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I own a GunCruzer 6-Pack Universal Handgun Case. Except for that one time where I picked up the case without securing the clasps—spilling a variety of revolvers and semis all over the floor at American Firearms School—it’s been a satisfying ownership experience. I transport my guns through The People’s Republic of Massachusetts safe in the knowledge that a Statie could instantly see that my firearms are “in a locked case or other secure container,” twin padlocks and all. GunCruzer’s new $350 Universal 2C Modular Gun Case promises to provide a similarly smooth and secure ride for my SCAR and/or Remington 700 SPS. The lockable ammo compartment doesn’t meet MA’s legal requirements, but the Glock insert is just the ticket for my travel plans. Press release after the jump. Testing and Evaluation sample on its way . . .

“Security is the prime issue for hunters, military and law enforcement personnel who travel with rifles up to 48.5” in length. Whether in the field or in the airport, professionals and civilians know they can rely on the new GunCruzer Universal 2C Modular Gun Case to lock out thieves and damaging weather conditions.

The GunCruzer Modular carrying case by CaseCruzer is far different from most rifle carrying cases. A built-in hidden ammunition box meets stringent regulations because it is bolted into the base if the case; and its contents can be secured with a standard-sized padlock.

An accessory box at the opposite end of the case makes it convenient to carry equipment into the field. Ear plugs, safety glasses, cleaning kits, or optics all fit snugly in the compartment. Even a small handgun can be secured. But that requires ordering pre-scored foam and extra padding — both of which are optional with the GunCruzer 2C Modular Gun Case by CaseCruzer.

The ammo box and accessory chamber support weapons up to 48.5″ in length with protective cushioning. They are also fitted with horizontal hinged-doors that can only be accessed after the long rifle has been removed from the carrying case.  Easy-trigger latches and a heavy-duty lid that stands upright when fully opened, make this case a handy companion for rifle users.

The four-position locking system adds another dimension of security for hunters, target shooters, and civilians who own rifles for self-defense purposes. Military and law enforcement personnel will also find this carrying case ideal because the locking mechanism meets all regulations and standards for safety against theft.

The GunCruzer 2C Modular Gun Case is designed for a single rifle only. Scopes and mounts will also fit in the case, provided they do not exceed interior dimensions of 50.50″ L x 14.50″ W x 6″ H. The lid depth is 1.5″ and the base is 4.5″. The exterior dimensions are 53.13″ L x 17″ W x 7″ H.  When empty, the case weighs only 25 lbs. Lighter than its competition, yet twice as strong.

Embedded wheels and a folding handle mean travel is easy with this reusable shipping solution. When making air-flight plans, please note this gun case is not a carry-on. All weapons cases must be checked-in with other luggage.

All sorts of firearms can be transported in the GunCruzer carrying case thanks to its modular design. The gun case includes Velcro straps positioned as needed to fully protect short and long rifles, keeping it from sliding so that it cannot be damaged while in transit. Both ends of the rifle — barrel and stock — are cushioned against the jolts and turbulence of travel. Foam cushioning in the lid and portions of the interior base add an extra layer of protection.

The GunCruzer 2C Modular Gun Case is waterproof, airtight and dustproof, so weapons will be protected when traveling between dry and wet environments. The shipping solution is designed with an o-ring seal and automatic pressure release valve. These and other features guard against UV rays, solvents, corrosion and fungus.

Like all CaseCruzer carrying cases, the GunCruzer 2C Modular comes with a lifetime guarantee.”

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  1. I currently travel with a Pelican 1750, but should I find myself needing another case, this one might be worth a look. I don’t currently drive through areas with really stringent gun laws, but if I did, I could see how the second lockable ammunition area might be a good thing to have.

  2. You know it strikes me that GunCruzer’s Universal Handgun Case looks a lot like Pelican cases, in fact a lot of there stuff looks like rip-offs of Pelican cases.

  3. Too heavy to fly with without paying an extra $50-$75 each way. I always take 2 rifles and a box of ammo for each and with this case you’d be over 50 pounds.

    Just something to think about.

    • Well, this one’s designed for a single rifle, but I’ve flown with my 25# Pelican 1750 with two rifles that weigh about 8# each, scoped. That’d still leave about 9# for ammo, although I don’t normally fly with any.

  4. … Except for that one time where I picked up the case without securing the clasps—spilling a variety of revolvers and semis all over the floor at American Firearms School— …

    As “cringe-worthy” as that must have been, at least it didn’t happen in an airport. :-O


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