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Battle Arms Development makes some great products. Now they’re offering a new enhanced lower parts kit, featuring an extended bolt catch, safety selector, and single-sided magazine catch. Here are some details:


Enhanced Bolt Catch (BAD-EBC-IC), which is a cost friendly alternative, without sacrificing the quality for your AR build! The AR-15 Cast Enhanced Bolt Catch is 8620 heat treated cast steel with a manganese phosphate black finish. With this upgrade you have a versatile modular design, enhanced control surfaces, lightweight engineering, and better ergonomics.

  • Lightweight but Robust Design 0.39oz
  • Compatible with Norgon Ambi-Catch Without Interference
  • Raised “T-Shaped” Heel Provides Positive and Distinctive Control Surface for Bolt Lock Back
  • Bold Horizontal and Diagonal Serrations Provides Positive Purchase

Enhanced Single Sided Safety Selector (BAD-E4S-IC) for the AR15 Style Rifles.

  • Based on our famous BAD-ASS Ambidextrous Safety Selector with distinctive and diagonal serrations.
  • Single Side Safety Selector (0°-90° SEMI AUTO)
  • Fit all Mil-Spec Dimensioned AR-15 Lower Receiver
  • Black Phosphate Finish
  • Investment Cast 8620 Heat Treated Steel
  • MADE IN U.S.A.

Enhanced Magazine Catch – BAD-EMC-IC

  • Process: Investment Cast (Same Process as Mil-Spec)
  • Material: 8620 Heat Treated Steel Finish: Black Phosphate Finish
  • Construction: One Piece Engineering (Not Two-Piece)
  • Design: Lightweight Fluted Design
  • Compatibility: Compatible with Mil-Spec Magazine Release Button, BAD-EMR, BAD-EMMR, etc.
  • Length: Shorter Threaded Pin to Reduce Installed Magazine Button Profile of Solid Face Magazine Release Buttons
  • Weight: 0.25 oz (v.s. 0.32 oz Mil-Spec)‌

At a penny over $24.99 they’re not cheap but quality is rarely cheap. If you want one for your next build click here.

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  1. How is this a lower parts kit? All I see are a bolt catch, safety selector and mag catch. There are a hell of a lot more components in an lpk…

    • I agree Indy Jones. Didn’t even show the parts installed to get a better idea on how they look. TTAG should just label these articles as ads and be done with it.

      • We do label sponsored content. This is not sponsored content. We get paid nothing for this post.

        • You do get paid. You drove eyes to advertisers by those who clicked on this story in hopes that there would be pics and opinions. Heck if you hang out at the LGS with your camera, you could knock off a hundred of these kinds of useless posts a day.

    • You should. This “article” is nothing more than a Battle Arms Development press release. It’s not even a “Lower Parts Kit,” as the industry knows it.

  2. Now, I just finished a lower with Seekins Precision’s parts kit, and that actually has everything but a trigger. Except it needs one more set screw for the ambi safety. If I thought BAD had a complete kit, I might have gotten it instead.

    Really, for all the little upgrades people do on their ARs, I’m surprised there aren’t more kits that are “upgraded from the start”.

  3. “At a penny over $24.99 they’re not cheap”
    The linked BAD page price for this is $35.00

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