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No doubt due to Foghorn’s incessant evangelizing, Kel-Tec’s jumping on the .300 Blackout bandwagon. They’ll be adding the new flavor to their SU-16 rifles, both in the CA (fixed stock) and C (underfolding stock) varieties. They say the suppressor-ready rifle will be available by mid-year. But as you might expect, no one’s really buying that around here. . .

I was talking with Kel-Tec engineering wiz Toby Obermeit when Phil Hill, of Jay’s Guns in Pensacola strolled up to the K-T booth and said to a buddy, “let’s go look at all the guns we can’t get yet.” Toby grinned resignedly and told Phil about the new production facility Kel-Tec’s just added and how they’re training staff to pump out KSGs as we speak. But with all their wolf-crying in years past, few will count those chickens until they’re hatched and laying eggs on a daily basis.

Toby was nice enough to put us on the list for a T&E SU-16, though. We’re hoping he’ll have the stock to make good on that so we can put it through the squat and cough review process. In the mean time, we’re sure Kel-Tec will forgive us if we don’t hold our breath while we wait.

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  1. Well since they already pump out the gun in 5.56 & there’s little to change to accommodate the new caliber, I can see Kel-Tec being able to churn these out in a more reasonable fashion then their other “new” guns.

    • Why bother dealing with the hassles of licensing with the whisper? The .300 blk is basically identical anyways and no confusion over the varying standards between the whisper and .300/221.

      • Good points. Never took licensing into consideration before. Still it would be nice to see the original get some credit here.

        • The Whisper got plenty of credit already. It’s time to move on and just talk about the 300BLK without constantly discussing the cartridge’s predecessors.

  2. I’ve already converted 500 pieces of .223 brass into .300 BLK brass as soon as I heard there would be a .300 BLK version of the SU-16. I have everything else I need to load some ammo and I’ll have it ready when the .300 BLK SU-16 is shipping.

    As was already mentioned, this is little more than a new barrel. There is a relatively minor tweak in the gas system, but that development is already done. Kel-Tec should be able to get these shipping very quickly. The only real issue I foresee is competition for engineering and manufacturing time with such a backlog for the RFB, PMR-30, and the KSG.

    It’s frustrating that Kel-Tec can’t meet the demand created by their innovative designs, but I prefer that problem to the problem at other gun manufacturers who think innovation is a pink grip to make a “ladies version”, or some inconsequential modification to an AR-15.

  3. While at the KelTec booth, did you happen upon any information regarding the RMR-30, the supposed carbine companion to the PMR-30? Was it even promoted?

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