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Springfield Armory does a land-office business importing and rebranding handguns from Karlovac, Croatia. Although their XD series’ slides resemble nothing so much as a double-decker bus, SA guns have a more natural point of aim than Gaston’s gats and a smoother trigger. Looking to make their most popular pistol more popular, Springfield’s announced the XD-S Mod.2 in .45 caliber. Highlights include . . .

Ameriglo®’s Pro-Glo glow-in-the-dark glow worms night sights, Posi- Wedge™ shoes serrations, an enhanced trigger and a 3.3″Melania Melonite® treated hammer-forged steel barrel. According to the press release below, the XD-S Mod. 2 in .45 “embodies everything Springfield Armory stands for.” How great is that? 

Springfield Armory® Announces the XD-S® Mod.2™ 

Springfield Armory’s most popular pistol is better than ever 

 GENESEO, ILL. (01/15/18) – The next evolution of the acclaimed XD-S pistol is here. The latest edition of Springfield’s most popular pistol is engineered in a slim, single-stack frame, holding 6 rounds of .45 ACP in a premiere concealed-carry firearm.

Springfield Armory’s XD-S Mod.2 offers upgrades from the inside out. A higher hand position, enhanced grip texturing, thinner slide, an SA front sight with Ameriglo®’s Pro-Glo system and SA tactical-rack rear sight, and an enhanced trigger advance this polymer-framed pistol’s acclaimed Point and Shoot Ergonomics™. Other features include a loaded chamber indicator and a grip safety that immediately readies the gun for action, while the drop safety in the striker block renders it virtually incapable of firing if dropped.

The XD-S Mod.2 frame moves the shooter’s grip higher on the firearm, closer to the bore axis, to enhance control, and softens recoil for improved accuracy. This Mod.2 improvement, coupled with the thinner beavertail, makes this lightweight pistol even more comfortable to shoot than its predecessor.

The width of the grip is a mere .975”, and the enhanced grip texturing gives the operator a solid feel and secure hold of the pistol – especially important in defensive encounters. Longer Posi- Wedge™ serrations make the slide easier to grab and rack.

The new XD-S Mod.2 features an SA front sight with Ameriglo®’s Pro-Glo™ green tritium inside a yellow luminescent circle, paired with an SA tactical-rack serrated steel rear sight with U- notch, making target acquisition extremely fast in low-light. The enhanced short-reset and consistent trigger is the perfect choice for a defensive carry pistol.

Chambered in .45ACP, this latest edition of Springfield’s most popular pistol is engineered for a slim, single-stack frame just 6.5 inches long and under 5 inches high – ideal for the invisible fit and easy draw required of a concealed-carry pistol. The 3.3-inch barrel is Melonite® treated hammer-forged steel, with a 1:16 twist for outstanding accuracy in a sub-compact size. Dual springs and a full-length guide rod manage .45 recoil and help keep rounds on target without punishing the shooter’s hands.

The XD-S Mod.2 comes with two stainless steel magazines: a flush-fitting 5-round mag, and one 6-round mag with Mid-Mag X-Tension™. These magazines, unloaded and seated in the pistol, give the XD-S Mod.2 a weight of 21.5 ounces and 22.5 ounces, respectively. The single-stack magazines provide ample capacity in a remarkably slim design, giving the XD-S Mod.2 the ideal profile for concealed carry purposes.

For those looking for a constant-carry pistol, the new XD-S Mod.2 is the perfect choice. It embodies everything Springfield Armory stands for: constant improvement, high-quality, and a relentless commitment to one goal – forging firearms that enable responsible citizens to preserve their right to keep and bear arms in the defense of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Now available in three configurations:

XDSG93345B               .45 ACP MOD.2® XD-S® 3.3″ BLACK, FIBER OPTIC SIGHT                  $568.00

XDSG93345BT             .45 ACP MOD.2® XD-S® 3.3″ BLACK, TRITIUM NIGHT SIGHT            $618.00

XDSG93345BVR           .45 ACP MOD.2® XD-S® 3.3″ BLACK, RED VIRIDIAN® LASER              $598.00

For more information about the new Springfield Armory XD-S Mod.2 pistol, please visit

XD-S® Mod.2™ Video:


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    • Since fixing drop test issues I will match my Taurus millennium g2 pt111 9mm against this weapon any day of the week! Facts: millennium has 12 plus 1 capacity, extra magazine and as a self defense weapon the 9mm is a better fit. No one wants collateral damage that a 45 may offer in a usual 25yd max. Self defense shoot.

