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It’s probably safe to say that Angela knows more about Drago Gear’s packs, cases and other tacticalia than most booth babes do about the wares they’ve been contracted to hawk. She said Drago’s been around for about a year now and judging by their staffing decisions, they’ve got a bright future.

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  1. no offense to her, but I could go to Wal-Mart and see action like that all day. It’s obvious that next year you need to take me and let me be the official babe finder.

    • What Wal-Mart is that? – none that I have ever been in. She is very attractive and looks like she can take care of herself, with or without a gun.

    • Hey bradon why don’t you show us a pick of your girlfriend if your camera’s lens is wide enough! The fact is most dudes who talk smack like you are ugly and have about as much chance at getting a girl like that then Osama bin laden is to finding Jesus !!

  2. Here is my Christmas wish.

    The number of women who care about firearms and the Second Amendment continues to climb, to the point where they become as important and as appealing a marketing target as men are. As a result, at the very next SHOT Show, half of the booth babes are actually booth dudes: 20-something male models in muscle shirts and shorts, showing off pink-handled automatics, etc., for all of the cameras. Of course, as a service to their female readers, TTAG takes their photographs, and those female TTAG readers post comments like, “Hey, wouldn’t I love to unload HIS concealed weapon,” etc.

    All in good fun, of course. And no extrapolations from those comments to the general intelligence or non-sexual value of either gender would be intended, on either side.

    Of course.

  3. Good Heavens. Her skin looks she is in the process of becoming a zombie. I realize that shooting under fluorescent lighting gives a green tone to white skin [which is why I suspect that the killing of the incandescent, like the tax on tanning parlors, was racist, directed against light-skinned folk.] However, there are many good photo-correction programs out there that would fix this in moments.

    Remember, a camera is only a tool, and like all tools, you have to know how to use it. Cameras don’t kill appearances; photographers do.

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