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RF’s putting a lot of time – and no small amount of dinero – into cobbling together his own version of a cowboy assault rifle. Looks like Mossberg’s seen the need for a tactical lever gun and is now cranking them out on their own. The 464 SPX comes in .30-.30 (above) and .22LR. MSRP for the .30-.30 is $527 with retail coming in around four bills. And yes, they’ll be extending the line with an upcoming *sigh* ZMB zombie model. Because if cowboys have to worry about aliens, God only knows the zombie menace can’t be far behind.

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    • Any one who doesn’t like this gun, obviously, hasn’t shot it. It’s a great shooting gun. It’s small and powerful. Kicks about as hard as my Mossberg 500 with 2 3/4 inch bird shot. It levers smooth and fast. It’s a great little gun for not being an assault rifle. All you traditionalists should realize that most things have changed in 125 years of it’s existance. Airplanes turn into jets. The model t became the super car. Even our modest log cabins are now self heated mansoins with modern plumming. If every other gun can change, so can the lever action. And, it’s a great change!

      • Very well put. Doing research on the gun I’ve seen tons of shooters love the gun I’ve seen one guy with issues and then I’ve read a bunch of forum bunnies complaining about a Mossberg making a “tactical” lever action. I’ve got to say I fell in love with it when I seen it. I was in search in a bolt action until I seen this and it’s got my mind set. Can’t wait to shoot it.

  1. File this under “Things That Should Not Exist”.

    The only point of using a lever action is the fact that it doesn’t look like a EBR and so might be acceptably owned/carried/deployed places an EBR can’t be. Make it look like an EBR and for a nominal increase in utility you’ve destroyed most of the reason for it to exist in the first place.

    • Exactly. A good lever gun is perfectly utilitarian already, maybe,maybe add a small rail section for a Micro if you had to have one but that’s it. I wouldn’t be against a synthetic stock, but it would have to be neutral color and the same style as the original wood.

      • Even a plain black stock/furniture wouldn’t be that bad looking (just modern-ish), but the rails and crap make it look bubba’d

    • I feel the same way. I saw this on their website last night and was dismayed. I like the front end, but the stock is ridiculous.

  2. As far as zombie product extensions go I think a zombie killing cowboy assault rifle is pretty awesome in all honesty. Besides you can use it to hunt deer and scare liberals so its a win win.

  3. I have this urge to:

    Get an old Ruger Blackhawk stripped, parkerized, and outfitted with a fiber optic sight and some stippled plack plastic grips. If I can mount a length of picatinny rail under the barrel, I will.

    Dye a set of duds tactical black, and get black cowboy boots and a black hat.

    Buy this tragedy of a rifle.

    Go to a SASS event all “tacticool” and (try not to) get kicked the heck out.

  4. This is probably the most superfluous firearms I’ve seen in a while (and I saw the latest gatling gun post) but for some odd reason I want it so bad…. Along with the Blackhawk Big J described…. and then maybe mossberg will come out with a double barreled version of their tactical 500 and i’d have a tactic-cowboy wet dream.

  5. “Cowboys and Aliens” was a mess of a movie; a mixture of two things that go together like cats and dogs…or like a Winchester 1892 and a bunch of black plastic.

    I think I see what you did there.

  6. How about a tactical muzzle loaded? It needs lights and rails an an ACOG too….I like Mossberg lever guns but this is like what happens when you breed a cat and a dog, the world will come to an end!

    • What do you mean, CVA and Traditions makes entire lines of demi sniper muzzle loaders with modern optics, fluted barrels and poly black and/ or camo stocks. Some even have fiber optic sight and poly stocks with a flintlock. You cant fault Mossberg in light of this. Just like polly carbon super compound bows are really in the spirit of the primitive hunter. Guy’s hunt in states that don’t have to with both of those.

  7. Why? If you want a more utilitarian lever, throw some plastic furniture on it and give it some kind of anti-corrosion coating al la every single tube-mag shotgun in the world. Done. Rails and AR crap is just stupid.

  8. Well no surprise that Mossberg came up with another hideous concept.

    I could actually like this if it weren’t for that carbine stock. I hate how they are sticking that thing on everything from shotguns to AK’s.

