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Kimber’s jumping into the tiny .380 1911-style pistol market, too, with their two new Micro CDP (custom defense package) guns – one with plain rosewood grip and one with Crimson Trace Lasergrips. These easily concealed minis feel great in the hand and feature front strap checkering, a beveled mag well and steel dovetailed sights. These 6+1 beauties will weigh in at only 13.4 oz. They’ll ship with one flush mag and an extended seven rounder with more finger room will be an option. Better save up your shekels, though, ’cause MSRP is $1,100 for the standard grip gun and $1,400 if you want it with the laser. But don’t bother running right out to your dealer yet. They won’t start shipping until October.

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  1. Ok. I’ll be the first to say it. Eleven hundred USD for a cocked and locked 7 round 380? Stack ’em high and watch ’em fly; Stack ’em deep and sell ’em cheap. Good grief!

  2. don’t worry about the money, you probably will not see the gun for years. My gun store and range is a Kimber Master Dealer and i have yet to see a Kimber Solo for sale. In fact they will not even take orders for one, as they say that customers get angry when it a Solo never shows up for sale.

    • check ky gun co. I bought one there for $699. They always have kimber solo’s in stock. The only place ive seen that has them. It was a long journey but I finally found one and love it. Very ammo picky fyi.

  3. For $1,100, you’d think they could include a 2nd magazine. Don’t go all Kahr on me.

    Seriously though, just buy a LCP.

  4. Well, it’s nice but I’ll keep my old AMT .380 Backup, at that price for the Kimber. The AMT never fails to go “BANG” when I pull the trigger. I don’t use it that often, except for the occasional range-check and cleaning.

  5. I ordered my Solo in February of last year, after SHOTShow. It took 10 months, but it finally arrived. And apparently, I received the only Solo in existence that has not had some failure requiring an immediate diatribe on the internet. I love it. This one looks nice too. Though the price point is a barrier to purchase for sure.

  6. Colt Mustang. Say it with me, two words: first word “Colt”, second word “Mustang”. The SIG P238 and this new Kimber are both clones of the “Colt Mustang”. Which is not a miniaturized 1911. Other than being single action and often fitted with double-diamond grips, the two have nothing in common. No barrel bushing, no swinging link, no grip safety, no forked sear spring, a hinged trigger instead of a sliding trigger with stirrup, and a hinged ejector too. There’s no shame in it. They’re fine little pistols that sell like hotcakes. So much so that Colt is actually bringing back the Mustang to capture some of the business, and now Kimber is jumping on board too. I have two P238s myself. But they’re not 1911s. Not even a little.

  7. All I want to know is; will those laser grip panels fit on a P238/mustang? I have no desire to buy this pistol, I already have a P238 and love it. What I really want are laser grips for it.

    And yeah I know they make the laser guard model for the P238, I don’t want that ugly thing.

    • This.

      The entire concept of a device that attaches to the trigger guard is idiotic in my opinion; Either it attaches to the grip, or it doesn’t go on my gun.

      Personally, I don’t see why Crimson Trace didn’t come out with lasergrips for the P238/Mustang from the get-go….

    • Looking at that picture again, this pistol looks like a direct copy of the mustang with a few cosmetic changes. Look at the safety detent and even the shape/appearance of the safety. Now check out the trigger pin.

      Using the thumb as a reference the stocks appear to be the same size as my p238.

  8. I own several Kimbers and I love them all, but you can buy the Kimber Ultra Carry 45 for the same money. The only Kimber I own that isn’t a 45 is my Rimfire Super from their Custom Shop that cost arm and a leg, and I had to wait fourteen months for it to arrive. I let new shooters use it because it’s so easy to shoot and one of the most fun handguns I’ve ever owned. I’m going to buy the Solo and maybe this lil sucker, but I’d never carry either for self defense. I’ll stick with the good old 45 for home and carry.

  9. Looks nice but you can get the Sig 238 for a lot less and you can get a light, accurate, safe to carry Kahr P380 W/ round in chamber for under $700 – so what’s with the $1100 MSRP?

