New from Lenco: ‘Bear’ MRAP

Does your car have a 300-hp Cummins diesel, a modified V blast-resistant hull, six gunports and a turret? It could, for an unspecified amount of money. It could also offer full ballistic protection, but if we told you how much we’d have to kill you. The Lenco Bear’s GVW was also classified, but it was so heavy that it could only be parked on the bottom level of the convention center. We’ll let you draw your own conclusions from that. (Note: this post contains the word root ‘gun’ and does in fact qualify as The Truth About Guns.)


  1. avatar Whiskey Tango says:

    dear santa….

  2. avatar Steve says:

    I wonder why the local police would need a v-blast hull. Somebody getting the jitters?

    1. avatar rosignol says:

      Looks like someone might be trying to hoover up some of that generous homeland security funding…. but I suspect the real market is overseas. There are a lot of foreign governmental types who like to swing by SHOT and see what’s new.

  3. avatar Mr. Lion says:

    It’s telling when your brand new armored vehicle needs an oil drip mat under it.

    Also, very heavy, what appear to be off the rack BFG M/T tires, and no obvious add-air-while-driving system? One or two rounds in the tires, and you’ve got a 300 hp paperweight.

  4. avatar Tim McNabb says:

    This is the kind of crap that I hate to see with a “Police” tag on it. If cops want to be soldiers, go join the f*cking military.

    1. avatar Chas Clifton says:

      What Tim McNabb said.

      1. avatar JP in Tennessee says:


        1. avatar Nick says:

          Ditto, Ditto

        2. avatar bontai Joe says:

          and another ditto

        3. avatar IdahoPete says:

          And one more. Why do the police need vehicles more suited to an army of occupation?

    2. avatar Anthony Meruelo says:

      I can’t believe this sort of hardware is legal for law enforcement to own. Kind of farts in the face of the whole no-standing-armies thing….

      1. avatar HSR47 says:


        I live in South-Eastern PA, and several of the counties have at least one of this type of vehicle. Reading PA bought one for something like 300 grand within the last year or so…

        1. avatar Scott says:

          That’s a steal. Company I used to work for sold them to the military for double that.

        2. avatar HSR47 says:

          Yes, well I’m sure that is due to extra crap on/in it, combined with the time it takes the Military to pay their bills…

        3. avatar Ben Eli says:

          Great, now when all the outlying PD’s have to roll into Pittsburgh again for G-20, Superbowl win, Stanley Cup, World Series, etc. (Ok maybe not World Series) they will have armored war horses to better round up the students.

  5. avatar O.N. says:

    Bear MRAP: draining the world’s oil supply one unnecessary raid at a time.

  6. avatar JOE MATAFOME says:

    I’d love to have one of these bad boys in my driveway.

    1. avatar Sam says:

      Hope it’s not paved

      1. avatar CarlosT says:

        It won’t be for long.

  7. avatar JP in Tennessee says:

    Oh, and what kinda mileage does it get?

    1. avatar IdahoPete says:

      Think “gallons per mile”, not mpg.

  8. avatar Varmint Hunter says:

    …and all the Founding Fathers just released a simultaneous, collective groan from their graves.

  9. avatar Ralph says:

    It’s good to know that 5-0 will be able to transport the governor’s hookers safely and in style.

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