As expected, Media Day at the Range was an absolute zoo. There were GOBS of people there, lines for the “good” guns were miles long, and vendors treated us more like annoying cattle than media professionals. AAC hosted their own “Big Bang Shoot” at a different range (invite only, BTW) which was much more quiet and intimate, but also had fewer vendors. Overall it was a fun experience, but like anything involved with these massive conventions one needed the virtues of patience and understanding to make it through with sanity in tact. And despite all of the guns I fired my favourite moment was meeting this guy for the first time. At least from here on in things will be climate controlled…


  1. That is who I think it is, right? The ex-Marine and Drill Instructor from the film Full Metal Jacket? That is so cool that you met him.

  2. Your website keeps crashing Chrome browser. I have 4 computers in the house and if I open your website on any of them using chrome it crashes, something about shockwave plugin.

    I thought you might wanna know this since it is probably happening to other visitors. From Firefox and IE works fine, but it is annoying having to startup firefox just to read your website :). Keep up with the good work. Thanks.


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