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    • I’ve seen Bill O’Reilly debate him a couple of times on Fox. Maher seems to be an extremely joyless human being. I’m not really into those people.

  1. Actually what he said was not stupid at all. The title of the post made me expect his usual sarcastic comedy routine but in fact this was very thoughtful and well said.

    • Yes, if this is the bit you meant, Mikey: I quote Bill, “Guns are next to godliness…” Who would have thought it? Naturally it was his British interlocutor, recently mixed up in the “News Corp bribes cops” scandal, who provided all the “I’m so astounded” comments. As the “peace provided by the rifle over the mantel of every cottage” (to quote George Orwell) has left Britain, yob crime has skyrocketed, and even the UN International Narcotics Control Committee has designated parts of Manchester, Birmingham, and Liverpool as “no-go zones controlled by drug gangs.”

      Personally, I prefer the Britain which found a pheasant double gun and a rifle absolutely normal (and cherished) possessions, and elevated them, often enough, to magnificent works of art. If Maher had a Rigby .275 or Holland & Holland Royal Double, he could appreciate the polishing bit. I note with sadness that the final tragedy in the life of actor Peter Sellers was this, that he died one month before his (custom) Purdey London Best Gun was ready for delivery. We hear all about the mortality caused by a gun shooter, but nothing of the dramatic (and much greater) rise in deaths due to illegally-sold drugs…which flowered under the rapid increase in gun bans in Britain and elsewhere. What you look for is what you see.

    • Mike, I think I’m gonna join a boat forum, because you have inspired me. I don’t like boats, I have never owned a boat, I’ve been on a boat less than half a dozen times in my 55 years of life, and vomited severely on one of those trips, therefore, I’ve decided that all boats and boat owners must be bad. Boats must be taken from the masses and only allowed to be owned and used by properly trained military personnel. From the lowly canoe to the biggest super yacht, I’ll work to see that they are all confiscated, rendered unfloatable, and destroyed. Boats are bad, I tell you because they make people vomit. Bad boats! Bad Boats! Must stop boats!! ARRRRRRGHHHhhhhhhh…….. (as I run maniacally off into the wilderness shouting incoherently about boats and boating and vomit)

    • Of course Bill Maher hates guns….after all…he has his own armed body guards. You can search it for yourself. His life is protected by body guards who carry guns but believes everyone else should be unarmed. Apparently, his life is more important than everyone elses.

      • Reading the comments down thread, it seems to me you guys just can’t stand someone having a different opinion than you do.

        Maher speaks in extremes, but his opinion is valid and that must hit a nerve with you.

        • Actually crafting an argument with facts is one thing. Maher presents his opinions as fact. Opinions are fine, but don’t confuse them with fact.

        • Again, my God given rights are NOT negotiable! What would you say to a talking head who is of the opinion that your 1st amendment rights should be taken away? Would you consider that a “reasonable” and “valid” opinion?

  2. Funny thing about Maher, everytime he opens his mouth I just can’t shake the vision of quasi male Rachel MadCow yelping about something…

    I don’t know what it is but it happens everytime (which thankfully isn’t often) I swear!

  3. Wow. Every time that guy opened his mouth nothing came out. I heard a whole lot of crying about guns but nothing constructive whatsoever. From what I heard both are upset about how easy it is to get guns in the U.S (ironic from the Brit who’s country is still rebuilding and fear-laden from ‘unarmed’ riots – lulz). I will go ahead and ask why then is it that Canada’s shooting rate is on par with the U.S.’s? They have laws there and a lot less guns. So are they suggesting that we just remove guns from our society altogether? If so, only cops get guns? And after that only people who want to break the law pay enough to a cop to get their gun? I can never see and logic in a gun grabbers agenda – just sensationalism.

  4. Except hes projecting his own views onto me. I don’t worship my guns. I view them as tools. I polish and clean them to keep them working properly. I appreciate craftsmanship and well made tools because they are more reliable and last longer. That’s one reason I enjoy my Mac as well, but I don’t worship it. Maher is suggesting that I, and other gun owners too simple and stupid to be able to separate appreciation of an object and idolatry. Maher may be to simple and stupid to comprehend, but I am not. There is nothing thoughtful about what he said, it’s simply illogical.