    The only thing different from the Sig is the ambi safety – Sigs aren’t bad and that ambi safety isn’t worth $500.

    • Also, Sig is now offering the P238 with an ambi-safety as an option, and there is at least one company that’s fabricating them too.

    • You are implying that you cannot carry one in the chamber safely in a Sig P238? Much safer than all the Glocks out there with 5.5 lb. triggers. The trigger pull on the P238 is close to 8 lbs and first you have to disengage a manual safety that does not disengage itself without a concerted effort to do so. However the P238 is marketed to those who are more into show than go so I can understand why carrying cocked and locked can appear scary. 🙂

  10. These little pistols all miss the boat! What is needed is a double action pistol that’s a copy of the Pony Pocketlite but without the terrible Internal Extracter to cause re-assembly to be such a hassle!

    They’re copying the wrong gun. When you get a gun that small you want a true pocket gun where you can just pull the trigger.

    • The *extractor* isn’t the part that makes reassembly interesting; you’re thinking of the *ejector*.

      The extractor grabs the case rim and yanks it out of the chamber as the slide cycles, and the ejector is the piece of metal that knocks the case off the extractor as the slide cycles.

  11. Let’s see, take a $600 Colt, add front and back checkering, decent sights, and an ambi safety. Double the price. WHAAAAT?!?! Now the built-in Crimson Trace is pretty cool looking, but ANOTHER $300??? For that kinda cash you can have a Solo in each pocket and in 9mm to boot.
    Not that it matters to me. Us commoners in California aren’t allowed to buy these “unsafe” little guns.

  12. Does anyone know if Crimson Trace will be making lasergrips for the Sig p238. If they made one for this, why don’t they make something for the 238. This one is nice looking but the low introductory price of 1400 on a POCKET 380 is just insane.

  13. Love my stock .45 Kimber Custom Classic. Bought it in 2000 and will never sell it.
    Bought my wife a Sig P238 Diamond Plate last month that cost more than my Kimber did. Her .380 is accurate, no recoil, and the perfect gun for her. I liked hers so much I ordered and purchased a P238 Equinox. I’ve got to say they are MUCH better than the old or new Colt Mustang. (Got one of those too). Would I pay $1100 for a new Kimber 380. Don’t think so.

  14. What the advantage of this weapon be over a Sig P238? Seems like the same or very similar gun for more $$$

  15. i own 3 kimbers crimson carry custom target and solo all shoot very accurate didnt have to wait no time for them .whats your life worth you get what you pay for .go kimber

  16. Just called Kimber – .380 delivery starts Feb / March 2014. That probably won’t happen either.

  17. Don’t sweat over the MSRP…. Gunbroker sellers are getting a ton more than MSRP anyway!! Seems there is a market for this badboy no matter what anyone says about Kimbers. It’s gonna be a hot seller as always for micro’s in this day and age. I own a Kimber STS and like it very well. Totally reliable if you follow the manual and ONLY use 124 grain and up ammunition. If you shoot 115 grain, you need to put down the gun and learn to read!! Kimber will tell you that every time. And hopefully they’ll be laughing at you when you send a solo in for repair issues that do not need to take place.

    Personally, I’m gonna buy one for sure. I like the stainless model best. I however will wait a while for the price to come down a bit, and to make sure the bugs and recalls are over. Until then I’ll continue to carry my micro desert eagle, mexican IWB. It’s a frigging micro tank and I love it! It’s truly a supercarry weapon meaning I carry it ALL THE TIME!! Can’t beat a gun that you always have on you.

  18. I have Kimber CDP II and Gold Match II. Wonderful firearms. Bought both used and have had no problems. Great way to avoid break in problems. Handled your Micro yesterday. I have Kahr P380. Both are same size or so close it doesn’t matter, Kahr is slightly lighter. Kahr has longer trigger pull. Kimber micro CDP is really a beautiful little gun. If you have the money and the ego, get the Kimber. I also had 238. Cocked and locked does not bother me. I still like the Kahr because of weight

  19. My wife carries the P238 and it’s one of my favorite guns ever, especially for a pocket .380. I’d love to carry this CDP, but does anyone know if the mags are interchangeable with the Sig P238? I’ve heard that the Sig/Colt mags can be used in either; wondering if that’s the case here.

