could be easily staged with 50 Beowulf mags. Not only do they look just like 30 rounders, functionally they are very similar as well. Might have to keep your purchase receipt handy in that case.

  17. They are the first and only option for serious enthusiasts that refuse to compromise on the experience but must respect state laws. MSRP $14.00.


    Neither the first nor only option.

    You can buy PMgas and Lancer 30 round magazines that have been pinned to 10 rounds.

    In fact, Smith and Wesson AR-15s usually come with such a pinned 30 round PMag.

    I must have 25 or so such magazines. You can even get them where there have a built in tool to manipulate the California Bullet button.

    • My apology. I should have deleted this. We have friends behind enemy lines and much of this is beyond their vote/ability to prevent at this time. I wouldn’t want to have to leave my home state because the politicians went full liberal retard on the latest media meme’. I would want to be able to stay and fight back (legally, politically of course) to try to have the unconstitutional law thrown out. So my sincere apologies for anyone behind enemy lines. You are not a nanny-stater because your state went nanny. You are a free man/woman living in a slave state and you need to stay and fight for your freedom, and we should be right beside you.

  18. We already have 10/30’s and 10/20’s as we call them. These people are very late to the game here. My LGS will sell me Magpul’s. 30 rd body, but blocked to 10rds.

    Any reason to favor these Johnny come lately’s?


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