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Crack (courtesy

Every now and then we stumble upon a story of an irresponsible gun owner who comes clean. The miscreant admits the four-rule firearms folly that led to his or her negligent discharge. These mea culpas are the exception to the rule. While the cause of gun safety would be well served by NDers putting their hands up (so to speak), most irresponsible gun owners know that telling the truth about their gun safety violation could land them in considerable legal difficulty. Here’s a refreshingly honest case [via] that gives a full accounting of how things went badly, ballistically wrong. Or does it . . .

A man said he accidentally shot himself when a gun he bought in the street jammed.

Police met up with the 36-year-old after he showed up at Miami Valley Hospital Saturday afternoon, according to the Dayton police report.

He was treated for a gunshot wound to his upper left arm. He told police it happened in a creek area off Norris Drive, according to the report.

The man reported he went there to test fire a gun he had bought from a man named, “Crack Head Dave,” according to the report.

The gun jammed on him, and it discharged as he worked to dislodge the bullet, according to the report.

Police said the man reported he threw the gun into the creek and had his wife drive him to the hospital.

Officers never found the gun and police did not pursue charges.

I wonder how hard it is to find someone – some one – named Crackhead Dave in Dayton Ohio.

Anyway, remember this simple lesson, fellow gun owners: when a gun jams, wait a minute with the firearm pointed in a safe direction. KEEP the gun pointed in a safe direction as you work to clean the malfunction. Otherwise there could be some IGOTD hardware in your future.

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    • Noooope. All unverifiable info. While it may sound like he’s “coming clean” the reality is probably that this is the lesser evil story compared to the real one, which probably involved more serious crimes.

      • I sort of buy it, though I’m pretty sure he threw the gun away because he knew there were other crimes attached to it. He may have gotten it for his own nefarious purposes naturally, but a guy I worked with years ago, who was a fairly active gang member told me about how the street gun thing works. The cheaper the gun, the more “history” it has.

    • The man attempted armed robbery, and was shot. The intended victim walked away and did not seek trouble for himself by reporting it to the jackass cops. The perp was punished enough by being shot, made up a story. Where is the story? Why is anyone surprised?

  1. I’d believe it considerably more if the wound was from a high speed casing rather than the bullet. On the flip side, he could’ve been handed a firearm in a different caliber than he was told. Given the number of times I’ve had people seriously ask if certain cartridges interchange…

    • According to several police insiders, well over half the guns recovered from criminals are either partially or fully inoperable, or loaded with the wrong ammunition.

  2. Or just dont do drugs… That works too. This just sounds like a good cover for a drug deal gone bad. Remember: In the hood, snitches get stitches…

    • Don’t say that on this board, you’ll the the pro-drugs types telling you that no one would be addicted to drugs or do stupid things on drugs if they were all legal. The moment that drugs become legal, all chemical reactions to them in the brain vanish, except for the fun part. Crack heads, meth fiends, lazy stoners, would all vanish over night.

    1. drop magazine
    2. position barrel firmly and squarely against weak side bicep
    3. depress trigger rearward until expected result is achieved

    • Step 4: If jam still not cleared, continue to pull trigger while attempting to visually confirm by staring down the barrel via the muzzle end.


  4. If it was one of us, throwing the gun in the river would be considered proof of a prohibited purchase. “Burner,” they would call it, with a straight face even. As if we left our families and jobs to join the crips.

  5. All the crazy stuff happens here when I go home for the weekend.

    Although, I’ll say: I can’t completely blame the guy for going to a random park to “test-fire” the gun. Ranges are few and far-between up here on the north side (Troy/Sidney).

    • Well, of course he needed to “test-fire” it, since he was involved with armed robbery at the time, but he lost!

    • It’d be about an hour drive, but Spring Valley Wildlife Area has a decent range. Though, with the shortest useable pistol range being about 15 yds, as I recall, it’s not exactly great if you’re wanting to test a compact pistol.

  6. Come ON. Can any of you REALLY tell me you wouldn’t buy a gun from a guy named crackhead dave, just so you could tell people you buy your guns from crackhead dave?

    I mean, the only thing better is if you could buy from Tyrone Biggums. And get a picture with him.

  7. But he had his crank smoking device in the other hand.. there was no where to set it down, a failed attempt at a one handed rejack was the only way!

  8. I wonder how hard it is to find someone – some one – named Crackhead Dave in Dayton Ohio.

    Not too hard. The whole city is just a dump.

  9. If the antis or CNN etc… pick this up true or not this idiot will be paraded as a reason to ban private sales or require an NICS for everything. Don’t know about Dayton but we bought some tax sale houses in Youngstown. If Crackhead Dave came up to me I could believe it, actually traded 2 houses for an NFA item properly papered 1928 Thompson for $4800 plus stamps & fees. Best deal I ever made on a joke bet. Friend bet me I could not find a house for under $10k like the t.v. shows, got 3 for a lot less.

  10. Crackhead Dave…was he one of the idiots who crashed the NSA? Dressed up as a chick?

  11. “I wonder how hard it is to find someone – some one – named Crackhead Dave in Dayton Ohio.”

    Have you been to Dayton? I would be incredibly surprised if there aren’t at least a dozen Crackhead Daves running around that town…

  12. They should have checked the guy with the gunshot wound for crack. That is the dumbest story ever. And the cops believed him ? Wow, how gullible are they ? BTW, didn’t this guy admit to buying an illegal gun from a drug addict ? No criminal record for the purchaser? Sounds like he admitted to something against the law. Quite a few things about this seem very fishy.

  13. Having just left Dayton today, this doesn’t surprise me. The suburbs around the city are wonderful but spend 5 minutes in the West or East sides of town and you be glad that you have your CCW.

  14. Second only to Florida Man, Ohio Man strikes again.

    And you don’t truly live in a shithole until your town actually has someone known as ‘Crackhead Dave’ (or Pete).

  15. Kinda reminds me of a story about my grandfather…

    When he was in grade school he constructed a .22lr zip gun and went to a nearby river to test fire it. Unfortunately for him he ended up shooting himself in the hand, and was so angry with himself he through the gun in the river.

    Apparently the cops questioned him at the hospital due to his injury being a gunshot wound. When asked where the gun was he said “I threw it in the river”. When asked where it came from he said “I found it by the river.”

  16. So, Mr. and Mrs. Dave named their kid “Crack H.”?

    …well, they still have better taste in names than the parents of Jermoid Wheeler.

  17. Um, leaving even a malfunctioning gun for the kiddies to find seems like a bad move.

    I think he needs a trophy.

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