  5. That’s funny. Bill Maher wonders why we like our guns and I wonder why anyone listens to Bill Maher.

    It’s so Zen, ain’t it?

  6. Guns are a religion? Hmmm, I think I like that idea.

    Rev. Joe Grine. Pastor of the Church of Sam Colt.

  7. It’s interesting and sorta boring to watch these discussions by two anti-gun advocates when you are an informed member of the pro RKBA community. Every anti-gun line they said was so easy to explain how it is taken out of context and how the bigger picture changes perceptions.

    • Given the way he remarks about never getting rid of all guns and that he looks at them like antibiotics, I wouldn’t be surprised if he has a few guns of his own. He probably sees himself as more capable and deserving of owning a gun because he’s so much smarter and more famous than the typical simpleton gun owner. Just a hunch.

      Sad, I used to enjoy Maher…never agreed with him 100%, but I seem to recall him being a lot more Libertarian leaning 10 years ago.

  8. It seems that the more rich and famous people become the more out of touch with the masses of every day working Joes they become. The ones out there that don’t live up on a big estate behind high walls. They get driven in locked cars and ushered to and fro by security. Let him walk out of his studio and straight into a gang neighborhood. Even take away all the gang bangers’ guns and knives. Leave them with just bats and their fists. Maher will be making out with his gun like a first time school kid.

    • Lots of the rich and famous are devotees of shooting. Demi Moore, Angelina Joli, Mark Zuckerberg, and Clint Eastwood come to mind. Even Vermont Senator Patrick Leahy is in there. Clays shooting is still popular among many of the rich. There is momentum behind the gun-rights movement. BTW, Maher is on the board of PETA, and I suppose is contractually forbidden to talk about his favorite guns.

      • Last I checked, the NRA didn’t go around committing criminal acts of assault, property destruction, and battery on their opponents. PETA does.

        That in a nutshell explains the type of person Bill Maher is.

      • Ropingdown you are right absolutely right about that. I guess what I should have said is that, he in particular, can afford to have that opinion, unlike many of the “regular” folks. His opinion might be different if he didn’t have the means to isolate himself from bad guys. You caught me going from the particular to the general with no real facts ๐Ÿ™

        • Your comment made complete sense. I just wanted to make it clear that among those safe, isolated, non-comprehending-the-problem rich people, there are many who enjoy guns. laugh.

  9. I just wish the host had asked Maher whether he owns a gun. I’d bet the contents of my wallet that he does.

  10. At first, I had a whole long post written out here, but it comes down to this:

    Pretty much what I expected.


    People sure do like to hear opinions that match their own.

  11. I don’t agree with what he said. But it wasn’t name calling either. Title of this post is misleading.
    Piers Morgan was the more off-base one IMO… I always get an anger response when I hear a European criticize the US.

  12. Watching Maher flap his gums about guns is like watching a cat trying to cough up a fur ball, it’s the same old rant over and over and over and over…

  13. Maher’s statements just prove he has nothing worthwhile to say, as usual. It is a gratifying commentary on the liberal left that Maher remains their Poster Boy for Political Comment and Satire. Piers Morgan….well, he should go back to the UK and stay there.

  14. It’s disappointing to see how his atheist views (which to me should suggest a libertarian) are so misaligned with his arrogant desire to control the unwashed masses, which is so prominently displayed with his views on gun rights. However, even his religious views come from a contemptuous, pedantic place so I suppose it’s not really that surprising.

    • He grew up in a practicing Irish Catholic household, though with a Jewish mother. He’s still working out his spirituality one supposes. The family stopped going to Mass because of the anti-birth control thing. I can’t blame them. World to Pope: “You no playa da game, you no maka da rules” is my view. Also, I didn’t want to raise twelve kids.