      • Collateral damage?
        what the hell are you talking about? 9 mm penetrates more than a 45, if there’s any risk of over penetration or collateral damage between the 2 rounds, it’s with a 9 mm, not a 45.
        .45 is big and slow and does not over penetrate the target, which is one reason it’s such a good self defense round.

    • Gun traitors? Like Smith and Wesson? Or have you forgotten about Smith and Wesson getting into bed with the Clinton Administration?

      • I’m pretty sure almost going out of business and getting sold off in a fire sale learned S&W good enough.

      • When a company is run by completely new management it is ok to move on. Just like people still blaming Ruger for Bill Ruger, even though the company has changed hands twice since then and now makes all the things Bill didn’t like. If Springfield fires their upper management and actively opposes the bad bills they supported I would consider buying from them as well.

  1. I feel an obligation to state that these hypocrites will NOT receive another dime from me until tangible changes come. My XDM bought 5 years ago will be the last SA gun in my safe.

  2. “Although their XD series’ slides resemble nothing so much as a double-decker bus”

    As an XD owner, I am outraged that you would describe these practical works of firearms art so insultingly!!

    (actually, I lol’d)

    • Maybe you can get a special “manufacturers carve out” from SA.

      I will keep shooting my XD40. It almost has 12000 rounds through it now. Still going strong. But I will never give them more of my money.

      For size I’ll stick to my S&W Shield.

      Jan 4th I picked up the new Security 9 from Ruger for 309.00 out the door.

      • The grip zone is dead, long live the grip zone! I note they quietly removed it, no mention where it was trumpeted before. I guess you will see “grip zone era Springfields” maybe like to lock s&w revolvers.

        • Like many Mod.2 45 double-stack owners, I put Talon grip tape on mine. “Grip Zone” is now an archaeological artifact to be unearthed by the next owner…if he or she removes the tape!

    • I too am confused as to the correct manner to wield this firearm. I see no Zone designated for correct Grip! Without such a Zone designated on this handgun, how is one to know the proper handling procedure?

  3. I love my XDS .45 Bi-Tone. It is everything I hoped a small .45 would be. It is thin, light, small, accurate, easy to shoot, reliable, and has a stainless slide. It has never let me down, never malfunctioned, and I would trust it with my life any day.

    But I will never buy another Springfield Armory product. Traitorous bastards.

  4. I don’t see why SA is charging ahead in ignorance like nothing ever happened, hoping the gun community will just forget. The gun community isn’t like most groups in the US who simply follow the latest political flavor of the week, then give in to collective amnesia the next week. The RKBA community is very bitter (and rightfully so) and has a long memory. They’d be out of this mess by now if they decided to give back to us by actively supporting real RKBA politicians in this upcoming fight for the mid terms. And I don’t mean just donating a few grand to the NRA. I mean put a few mill in to unseating some democrats at the state and federal level.

    • True. We, the People of the Gun do have long memories and vote accordingly for decades to come.
      I would observe, however, that most of the folks wandering into my shop are not what you or I would consider People of the Gun. They’re just normal, everyday Americans looking for a gun that works and fits. Many have never heard of or care about Springfield Armory or the goings on in Illinois politics. Their only question to me will be: “is this a good gun?” and “how much is it?”
      So I sell them. Chef don’t judge. I may have no interest in shelling out my own money for one but I’ll not refuse to take a customers money for a product that, objectively, may be exactly what they need.
      This is why nothing is likely to change at Springfield; we here are in an echo chamber and our opinions do not reach far outside the confines of this blog.

  5. I look forward to buying one… from CDNN, after SA goes into bankruptcy.
    Hey, maybe SA can get their antigun friends in Springfield to buy them?

  6. Been daily carrying and XDS since they came out. I love it. Shoots so well I’ve used it in matches a few times. If SA hadn’t screwed us I’d be ordering this mod 2 right now. Maybe I’ll come across a used one in the future some time.

  7. Looks like they decided the front wasn’t ridiculously blocky. Well I did. I loved my xds9, but the blockiness really made it feel almost like carrying a double stack. Great gun, but it is a little heavy and a little too blocky in my opinion. And I liked the gen1 grip texture.

  8. Robert Farago, you idiot. Why do you keep pushing trash from this un-American, anti- second amendment company at us? You have not learned anything have you. If you want your readers to stop thinking of you as an idiot, please stop pushing Springfield crap at us. Or, is Springfield paying you so much that you just don’t care what people think of you anymore.

    • I’m pretty sure it was actually TTAG that broke the story initially, and hammered them for it. SA even attacked TTAG for it if I remember correctly. I know they cut ties with TTAG and refuse to advertise here anymore. Wasn’t there even threat of a lawsuit? If it wasn’t for TTAG you might not of ever even heard of this and the bill would’ve passed quietly as most gun control measures do.

