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Boltaron seems to be the new hotness in holster materials. And that’s partially due to hotness. A number of makers have come out with Boltaron holsters recently, and that’s at least partially due to the material’s greater resistance to heat.

Texas-based JM4 Tactical combines the thermoformed polymer material with an internal layer of steer hide. That makes it easier on your pistol’s finish and quieter when drawing and re-holstering.

We have the IWB model in our hot little hands right now, so look for a review soon. In the mean time, here’s their press release . . .

JM4 Tactical Sews Molded Boltaron Polymer To Hermann Oak Leather

Creates Revolutionary New, Quiet Concealed Carry Gun Holster

Abilene, Texas — JM4 Tactical is proud to announce the release of their brand new patent pending gun holster: Reliable, Easy, Light, Individual, Carry, otherwise known as “RELIC.” RELIC revolutionizes concealed carry in that it adds the quiet delicateness of leather to a strong molded polymer called Boltaron.

JM4 Tactical uses a proprietary holster forming technology that allows them to combine these two, otherwise incompatible materials, to make one of the quietest, most durable gun holsters ever made.

Proudly made in the United States of America with massive support for hundreds of different gun models, JM4 Tactical is set to revolutionize the concealed carry world, yet again. And, they will do so with the launch of four different RELIC models:

  • Appendix
  • Tuckable IWB
  • Hybrid
  • Paddle

Each model takes US-Manufactured Boltaron Polymer, and sews Hermann Oak Grade A U.S. Steerhide to the interior of the shell that not only protects the gun’s finish from harsh plastics, but also allows for quiet drawing and re-holstering.

Chad, co-owner of JM4 Tactical had this to say about why RELIC Holsters use both leather and the US made polymer known as Boltaron, “We have determined 3 major issues with traditional plastic holsters: deformation and cracking due to extreme temperatures, damage to the firearm due to the hard plastic, and they are just rather loud when holstering and unholstering the firearm. The RELIC Holster solves all of these problems.”

The new RELIC Holsters are now available in JM4 Tactical’s online store, and prices start at $94.97 for the Appendix, Tuckable IWB, and Paddle models, with the Hybrid coming in at $139.97.

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  1. I’ll have to try there hybrid, I’ve been a cloaktuck fan for awhile, there first rendition is the best IMO

  2. I’m no marketing genius but RELIC doesn’t exactly have a new cool tactical cutting edge feeling about it.

    Glad they have not come out with a “Durable Economical And Discrete” holster

  3. “…and they are just rather loud when holstering and unholstering the firearm”

    Maybe I’m just out of the loop here but I haven’t really noticed this and even if it’s completely true, why exactly is it a problem?

    I like the idea of leather lined holsters but I just don’t seen noise during holstering/drawing as much of a consideration for anyone other than assassins and SOF folks.

  4. Wait a minute……..I just bought one of these hybrid holsters at the Saxet Gun show in Robstown TX last Saturday at the Tucker and Byrd booth for my 1911 makers mark was Tucker and Byrd. Ahhh whatever it’s a great holster, on the way home I was having buyers remorse having never spent that much money on a hybrid but after a week’s worth of wearing it I can honestly say this is the best hybrid holster I have ever worn. Money well spent and I always enjoy that every sale is completed with a hardy handshake and a thank you from the folks at their booths. The gentleman did inform me that this was a brand new design and just coming on the market so I may have been one of the first buyers as I noticed folks were looking at the holster a lot but not stepping up at the price. Having bought Tucker and Byrd products before I knew that they are a top notch quality maker so decided to give it a try based on previous product satisfaction.


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