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McMillan has developed a rifle they call the C5, or Concealable Subsonic / Supersonic Suppressed Sniper System. It’s a rifle that breaks down into a 23.5 inch long package for easy transport in a backpack or briefcase, yet still is accurate out to 800 meters with a .75 MoA guarantee. But that’s not all…

There’s a number of features that make this rifle special, not the least of which is McMillan’s choice of a short, stubby barrel. Normal “sniper” rifles have long bull barrels, but McMillan decided to go with a shorter 12.5 inch rigid barrel on these firearms. For those who want that extra velocity McMillan will be producing a version with an 18 inch barrel as well, which squeaks past the ATF’s overall length requirement for non-NFA firearms.

Another feature that is really nifty isn’t necessarily the rifle itself but the ammunition. There isn’t a really good subsonic .308 load out there, so McMillan decided to make their own. Which is a challenge, as ammunition tends to become inconsistent at lower pressures and velocities. Their 200 grain subsonic load is hearing safe with a suppressed model of this firearm and claims some ridiculous level of accuracy — 1.5 MoA.

Another really interesting feature is that this gun will use standard SR-25 10 or 20 round magazines, making spares easy to find and upping the maximum capacity. good news for “tactical” snipers and lazy shooters (like me) alike.

I really love this concept, and its done beautifully here. The rifle feels right in your hands, the stock is as adjustable as you really need in the field, and the trigger is like pure sex.

The “stubby” version comes with a muzzle brake and threaded for a silencer, and the longer version comes with a threaded barrel and a thread protector.

And I think I want one…

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  1. 800 meters? Sub MOA aqccuracy with subsonic rounds? stubby little barrel? Why do I find these accuracy claims to be a bit “puffed”?

  2. The claim for 3/4MOA is for standard .308 ammo, the subsonic ammo McMillan developed will still shoot 1.5 MOA though!
    Awesome piece of kit!


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