    • Perhaps he just wants to provide readers the information and let them decide for themselves whether they want to do business with the scoundrels, rather than making that decision for readers?
      There are already far too many in the media who think they’re entitled to tell other people what they should do and adjust the information they provide accordingly. Mr. Farago apparently trusts his readers to make up their own minds.

    • Springfield doesn’t pay TTAG a dime.

      In fact, SA withdrew their advertising from this site after we exposed their support of the Illinois Dealer Licensing law (based on a carve-out) and their cash contributions to anti-gun politicians.

      While we have our opinions and aren’t afraid to publish them, it’s not our job to tell our readers what to think or “blacklist” a brand because of their actions, whether that’s political support for anti-2a forces or drop safe issues.

      We will continue to report SA news and review their products without fear or favor. That’s how we roll. Other sites not so much.

      • I think that is fair, when it comes to product announcements especially with shot coming up I want to know what is out there, regardless of whether I like the company or not, or whether I think some fold up pistol is over priced or don’t want that bump stock, I want to know what is out and make my own decision, so I appreciate your work!

  9. I want it. But I don’t want to give them my money. In fact I like most of their firearms. But until something changes in management, I’m like most people here.
    But while I’m here. Does it take Gen 1 magazines? Use the same (kydex) holsters?
    My Gen 1 has over 3000 rounds through it. And it just keeps ticking. Honestly impresses me how much the little gun takes every time I shoot it. Carried dang near daily for 3.5 years now. And it’s on my hip now. But I just sit and suffer looking at their new stuff.

    • Actually a lot of the “anti SA” “crowd”, won’t buy from S&W, Ruger, Remington, SIG, or Colt anymore. (You can make a legitimate claim about trying to find a company with a perfect record, and, purists being ignorant of how the world works) however, at the same time, You can cry about being butthurt all you want but we have to make an example of companies that double deal.

      • And, PS: Bill Ruger is dead and no member of the Ruger family is in more than stockholder authority now.
        Are you saying that unless we punish SA as hard as, and for as long as, we punished Smith and Ruger, we’re hypocrites? Because I’m okay with doing that. Pour encourageur les otres and all that.

    • Actually:
      * The S&W MOA was a whole generation ago, there are literally gun owners now who weren’t born when it was news;
      *The gun buying public crashed Smith for it- literally, the Smith product line and IP sold to Safe T Hammer for less than a car dealership might’ve;
      * Smith has changed hands twice since then;
      * There is almost certainly not a single person on the decision making level who was involved with the Clinton MOA who is still employed by Smith now.

      Has SA fired a single decision maker over this fiasco?

    • Different owners of S&W now. Owned by Brits, I believe, back during that bs. Not owned by soft Brits now. Makes all the difference in the world. SA needs to do the same before they are “forgiven”. Until then, fuckem.

  10. Would love to love this, but the grip is still too large front-to-back and the trigger guard’s undercut is still there. Will have to continue with Shield 45. Pity!

  11. Hey silentbrick I wasn’t a gun owner when S&W or Ruger did their crap. And those actors are dead or gone. NOW I am.I live in ILLINOIS and Springfield and Rock River Arms evil directly affects ME. I will never buy from either. Oh and I haven’t bought a Ruger or S&W either but I may. America!

  12. Oh, you weren’t a gun owner then, that makes it okay. And the S&W has changed owners so that makes it okay now. And yet many of say you will never buy from SA. Hypocrisy. That’s the offensive part.

    So, any company that gets a deal is bad? Wal-Mart is in this bill getting the same cut out. Are you refusing to buy ammo from them, or anything else? Do you buy gasoline or diesel? Oil companies make deals like this all the time, because they are in business to make money and protecting themselves against stupid regulations is a good idea. Businesses have to operate in the real world. I’m not saying change shouldn’t be pushed for but the Illinois thing is nothing compared to the deal S&W made.

    And if you really want change, why are you not in Illinois protesting? Oh, you have a job? Well, so do they and they want to keep their jobs too. Are you only posting on gun sites like this? I hear lots of denunciations HERE but see nothing else really. So let’s call this what it is, virtue signalling. People screaming “I’m cool, I hate SA!”

    I buy whatever gun works best for me. I hate Glocks and they are over-hyped worthless crap. But I feel no need to come here and post how much I hate them and people shouldn’t buy them cause they constantly lead to people being shot in the leg. From what I see, that’s all the hate on SA movement is. S&W got destroyed by the pushback from their clinton deal. SA seems to be doing just fine. So put on your ribbon and type like maddened beavers cause it’s all just hot air.