  20. Just received my Kimber Micro 380. First time at the range I used 100 rounds of off-brand ammo. Not a single snag or problem – all 100 went through fine. At 25 feet I was easily hitting the 6 inch metal drop-down targets. I was also able to hit the same targets about half the time shooting from the hip, something that’s possible only with a laser. Trigger action was smooth. Mag loaded easily, although it took a firm push on the bottom to get it to fully seat. Laser comes sighted for 50 feet, which I will change to 25, which I think is a more realistic distance for self-defense. This is a weapon I will carry often. I couldn’t be happier with the pistol, even though, yes, I paid a premium. From my perspective, few if any of us will ever face a situation that requires us to rely on a weapon. But, if and when it does happen, a weapon that’s completely reliable and accurate will give me the best odds, and if I pay an extra $300 and survive the encounter, I will consider it the best money I’ve ever spent.

  21. I just received my Micro Carry. First impressions are good. It is much smoother than my S&W Bodygaurd. It feels nice in my hand and works well so far. The trigger pull is smooth and crisp. I’ve only Fired 75 rounds but, in just couple of magazines I was comfortably putting all my shots in a 4 inch target at 7 yards. I did buy the extended magazine but felt more comfortable with the standard 6 round magazine. I’m very pleased.

    • I bought a Kimber micro 380 w/laser. I read your comments and agree. I’ve now put about 500 rounds through my Kimber and not one misfire. The laser took a little centering (which was fun) but I can put them in a 5 inch circle at about 25 feet. Some may look down on lasers, but as you get older and your eyesight makes it increasingly difficult to get sights and the target in focus, lasers are the solution. Great carry weapon. Hope I never need it but am glad I have it.

      • Hi Bob; I just bought my wife the Kimber 380 Rosewood. What brand of ammo did you buy that you have been able to avoid misfires? With FMJ, Hollow Point, etc??

  22. Just bought one one from a gun buddy who wanted a Beretta Pico worse than he wanted this Kimber. It is WAY tighter than the Sig 380 and is, IMO, perfect for anyone who thinks “1911” in their sleep. Same everything. The barrel tilts only slightly, unlike the others, the grip is secure and even decent for big hands like mine. Get the white-dot sights, to be sure, unless you want to spring for Meprolite sights or a Trijicon front. Seating the magazine requires a very firm push, but anyone who has handled semi-autos for zillions of rounds will not blink about that – push until it clicks. I’d have preferred to buy the Custom model with Crimson Trace laser and ambi safety, but at a third the price I am VERY happy with my basic Kimber. Fits perfectly into the Sneaky Pete that I had for the Walther PPK I sold.

    I have listened to a lot of bitching about Kimber products in the past 2-3 years, but I find this Micro 380 to be an excellent little gun for the price. It now is my go-to everyday carry gun. Extra mags are reasonable in price and I got custom-made leather mag pockets in the deal – one open-top in-the-pocket and one snap-top enclosed with belt clip. Could not be happier, relative to the cost.

  23. I have been looking at the Kimber Micro Solo Carry for awhile now. I have done a lot of my homework and so far it is my favorite gun. The safety is on this gun is outstanding.

  24. Picked up my Kimberley CDP .380 LG. What a beautiful gun. Smooth. Very tight with no rattle. After the first field striping, it is very easy. Brand new with a couple hundred rounds of SIG .380 ammo was just over $1000. The Crimson Trace laser has lifetime battery replacement. Yeah it’s expensive… I would rather own this than 5 Rugar LCP’s. JMO.

  25. Did anyone ever confirm that the Lasergrips for the Kimber Micro .380 (LG-478) actually fit on a Colt Mustang Pocketlite? Crimson Trace says no, but I’m hoping that this is only because Kimber wants them to say that and the answer is really “yes, no problem.” Thanks in advance…

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