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Trulock Predator Choke (courtsey

Coyotes are fair game. People who terminate coyotes (with extreme, if stealthy prejudice) in open terrain tend to use rifles in the ever-popular .223 caliber. That said, a deer rifle will also git ‘er done. But when you’re hunting in thick timber or in the dead of night, a shotgun is your ballistic BFF. Trulock’s presser [after the jump] warns aspiring “song dog” hunters that taking aim at 40 yards or more that 00 buck ain’t it. “Depending on the shotgun make, No. 4 buck, No. 2 buck or T shot paired with the new Predator Choke will put the largest number of pellets at higher energy into that same animal at that same distance.” Their new made-in-the-USA performance-guaranteed Coyote Choke is one of 2k shotgun chokes they offer to the general public. We’ll secure a sample for our Jon Wayne Taylor and see what he makes of it. Watch this space . . .

Whigham, GA -( There is ‘coyote ugly’ and then there is ‘coyote perfect,’ which is what the new Trulock Predator shotgun choke is when it comes to knocking down song dogs.

When the goal is to cleanly kill a 40- or 50-pound coyote with a shotgun at 40 yards, you need a tight pattern with some knockdown power. That’s what the new Predator Choke from Trulock delivers.

The Predator Choke embodies all the tight patterning attributes of Trulock’s proven turkey and waterfowl chokes. Trulock recommends that the individual predator hunter spend some time patterning his or her shotgun with different loads to figure out what load will deliver the greatest knockdown punch at common distances for shooting varmints.

Contrary to what some beginning predator hunters might think, 00 buckshot is usually not a good coyote load no matter what choke you use. With 00, you have big pellets, but just nine of them, and unless you’re at extreme close range, you’re not likely to deliver a killing dose of them at longer range. Just a 40-yard shot can result in missing the canine varmint altogether or just putting a pellet or two into the dog’s outer extremities.

Depending on the shotgun make, No. 4 buck, No. 2 buck or T shot paired with the new Predator Choke will put the largest number of pellets at higher energy into that same animal at that same distance.

George Trulock, founder of Trulock Chokes, says the most important thing hunters can do to ensure accuracy is to pattern their shotguns from a distance similar to the anticipated hunting situation.

Any Trulock Extended Choke Tube, including the Predator Choke, is known as a superior product and made by a company known for superior service. The staff at Trulock Chokes prides itself on providing excellent service and an excellent line of products.

Trulock offers the same guarantee for the Predator as the company does with all their chokes-improved shotgun performance, absolutely guaranteed. If you don’t like the choke tube, return it within 60 days from the invoice date for an exchange or refund. With other companies, the moment you open it, you own it. That’s not so with Trulock. That’s how confident they are that you will absolutely love your new choke tube.

The superior products and service by the staff at Trulock Chokes has made the Georgia-based company an industry leader. Trulock now produces more than 2,000 different choke tubes.

For more information and to order online, visit, or call Trulock Chokes at (800) 293-9402.

About Trulock Chokes

The staff at Trulock Chokes prides itself on providing excellent service and an excellent line of products. In the event you are not completely satisfied with your purchase you can return it for a refund or exchange within 60 days from the date of purchase – with other firms, the moment you open it, you own it.

For more information, please visit

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  1. My buddy told me he shot a coyote with a .243 from about 200yards in Kankakee,Co, Illlinois. Lots of vermin down there. Sounds pretty hard with a shotgun(Jerry Michulek could probably get one from 500yards lol).

  2. Last coyote I shot was 30 yards from the front door. My oldest and I were walking out to set an electronic call up when I just mouth called a howl. We heard her call back, from behind us. As in, she stayed low and hidden by the house while we walked right past her. Sneaky. #4 would have been a much better choice shooting that close to the house than the .556.
    I’m intrigued, to say the least, about a 40 yard lethal shot from #4.

  3. Slick. I’ve had a set of Trulock extended chokes on my O/U for years and they’re pretty dang nice. They made a legit improvement in patterning over the factory chokes, actually, even against the factory unit of the same restriction.

  4. Hmmm. Most coyotes seen in SoCal are crossing the street in the suburbs with the neighbors house cat or shitz-poo for dinner. I’d only give them a slow clap, even if shooting firearms in an incorporated area were not illegal.

    Out in the country, they are pretty shy, not likely to be found inside 40 yards.

  5. Sounds like Jon Wayne Taylor drew the short straw since his shoulder will take a pounding! Those loads are nearly as hard kicking as slugs, nah, not really shotguns are OK for most people, just teasing him in advance.

    Those damn ‘yotes are greedy too. As I was finishing up field dressing a deer here comes Wylie Coyote running full bore towards me drawn by the blood scent. We swapped stares for a second and he tried to hi-tail it out of there. He stopped with a slug parting him back to front.

    I agree Trulocks are very good patterning tubes, I rank them as good as Brileys. I despise those flush fitting tubes by anybody, always liked the originals, the Win-Chokes with the knurled extension from way back in the 70’s I think…

  6. I would say that I would use #4 buck in a 41 pellet 3 inch mag for yotes. Hopefully, you can find the Federal plated and buffered shot.

    My 870 20 inch barrel will put 5 out of 8 OO pellets at 50 yards using a Kick’s Vortex Modified. Yes, I realize that it sounds crazy, but it took about 6 weeks and 12 boxes of buckshot using 5 different chokes to find a good combination. The shells are the Federal Flightcontrol 8 pellet 00 buck.

  7. Carlson’s was building one like this for awhile. I think they stopped making them last I saw they were on clearance for $24. Be sure to use 3 1/2 inch shells for the “extra” long range…… I recently tested 8 different turkey loads from a 12 ga coach gun (stoeger BOOMSTICK). When I say tested I mean like 30+ shells of 3 inchers. Brused my face,Middle finger and shoulder. It’s like fighting a mule that knows karate.

  8. Trulock is the epitonomy of a great made in America company. If you are shotgunner, give them your business. Not only do they make great products, but stand behind them 100%. All the tubes I shoot are Trulock, and with great satisfaction

    • Agreed. I have around 15 of their tubes for my shotguns. Most are doubles, for my O/U, the rest are for my waterfowl guns.


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