New from Kel-Tec: SU-16 in .300 AAC Blackout

No doubt due to Foghorn’s incessant evangelizing, Kel-Tec’s jumping on the .300 Blackout bandwagon. They’ll be adding the new flavor to their SU-16 rifles, both in the CA (fixed stock) and C (underfolding stock) varieties. They say the suppressor-ready rifle will be available by mid-year. But as you might expect, no one’s really buying that around here. . .

I was talking with Kel-Tec engineering wiz Toby Obermeit when Phil Hill, of Jay’s Guns in Pensacola strolled up to the K-T booth and said to a buddy, “let’s go look at all the guns we can’t get yet.” Toby grinned resignedly and told Phil about the new production facility Kel-Tec’s just added and how they’re training staff to pump out KSGs as we speak. But with all their wolf-crying in years past, few will count those chickens until they’re hatched and laying eggs on a daily basis.

Toby was nice enough to put us on the list for a T&E SU-16, though. We’re hoping he’ll have the stock to make good on that so we can put it through the squat and cough review process. In the mean time, we’re sure Kel-Tec will forgive us if we don’t hold our breath while we wait.


  1. avatar Luc says:

    Well since they already pump out the gun in 5.56 & there’s little to change to accommodate the new caliber, I can see Kel-Tec being able to churn these out in a more reasonable fashion then their other “new” guns.

  2. avatar O.N. says:

    No love for the .300 Whisper, eh?

    1. avatar Matt Gregg says:

      Why bother dealing with the hassles of licensing with the whisper? The .300 blk is basically identical anyways and no confusion over the varying standards between the whisper and .300/221.

      1. avatar O.N. says:

        Good points. Never took licensing into consideration before. Still it would be nice to see the original get some credit here.

        1. avatar Jimmy says:

          The Whisper got plenty of credit already. It’s time to move on and just talk about the 300BLK without constantly discussing the cartridge’s predecessors.

  3. avatar Liberty4Ever says:

    I’ve already converted 500 pieces of .223 brass into .300 BLK brass as soon as I heard there would be a .300 BLK version of the SU-16. I have everything else I need to load some ammo and I’ll have it ready when the .300 BLK SU-16 is shipping.

    As was already mentioned, this is little more than a new barrel. There is a relatively minor tweak in the gas system, but that development is already done. Kel-Tec should be able to get these shipping very quickly. The only real issue I foresee is competition for engineering and manufacturing time with such a backlog for the RFB, PMR-30, and the KSG.

    It’s frustrating that Kel-Tec can’t meet the demand created by their innovative designs, but I prefer that problem to the problem at other gun manufacturers who think innovation is a pink grip to make a “ladies version”, or some inconsequential modification to an AR-15.

  4. avatar Badman400 says:

    I want one of the “Charlie” models!
    Also I’d love to have a PLR-300BLK to SBR.

  5. avatar Off Rhoden says:

    While at the KelTec booth, did you happen upon any information regarding the RMR-30, the supposed carbine companion to the PMR-30? Was it even promoted?

  6. avatar Caenus says:

    They have got to make a PLR-300. The 9.2″ barrel is berfect for the 300 blackout.

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