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DaMosquito Jimenez’s heart is in the right place. But the young man fumbles the firearms freedom football whilst trying to debunk “retarded” gun control. He simply doesn’t have a handle on the foundation upon which Americans’ right to keep and bear arms sit. In the interest of education, here are three basics principles that make it easy to refute the crusade for civilian disarmament . . .

1. The Second Amendment prohibits all gun control laws

The Second Amendment to the United States Constitution says the right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. The clarity of the wording reveals the Founders’ intent: gun rights shall not be regulated by the government, at all, for any reason. [Note: the 2A does not exclude laws regarding the use of firearms. It only applies to the act of keeping and bearing arms.]

Bottom line: Because the Second Amendment is the law of the land, there’s no need to argue about whether or not a particular gun control law is effective or popular. Until and unless the Second Amendment is repealed, all gun control laws are unconstitutional.

2. Americans have the right to keep and bear arms of their own choice

The Second Amendment does not specify the type of arms protected from government regulation. The protection against government regulation includes knives, swords, handguns, rifles, machine guns, tanks, etc.

Bottom line: Americans do not have to justify their choice of arms.

3. The right to keep and bear arms protects us from government tyranny.

Government is the greatest threat to individual liberty. An armed populace is the ultimate protection against government tyranny and, thus, mass murder.

Bottom line: The Second Amendment protects all our rights. But you still have to listen to your Mom until you reach the legal age of majority. Sorry.

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  1. Until and unless the Second Amendment is repealed, all gun control laws are unconstitutional.

    This is technically correct, but very misleading. Even if we repealed the second amendment, many gun control laws would not be constitutional.
    There is a common misunderstanding about the Constitution and the Bill of Rights in this country (especially in the government). The Bill of Rights does not grant rights. It explicitly calls out some rights that the founders thought were too important to leave to misinterpretation. The Constitution grants several powers to the federal government explicitly. Any power not specifically mentioned in the main body of the Constitution (or added by an amendment later) simply does not exist. So because the Constitution does not grant Congress the authority to regulate firearms, it has no such authority, with or without the Bill of Rights. It would require an amendment similar to the 18th (which granted Congress the authority to regulate alcohol) before federal gun control became constitutional.
    State gun control could be constitutional without the second amendment. The 10th amendment says that powers not explicitly granted to the federal government (like regulating firearms) belong to the people and the states. It does not delineate further.

    • Your premise that the constitution does not grant rights is 100% correct. However, if we assume the 2nd was repealed gun control would still violate the constitution because of the 10th.

      The constitution, without the 2nd, gives the feds no explicit authority over guns, meaning it reverts to the states by default. And most of those have some version of the 2nd in their state constitutions.

      • Since the Second Amendment explicitly states that the “right to keep and bear arms” belongs to “the people”, then the states do not have the power to regulate arms. The Tenth Amendment does not allow a state to take a power that belongs to the people. And the Fourteenth Amendment later clarified that all states should recognize any human rights protected by any other state or the federal government.

        The 10th and 14th Amendments make it clear that no government (federal, state, or local) may violate any of the people’s rights, and especially the ones that are enumerated in the first nine Amendments.

        • We’re talking about a hypothetical repeal of the second. In which case the constitution doesn’t cover arms at all which, by default, reverts them to the states.

  2. I like that last caveat. You need permission from mommy untill you are an adult. This applies TO ALL civil rights. I’m sick of foolish loudmouth adolescents running their heads about their “rights”. YOU GOT NO RIGHTS TILL YOU BECOME AN ADULT.Shut up, do your homework and chores, and if you want a new 10-22, drag the mower down the street and cut lawns and earn some money! Punks these days

    • My approach usually is “you do have this and that right or whatever, but you aint getting any o my money or help unless you do what i say”

    • For an educated confirmation of what you just said, please read John Locke’s Second Treatise of Government, Chapter VI. It talks about why children have no rights, except those granted by their parents; and about parental responsibility towards their children. The writings of John Locke were some of the seminal philosophies of the mid-1700s, upon which the founding fathers based much of their theories about a good and just government. Great reading!

