Taylor Swift's $17m Newport mansion (courtesy trendingreport.com)
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“Law enforcement sources in New Hampshire tell TMZ that a guy was at a police station for voluntary questioning on an unrelated case when he bragged he was [Taylor Swift’s] BF. What’s more cops say he went as far as showing them texts with a ‘Taylor Swift’ as the recipient.” Well now . . .

There’s nothing wrong with texting Taylor Swift is there? Nothing illegal about it. Unless you make some kind of threat . . .

Cops got suspicious when he started asking how many states he can drive through with a concealed carry weapons permit. He also told them he wanted a gun to protect Taylor in Africa. It’s unclear why he thinks Taylor will be in Africa.

It’s unclear why the man in questioning didn’t know about the safe passage provision of the Firearm Owners Protection Act. And why thought he could bring a gun into a shithole Africa legally.

What is clear: famous people need armed protection, whether its concealed carry or armed security or both.

So why are so many — indeed most — celebs pro gun control?  Mind you, Ms. Swift has been laudably silent on the subject, despite calls for her to speak out.

FWIW, her California security team can’t carry at her $17m Rhode Island retreat; the Ocean State doesn’t recognize any other state’s carry permit. Maybe I shouldn’t have written that . . .

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  1. Africa huh?!? Currently watching “Trophy” on CNN( at least until Last Man on Earth comes on). Amazingly even handed about trophy hunting SO FAR…I’m sure it’ll devolve into bunny hugging and anti-gun BS rhetoric. Really reporting on Taylor Swift and guns? C’mon😩😖😟

    • Off topic, Here’s a warning to all, recently I was incarcerated, “they’ took my cell phone and went through my contacts, emails, photos and web sites visited. Be forewarned. Probably ileagal, but little dog can’t fight a monster

      • “Off topic, Here’s a warning to all, recently I was incarcerated,…”

        What they’d get you for?

        • Got in a fist fight, I won but I lost. When the red and blues showed up I turned phone off. I was going to throw it but hesitation. And SCotus be damned they do what they want. Sometimes tempers cause you to do stupid shit

      • Thank you! I will heed your warning and not do stupid $h!t that might result in me being incarcerated.

      • In 2014 SCOTUS ruled 9-0 that police need a warrant to search your cell cellphone with very very very limited exceptions. Unless your cops are dirty or you kidnapped a 12 year old girl, anything they find is poisoned fruit if you get hemmed up….. either that or you’re on probation or parole and you agreed to let them search it as a condition of your supervised release (i.e. not being in prison to serve a sentence).

        • Yeah warrants. It’s was assault and battery, not a twelve year old girl. I can see that anyone who gets in trouble is some lecherous perv or lawbreaker in your eyes.

        • Assault and battery,… got it…. ya that was a dirty search…. unless you are also on probation or parole. The kidnapping thing was meant to highlight the narrow scope of circumstances that a cop can search you phone without a warrant LEGALLY….. again, with the limited amount of information you’re providing (on its face) it sounds like an illegal search and any stuff they may have found on your phone would be inadmissible in any prosecution.

        • Beyond that it’s a 4th ammendment violation and if you can prove they searched your phone and had a good lawyer you can get paid compliments of the tax payers…. at least in California you can. I don’t know how sympathetic juries are in your neck of the woods to guys who “go after the wrong guy”…. in California you would be set.

      • Why the devil do you have an unencrypted phone? Or if you do, why the devil did you sign in for the cops or give them your password?

        Few things so worthwhile are that easy. It’s not just to keep the cops from getting into it. There are muggers out there, ya know, and people have lost phones too.

      • Hey dude….google Gavin Seim, Ephrata, Wa. They wanted his cell phone for a traffic stop, he had it encrypted, they sent it off to have the pros break into it. Couldnt be done. Now he has another warrant for that issue. SO, he went to Mexico. Sounds like his court system is like that of the Bundy trial in OR., and NV. We are always guilty until proven innocent!!!! With the technology today, big brother is always watching! Be careful and stay safe!

  2. Famous people don’t need guns. They think pure ignorant progressivism (with all the zeal of an Islamic extremist) will protect them.

  3. Of course her security team can carry at her residence in Rhode Island. It’s private property and if she says it’s fine, it’s fine. Now away from the residence…I’m sure they figure it out and don’t go defenseless. She is, after all, one of the most famous people in the world and I’m sure strings are pulled if need be.

    • She can hire armed security who are local and have RI permits. Costly, but I bet she can afford it.

      What I would like to know is where do police get the authority to disclose to others about a person who claims to be their bf/gf when it’s obvious they are not? If Courtney Love goes to a PD in LA and does the exact thing and says I’m her boyfriend and she wants to know how many states she can drive through with a gun, does that mean police are going to contact me to tell me this?

      Probably not because I’m not important and don’t matter, but I don’t see how in the eyes of the law, which is supposed to be blind, that they did what they did.

      Makes me feel that non-celebrities and politicians can do whatever they want and get preferential treatment. Makes me feel I don’t live in a free country anymore, like it’s a police state now.

      • All that stuff is subject to various “sunshine” and transparency laws that make the information available to the public. Someone at police headquarters probably thought they could make a quick buck by tipping off TMZ to the story.

  4. Guns at Brown University, OMG! When Emma Watson graduated Brown in 2014 she was accompanied by an armed security guard at the commencement ceremony The armed security guard stood beside Emma and wore a cap and gown to fool everyone that she too was an undergraduate. She looked considerably older for an undergrad and she wasn’t smiling. Her gun and badge were visible when she took off her gown. Providence Police said that she wasn’t one of theirs.

    • I had to look that up…. definitely a $10 security guard badge. I got a feeling that lady security guard was looking for attention otherwise she would have gone concealed…. not exactly the kind of security one would want. I’m curious if anything came of that.

      • “… definitly a $10 security guard badge…” scratch that. Its a Brown University Public Safety Officer’s badge. She wasn’t a PPD cop, she was a University cop.

  5. If this guy’s for real, you have to wonder about the good Ms. Swift’s penchant for choosing male companions who have the IQ of ice-cubes.

  6. Well, he probably doesn’t need it for hunting in Africa. If he’s actually Swift’s boyfriend, then he already bagged a giraffe right here in the States.

  7. Why do I have the feeling that with Newport RI having been the playground of the rich and connected for over 100 years, the security guards of the rich are allowed to carry whatever, wherever and whenever they please with the full blessings of the State government.

    • Swift’s palace is in Westerly, RI, not Newport.

      The politically connected have no problems obtaining carry permits in RI. Former cops who work security likewise have no problems. Everyone else has to fight for his rights. Rhode Island is a proletarian dictatorship funded by the very wealthy and the labor unions that pull all the strings.

  8. I know “gun guys” who don’t understand Safe Passage. I also remember reading a Massad Ayoob article where he talked about carrying a Model 29 in South Africa in the 80s or early 90s, so as long as you check out the gun laws of the country you’re going to on the Shithole Continent, you might be able to pack heat there other than your huntin rofl. I doubt this weirdo owns a gun though.

  9. It’s unclear why the man in questioning didn’t know about the safe passage provision of the Firearm Owners Protection Act. And why thought he could bring a gun into a shithole Africa legally.

    People who don’t spend their days hanging around gun blogs are routinely ignorant about these sorts of things. It’s the natural state of things. Not suspicious or unusual in and of itself.

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