    When I see the press covering you guys holding signs outside the SA HQ, then maybe I’ll believe you’re serious.

    • Like i said, will it make you feel a little bit more of a man if we- the gun owning public SA was selling out- punish them for as long as you want us to punish S&W ( in other words, until.they’re no longer the same company anymore) ?

      Dude, that’s what I have planned. Thank you for your approval, but I’m doing fine without it.

    • I’m just going to point out here, that this whole SA thing has been pretty comical to watch from an imagined TTAGs perspective. In the same comments section they get hounded for “colluding” with SA to undermine the RKBA for profit, then, 3 comments later they get hounded for having an anti SA agenda deliberately trying to trash the company.

  13. If you’re slamming Springfield make sure you don’t have any Smith and Wesson garbage in your safe. They did a lot worse when they threw in with the Clinton administration yet they many of those slamming Springfield go on and on about the Smith and Wesson garbage they have.

  14. Fun to watch a bunch of triggered babies every time Springfield’s name appears. Instant salt.

  15. Man, even if I was to forgive and make nice with Springfield… I still wouldn’t buy this gun because it don’t have no Grip Zone.

    (I didn’t peruse the yapping above… but since this is a day old, I gotta think there are at least a few versions of this flaccid Grip Zone joke above. So, really I am here for the Springfield pile-on. And, to say that other cool joke, “I don’t even shoot .45 AARP” because I gotta squeeze that one in there…. Anyway, Grip Zone is a joke that holds firm, and we can never, ever let it go.)

  16. Absolutely enjoy my XDs .45. It makes me smile every time. Was recently thinking about one in 9mm.

    I’m really on the fence about their recent shenanigans. My 1st handgun was a SA 1911. My next was a XDm 4.5 9mm. It’s my HD pistol. I know there other comparable options, I just really like their stuff.

    Part of me wants to boycott until they fire those responsible, the other part wants a good gun.

    As said before, your average schmo doesn’t follow the drama. SA isn’t likely to go out of business over it.

    I think they did themselves a huge favor dropping the grip zone. Now, they’d really class themselves up by dropping all the garish lettering off the rest of their pistols.

  17. I understand the resentment towards SA, however, I as a senior with a few medical issues, and limited income, I must make gun choice decisions on what’s available, rather than what a particular company did, or didn’t do.
    For a while I have been looking for a DA/SA simi auto to replace my loved Ruger LCRX 38+P. My only gripe on the revolver was it’s capacity, 5 rounds only. I have a couple of speed loaders, but the fact that the cylinder does not fully open, means the speed loader is difficult a slow to use.
    This is what I wanted:
    A semi auto pistol with SA/DA
    not too heavy, not too big
    9 mm caliber (for cheap and radially available ammo)
    and most important: a slide that I can rack, without having to use a “come a long”,
    since I have some arthritis in both mitts.
    Had a 92 FS, but was a bit large for me to conceal carry. Had a Shield but the slide was a bit too stiff for me. Had a Sig 928. Really liked the gun, but just really wanted a DA/SA.

    So, what other choices, bought a used Makarov just because of the price, but this is where I needed the come a long, also the gun is on the heavy side, so got rid of it.

    Then SA came out with their XDE, had everything I wanted, weight was borderline, but as long as it didn’t pull my pants down to my knees, I thought I could put up with a few extra ounces.
    The fact that this gun can be carried very safely, with the hammer down, and the safety off, yet all it takes to get that first shot in a hurry, is to pull the trigger, No hammer to cock, no safety to disengage. Sure, the trigger has a hefty pull on the first round, but that makes it even more safe, and I doubt you would even notice the heavy first pull.
    Last, but not least, price: $440. Cabela’s price: $519 (MSRP)

  18. If I didn’t already have the XD-S 9mm, I’d buy the 9mm XD-S mod 2 version when it comes out. Heck, still might depending on the width. It seems the new frame is slightly wider than the Gen 1 frame.

  19. Just like the absolutely GORGEOUS Operator 10mm 1911, you can add this to the list of exceptional pistols from a company with top-shelf customer service and a class-act custom shop who NOBODY will do business with, after their political betrayal in Illinois. Which is an absolute lose-lose scenario for both Springfield and the American gun community. It’s a pity that some CEOs are so shortsighted and inept that you can hand them a successful business and they’ll run it into the ground.

  20. Can you please start hiring people who don’t think their job is to make the wackiest analogies and use the most bizarre wording, and simply write in a clear, coherent way? I don’t come here to giggle and grin and say “oooh, that’s so cute and clever,” I come here to find information.

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