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Have you ever wanted to nab the refrigerator thief in the house is who’s been scarfing down the leftover pizza you were saving for breakfast? No? OK, have you ever thought it would be cool to know if the humidity in your gun safe suddenly rises? Yeah? Well Liberty Safe has just the thing to keep you informed. A wifi-enabled monitoring gizmo to alert you via email or text when something’s up with your firearms collection . . .

Payson, Utah, May 9, 2013, Liberty Safe— World famous for their line of super tough reliable firearm safes has devised a revolutionary portable and wireless alarm system in cooperation with Elertus Cloud Services.

SafElert is a compact 3x2x1-inch wireless hi-tech communications device you can employ in any existing safe or any other confined space including your dresser drawers, automobile, liquor cabinet, or even in your refrigerator to catch a secret snacker.

The SafElert is set into any safe or targeted area to be monitored; you arm it and go enjoy your life.

The SafElert will notify you if your safe (any safe) is jarred, hit, pried, moved, opened, over heated, the handle is jostled or most anything else out of the ordinary. Additionally the system will even automatically send you a weekly humidity report from the inside the safe.

SafElert is another example of Liberty’s innovative thinking in an increasingly complex and dangerous world. We are always looking for ways to better protect what our customer’s value.”–Kim Waddoups, President, Liberty Safes.

The alarm and reports are sent as texts or emailsthrough a Wi-Fi system and received via email messaging and cell/smart phone via Elertus Cloud services. And if any of those systems fails, SafElert will even notify you of that particular failure event when it checks in every hour.  It even notifies you when the batteries are getting low.

You can have up to five people receive this information. So if you forget your cell phone or go on a hunting trip without your electronic toys and an alert comes in, any one of these other people can react to the alarm.

What you need:  A home Wi-Fi network (wireless router) and smartphone, tablet, PC, or Mac connected to your wireless router.

Making it work:

1. Place batteries into the SafElert
2. Sign up at
3. Choose various targeted items to be monitored (heat, movement, humidity, etc.)
4. Place SafElert inside the safe or protected item and you are set.


  • Case: Polycarbonate plastic
  • Size: 3.1″ long x 2.5″ wide x 1.05″ high
  • Weight: 2.5 oz. (without batteries)
  • Power: Two AA 1.5 Volt alkaline batteries (generally last one year)
  • Heat range: -30 to +150 Degrees F
  • Humidity range: 0-100%
  • MSRP: SafElert unit, $199.00
  • Monitoring: The SafElert communicates via wireless electronic communication to the Elertus 24-hour 365 day Internet Cloud Service monitoring for as low as $39.95 a YEAR! That’s only about $3.30 a month!
  • Available though all Liberty Safe Dealers

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  1. Cool idea, but $200 seems high for the components involved. I’m not sure why you would even need a 3rd party for monitoring. If it connects via WiFi it should be able to send an email. “telnet smtphost 25”.

    • You’re paying for convenience, and for someone else’s knowledge and support.

      Most people probably don’t have both the hard- and software savvy to put together the same capability set, or at least not for that price.

      • I can’t imagine it’s any more complicated to set up or operate than the wireless IP cameras in my house.

        I’ll buy one of these when they don’t come with a subscription fee. Maybe.

        • Got a regular little Bloombergstown in your home, do ye? For the man about town who just can’t get enough surveillance.

  2. This sounds like a perfect add-on in any situation where you think someone in your household might be tampering or “sneaking a peak” without permission.

    With the recent flak over Rob Pincus and gun safes in kids’ rooms … sounds like another layer of responsibility to me.

  3. I would buy this if not for the BS subscription 3rd party monitoring.

    I have an idea for a new arduino project now though…

    • Good idea. I wanted to play with the arduino stuff, but old cars, guns and ammo take up my budget.

      • The great thing about Arduino is you can buy the Uno for about 35 bucks and the IDE is free. Also you can write applications for your computer that interact with it with other free tools too. Like Processing. It’s like all the joy of programming devices and computers without actually having to write real code.


  4. Great, in their infinite wisdom, some two-bit legislator is going to think this should be mandated. It would certainly make enforcement of mandatory reporting laws more palatable to the general public.

    • This may be trouble even without further legislation. If your safe is breached and you do not have this device, any subsequent consequences might be attributed to your reckless negligence. That may or may not be enough for criminal prosecution, but it would definitely have tort attorneys salivating.

  5. Ok, you get the alert. Your family is out. You’re at the gas station. Do you come racing home to check it out? Do you call the cops? Have you the training to handle 3 guys in your house and a driver outside, all armed? Do you know how to describe this situation to the police without getting yourself in trouble? “yes 911 I have all these guns and ammunition along with gun powder and well yes, its a Liberty Fatboy, I have 40 ARs in there….yes lots of gun powder”

    Does Sen. Schumer and Bloomberg make it mandatory to hook local police up to it?

  6. Great for common sense safe firearm storage! I think the government ought to subsidize this for all gun owners! /sarc

  7. wouldn’t install it if you gave it to me free…over the open air waves so big brother can monitor…no thanks i’ll keep throwing in free silica bags when i open something new…

  8. in today’s age of wireless internet, I ain’t paying a monitoring service. that’s just stupid.

  9. I will purchase one for peace of mind. Most top, back and the sides of gunsafes are constructed of 10 & 12 gauge steel. A cordless deWalt hand grinder will get in a safe less than 20 minutes. Opens like a can opener without touching the door or combination! My Liberty safe will keep my family out but “Joe the bad guy” could have his way with it, while I’m at work. My plan it to keep my safe hidden and install a safelert monitoring system. PS most $2000 safes are made of 12 gauge sides, don’t keep cash in them, my next safe will have 1/2 inch sides and I will pay up!

  10. I left one small item out. When you watch those company videos showing you how well built there safes are. They are sanding down there welds with a hand grinder! Install a diamond disc on one of those and they cut like butter. They alway show two Goobers prying with a crow bar not able to get the door off on the pry test.

  11. I have one up and running. Yes, there is an external antena that can be routed through just about any small hole in the unit. Very easy set up and so far so good. It monitors open/close, humidity, temp and the state of the battery. the monitoring service allows you to set up custom alerts on temperature and other things.

  12. Before you spend $199.00 it may not work with your rand new router. I found this out way to late. I had problems with this device from day one. The engineers at Elertus know they have problems with certain routers, and have not fixed the problems yet. I had a hard time trying to get refunded for the unit, and subscription. I have a brand new Belkin router, and have had no issues using anything wireless, but this device does not work well with it. It seems that some routers go to sleep, and this is where you have the problem with the device sending you text messages that there in an Internet connection loss. Finally after dealing with Elertus, Liberty Safes, and the local gun shop that sold it to me I received a refund. It only took 2 months to do all this. Once I returned it to the local gun store only then did they tell me that they are aware of these issues with other customers. I believe after that comment they just lost me as a devoted customer at their store.


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