      • If the parents act like oppressive agents arbitrarily restricting rights then guess what their children will grow up to support? What kind of state and rules will they support after they finally leave their helicopter parents at 40? Big government. A military industrial complex. All the kinds of rights ignoring states that take freedoms.

        Also, children do have innate rights, which is why we can’t (ethically) just kill them, rape them, etc.

        Which is why we should not be denouncing this kids standing up for rights by saying “der you have no rights snot nosed brat!” it makes one sound like a liberal whining about why no one has a right they don’t like.

    • My ten year old earned $20 yesterday mowing a yard. (He is saving to buy a small drone)

      Teach your children the value of work when they are young, and they will have such an edge over most of their peers they are almost garanteed to be successful in life.

    • This attitude propagates big government. All humans have rights, arbitrary ages were pushed by the left. Generally, when kids become adolescents, they historically were considered adults. The left has pushed the idea of adolescents, to extend childhood, thus extending the time humans were in statist indoctrination camps. I am sick of adults who really think they are above and beyond people when in reality, they are the same crap. Legal ages if majority take rights away from families and put it with the state. It allows the state to enact oppressive laws because people just support them because “the children!” Which is why now parents get arrested for letting their kids play outside alone.

  3. Not just guns

    It’s any and all weapons

    From GAU8 to F22, should be for sale at your local wallyworld

    CBRN might need a *tad* regulation, though. Just a *tad*

  4. goggle this {the dick act of 1902}.no joke goggle the dick act of 1902-gun control forbidden.the dick act of 1902 is also known as the efficiency of militia bill h.r.11654,of june 28,1902 invalidates all so-called gun -control laws.spread this around to everyone you know.we have been sending out this information since we found out about it.remember any unconstitituional laws,or not laws and we will not comply..we our constitituional correct not politically inept.god bless all legal american veterans/citizens

      • The Wikipedia article links to a pdf of the bills text, assuming that can be trusted. It does include the language that all males 18-45 are either uniformed or reserved militia.

        I don’t see any text about unrestricted arms.

        The argument could be made that we’re all considered militia, therefore the antis “only the militia” argument is invalid.

        But if all we needed was this kind of logic to win that fight we wouldn’t even be discussing this.

        Edit: And, as I thought after I hit send, the Dick Act could say whatever it wants about guns. The right to bear arms is not subject to the legislative process. THAT’S the angle I think we need to approach this from.

  5. Cool kid. Did a great job and knows more about this issue than at least 90% of the adult U.S. population, and more than 99.9% of minors. A little rough around the edges? Sure. A misfire here and there? Of course. So what? He’ll get better. A lot better.

    Twenty years from now he could be arguing this before the Supreme Court. Rock it out, little man. You’re solid.

  6. You lost me at the use of the word retarded.
    I’ll never take anyone seriously that keeps using it improperly including TTAG.
    You know my position, we’ve been here before.
    It’s truly a shame that seemingly intelligent people that use phrases and words that reflect human beings that have been born with involutary neurological disorders and compare that to poor judgement in people with so called normal brain function?
    Use your words people, say what you mean to say.
    Rise above your adolescent need to degrade people.
    Wipe the dirt off your character, the worst disability is the one you can’t see.
    Go ahead now…vent.
    I did now it’s your turn.
    I respect just about all of you, but i just can’t stand by and not speak my mind on this enough.
    I really just can’t stand to see the less fortunate disrespected like this, they didn’t have a choice to be who they are but so called normal people have the ability to make better choices.
    There….i’m off the soap box for awhile. Thanks and God bless

  7. I agree with every word in this article…however Government is working towards removing every right you have through the legislative process.

  8. We got alot more guns now then we used to have. We didnt have any in our home. Grandpa had a single shot ,22 and the “big gun” single shot 410 lol. I bought a crossman pellet gun ( by trapping critters) when I was 12. I sure killed a bunch of rabbits n squirrels with that gun. Even killed a possum, pumped her up 20 times, bb right in the head, blood started running out, pretty soon the possum fell out of the tree, Possums were worth a quarter back then.I think 300 bb’s was ten cents.Funny how a person can remember stuff like that, cant find my car keys or glasses though


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