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“A Seymour man was injured after a shotgun loaded with birdshot accidentally went off on Sunday,” reports. Once again, we’re looking at an immaculate discharge. As opposed to a negligent discharge. You know, where someone does something ill-advised and thereby submits his entry for a Darwin award. “According to the Blount County Sheriff’s Office, officials arrived at the scene of the accidental shooting around 2:00 p.m. Officials met the victim’s brother at the end of Mill Stone Gap Road . . .”

Joshua led the officers one half of a mile into the woods where officers found the victim, 21-year-old Joshua Wyrick Ryan, as well as his 21-year-old girlfriend by his side.

According to officials, Ryan’s gun was attached to his backpack [not shown] and it went off when he picked up the bag. Officials looked at the bag and saw the backpack strap was wound through the trigger guard.

They did not say where Ryan was shot.

In fact, there are a lot of questions here. Did Ryan wind the strap through the trigger intentionally to secure the shotgun as he was hiking through the woods? That’s not smart, especially as he forgot to unload the gun and keep the safety on.

Or did it kinda wind itself around the trigger all on its own, in a freakishly accidental way? That’s not lucky, especially as he forgot to unload the gun and keep the safety on.

One of the main responsibilities that a gun owner shoulders is learning how to shoulder his or her gun safely. It’s not rocket science—although all modern rockets have multiple, layered safety systems. As should a gun owner who doesn’t wish to take home our IGOTD award.

Of course, we wish Ryan a speedy recovery. Sometimes the most painful lessons are the most important. But if you can dodge that kind of bullet (or shot) and learn to be safe without undue personal perforation, I highly recommend you do so.

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  1. Don’t you just hate it when your gun magically goes off? Almost as annoying as when my car runs red lights of its own accord.

    • Or when those stupid spoons shovel ice cream into Rosie’s face all on their own. How about those damned matches always starting fires when nobody’s looking? I tell you, this world just isn’t safe, what with all these inanimate objects that just seem to have minds of their own!

  2. Every time I hear of someone getting shot with birdshot, all I can think of is Dick Cheney’s friend apologizing for getting shot in the face.

  3. They did not say where Ryan was shot.

    Well, since his GF was still waiting with him for the emergency crew, I think I know where he wasn’t shot.

  4. I know it’s not a picture if the IGOTD but what is up with that shotshell holder on the guy’s shotgun scabbard in the picture? Seems like it would be pretty hard to reach.


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