    And why the big scope on what is gonna be a 100 yard and under rifle? Put a solid synthetic stock it and add a holosight and you’d have a pretty cool rifle, still a mall ninja gun, but at least more useable.

  9. Did you hear about Mossberg’s next project? It’s a Sharps rifle with a 16″ barrel chambered in .300 blackout. It’s got a black synthetic, folding, adjustable stock and full quad rails with the chainsaw style front grip and the roadblocker muzzlebrake.

  10. Please, everyone switch to decaf for a moment. The hyperbole is getting out of hand. They tried something. If it finds a loyal customer base, then fine.

    My F250 truck will go over 100mph. But I never use that feature as it would be illegal and assinine. Who are you to tell me that I don’t need those features or capabilities in a truck? Others have tried this and now Mossberg is offering it. Gunsmiths all over the country are asked every day to do something different for customers. I wonder how many gunsmiths have been asked to suppress a shotgun since No Country For Old Men came out?

    You don’t like it. But there may be plenty out there who do.

  11. AHHHH!! My eyes!! Make it go away Mommie!
    My 4WD V-10 F250 will indeed exceed 100 mph, but having capability I don’t use didn’t require making it too ugly to look at.

    BTW, if it’s supposed to be for tactikewl applications, why doesn’t it have a guide to make sliding rounds into the loading gate quicker and easier in low light?

  12. Why is there the dire need to make everything in the hunting/shooting marketplace tactical? Where is the original ideas? The free thinkers? Not only is this rifle a direct copy of the model 94 Winchester, but now they have made it a tacticool lego set ninja rifle. Mossberg is trying too hard to create a market for which there is no need or want. Chainsaw shotgun anyone? Stick to what you are good at, making dependable shotguns.

    • The gun actual has some good features. Adjustable stock for younger or larger users. 1 in 16 inch rifling for higher velocity than most 20 inch barrels. With leverevolution and descent glass, 250+yards in a very fast, small, light and reliable package. But it is 5 kinds of ugly.

  13. I just found out about this incarnation of the 464 rifle, and after searching the internet for the past few days I’ve found nothing but feedback from people who say it looks like the cheapest marketing gimmick ever! YES, Mossberg probably developed it because “they can” and “tacticool sells”, but have you ever realized some short armed shooters would prefer the adjustable length-of-pull stock? I have also always wanted a vertical foregrip on a lever-gun, always. It just screams staying on target while reloading to me. I also challenge anyone to say what is more “tacticool” than having a magazine built into the gun? In a wilderness survival role, I would rather have a gun without a detachable magazine than one with a mag that drops free. Magazines are supposed to be disposable, because governments can afford them. The regular minute man cannot. That’s why the revolver has never died. Although, with that said, I don’t think I regret any of my HK magazine purchases. I’ve accidentally dropped a few off a balcony during competitive operation and they still worked great!

    • That’s pretty much my same feeling too. I do like ARs but there are so many regulations on them and vary state to state. For myself to get an AR15 here in Minnesota, i would first need to either get a 1 year permit or a CCW permit, then go to the sports store and have another background check. On top of that once i have the rifle i would need a couple magazines to go with it.

      With this, internal tubular magazine. Wont have to worry about losing a mag. I have a hard time keeping a steady aim. I have a Mossberg 800A .308 with scope and bi-pod. I use the bi-pod to reduce some felt recoil and to help me have a steady aim deer hunting. A forward hand grip eliminates excessive weight, better accuracy and the fact you can adjust the butt-stock. My dad since he had Polio when he was born back in 1952, his left arm doesn’t fully extend out and his arm reach isn’t the length of mine. So if i had one of these rifles, we could switch off without any major adjustments.

      With what looks like a triple mil-spec rail the reduced weight would mean i could carry more ammo and not have to deal with a lot of recoil. Sure more muzzle climb, but the hand grip will compensate a little bit for that. Being tacticool isn’t always a bad thing. You have more variety of options to choose from if you really start to think about it.

  14. I agree with Mr. T.

    I would love to have this gun as opposed to a popular and supposedly cool AR-15 varient. Saving money in magazines, and not having to worry about all the Post-ban/Pre-Ban BS makes it worth it. Plus I have always been a huge fan of lever action rifles.

