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Students at North Forest High School [in Houston, Texas] got clear backpacks Tuesday after a student brought a gun to school and shot another student,”┬áreports. The move for transparency accompanies the school’s decision to keep their metal detectors on until 10am (administrators had been switching them off after classes started). “If there’s another shooting incident, we’ll add daily pat downs and adopt a dress code that requires students to wear prison clothes,” a school official said. No he didn’t. Not yet.

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  1. Why do people think that increasing security AFTER the fact will do anything? How many times do we hear about repeat occurrences at the same location?

  2. They banned backpacks in my school the year after Columbine. They “Said” it was because of a fire hazard concern but every student knew why they did it. So here we were, left hauling heavy books around by hand with little to no time to get to our lockers between classes.

  3. What’s next? Clear clothes? Just how much privacy are the sheep willing to trade for the illusion of security?

  4. I know, how about all kids get home schooled from now on? School shootings go down to 0.

    Problem solved with no consequences at all.

    • Oh, nooooooooo. If people actually had to take care of their own children, the birth rate would be lower than the death rate.

  5. But htis shooting is double plus unpossible. First everyone knows it is against the law to have a gun in a school so there is no way it could have happened because the law is there to keep guns out. Second, to enforce this asinine law, the school had metal detectors. So how could this have happened?


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