Savage is here with a new single shot .22lr rifle aimed at the youth market. Not literally, though. It sports an accurately proportioned stock for a youth, nice bright orange feed ramp, fully functional manual safety, the same great trigger as on the “big boy” rifles and a pretty darned good aperture sight system. MSRP is gunna be $174 on this puppy, and it looks like the perfect rifle at the perfect price for getting your younguns into shooting.


  1. Check me if my taste is bad, but those stocks are kind of nice looking. Certainly better than the heavily striated Model 42 or Ruger American.

  2. Nick – can you get a test on those?

    Honestly – this is what I’ve been looking for for my grandkids if the weight & balance is decent. The “fully functional manual safety” is what I’ve been missing from some of the other youth-oriented offerings in .22 – which drives me nuts.

  3. Looks like a perfect gun for my wife and my daughter, both of whom are only 5′-0″ tall. Price is sure reasonable too.


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