  15. I could see it if they had put the loading gate on the left side so you could keep the tube mag. topped off easier.

  16. I actually think this rifle is pretty cool. I wouldn’t mind having it in .30-30. My main problem i have is having a steady aim. With this i could easily mount a front grip to it and have a much better time aiming. I currently have a Mossberg 800A .308 and i would like a lever action. This tactical 464 more than likely will be that rifle. Though i would maybe get a EOtech holographic or maybe just a 2-7x33mm scope.

    Something like this for hunting or taking to the range would turn heads and get a couple laughs but hey taking 19th century and bringing it to the 21st is awesome.

  17. In upstate ny we have bears ,whitetail, coyotes, moose, cougar and even the NY state prison system to provide a need for a tactical medium range weapon to wield. What better than a reliable lever action, short-barrelled , tubular mag “grab and go”?

  18. Nice. Took balls to make this! Have the marlin 336 in 3030 with nice walnut stock (handle with care). This looks like fun, short barrel. Lighten up trad heads. Would like to know if it shoots well.

  19. All you can’t handle change haha this guns the best I’ve always wanted a tac lever gun mossberg awesome already this made them better with this gun forget you old farts time for change I own one its baddass everyone loves it

  20. aw4
    awesome! if you like wood…buy wood but dont nag and ridicule. truck gun, verticle front grip, more powerful than 9mm subguns and .223 carbines. i wonder the effect of 16′ barrel on 30-30 & levervolution? imagine foldable stock!

  21. I do not like the furnature. But, I do like the fact the muzzle is threaded. Ready for a muzzle brake to control recoil (I hate lever action .30-30 recoil) or a suppressor.

  22. I plan to get one of these ugly things. I love lever guns. I will gladly use this “abomination”. Load it with Hornady LeverEvolution rounds and have a good time. I love my old Marlin 336, had it since I was a kid, it is still my hunting gun. But this is something I will get for fun.

  23. I don’t care what all of you so called experts say about this lever. I like it, and plan on getting one for myself. As far as you idiots go, shut the hell up!

  24. I would love one in 357 Magnum! I just stopped by a new local gun store and I handled the 30-30 one. It’s super light and the adjustable stock is a terrific idea! I have terrible eyes so the fiber optics stood out well, if I get one I’ll grab a scope for it. Maybe a red dot to keep it technological tactical.

  25. This rifle reminds me of a woman with a kick-ass body who puts out, but has a fugly face. You keep going back to her for utilitarian reasons, but you take a better looking, “nice” girl to social gatherings to show off to your friends. Yeah, it has it’s place. Thank God we still have choices in this country, even if some of them are bad ones.

  26. I bought one if these a year ago, it it kicks azz over my Taylor 1866 in .357. It kicks harder, if FAR more accurate, and is adjustable unlike the Taylor. The Taylor looks nice, and it kicks like a baby .22, but if you want to stop a big buck, good luck with that Taylor. You had better put that away and grab your 464 with a 30-30 round.

  27. The gun shoots very well and is extremely smooth. No problems at all loading it in dim light at all unless you’re an idiot, in which case you should probably not own a gun. The only problem is finding which accessories you don’t want to put on it. For instance mine with the spring loaded foregrip with built in bipod, an awesome accessory. My side mounted light, which is also awesome. The adjustable stock for easy storage as to where all you non adjustable stock fans have limited room. It’s lightweight, easy to carry around in the woods, doesn’t scar easily. It’s a great gun and mossberg hit the nail on the head, if anything all you old schoolers should appreciate mossberg sticking to tradition but allowing OPTIONS. That being said, I love mine and don’t regret getting the gun one bit. If you can’t afford it don’t call it ugly and give it bad reviews, you may deter someone that can get a lot of practical use out of the gun.

  28. I just picked one of these up at my table at a gun show, since I sell all kinds of flash hiders optics flashlights, bipods, etc. I think i will use some of my wide variety of accessories and build it up, ought to be fun as hell. I got a boatload of 30-30 that I have loaded over the years. Beats the hell out of beating up my nice old winchester 94. A Big PLUS to my liberal in-laws it looks E-V-I-L hahahaha

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