  15. As the pro-gun control attitude continues to lose political value, we can expect its adherents to get crazier and more incoherent. Since they are no longer constrained by the more moderate voices urging them to make their views palatable to the masses, they will remove the mask and reveal their true contempt for their fellow citizens and for the things those citizens value (guns, religion, the military, etc.)

  16. The people who worship guns are the ones who are afraid of them and treat them like they’re any more than the tools they are.

    • They have the same mentality as those who know nothing about them and yet talk like subject matter experts (ala mainstream media). I can’t think of how many times my AR15 or 870 has been referred to as an “UZI” by ignorant street trash. And yes, I do lump Bill Maher into the same category.

  17. Listen to that interview again and mentally exhcange the word guns with cars.

    2010 traffic fatalities: 32,885

    Where’s the outrage?

  18. Mr. Farago, the next time you post one of Maher’s happy little rants, or anything from any of the leftist news networks, would you please print, directly above the video, the warning “BARF ALERT!!” in bold, all-caps, about a 32-point size? Thank you. It is SO hard to clean the vomit off the keyboard – one never seems to be able to get rid of the odor.

  19. Perhaps if he actually owned one or two, maybe (just maybe) he would understand.

    I do not know if he does or doesn’t, and I don’t have time to watch the video. I need to work, make more money, so I can buy more guns – and love those just as much as I love all my other guns.

    Thank you for expressing your opinion Mr. Maher, but I do not respect it.

  20. Watched the clip, feel the need to take another shower.
    Sitting in that booster chair I doubt his feet are touching the floor.
    Good news was 300 million guns in USA and new ones are made everyday.

  21. If the economy was doing good they would be all over our guns.

    I dont worship my gun. It’s a tool. A very good tool. I take it out to practice with, and clean. I perform regular maintenance as should everyone, especially on any type of machine with moving parts. This maintenance ensures my safety, and the safety of those around me. The Amoxicillin is just sitting in my medicine cabinet waiting for its “expiration date.”

  22. Bill Maher is hardly worth mentioning. Its amazing that people actually watch him, just goes to show the level of some people.

  23. It’s not the object, it’s the means to the end.

    “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State…”

    If the security of a free state, and my open personal right to life, could be secured with only free speech, or free healthcare, or whatever else is being handed out for free these days, then I might consider giving that a try.

  24. “you cant really work out how the perpetrators were able to get hold of these guns in any sensible legal manner”

    Making stuff more illegal wont ever change this statement.

  25. Personal attacks on Bill Maher totally miss the point. He is saying that guns can be useful tools but, unlike other tools, many seem to worship and fetishize them in America. I am guilty of this too, but it still poses an interesting question: why, beyond basic practice and maintenance of our firearms, do we adore them so much?

    • I think that’s the most level-headed I’ve ever seen Mr. Maher. Piers Morgan’s words angered me more. Although it’s no suprise they agree on the issue of gun proliferation, the left-wing comedian is now the level-headed one, and the journalist is the ranting extremist. I’m so confused …

      • Agreed. To be fair, though, Piers Morgan’s attitude seems fairly common among European visitors. The sheer presence of and ease of access to so many guns is shocking to those from generally anti-gun polities.

        • Don’t tell me you swallowed the “easy access” kool aid. A firearm is the only product on the market where you have to go through a federal background check to purchase. In Illinois, you have to obtain an FOID card from the State police before you can even touch a gun in the store. You also need an FOID card to purchase ammunition, too buy from a private party. If you sell a gun to a private party in Illinois, you have to keep the record for 10 years. Tell me, what other legal product do you have to jump through these hoops in order to buy? There is no “easy” access to guns if you buy them legally.

    • Guns are a physical manifestation of the very principles on which this country is founded. That the rights of the people, their liberties, their freedoms, trump the desires of those in government to oppress the people out of concern for their safety. Most Americans will never go to jail or have to defend themselves in court so the 4th thought 8th amendments of the constitution are there for us, but we rarely exercise them. Freedom of speech is nearly ubiquitous, and that too is under attack (hate speech, speech codes, free speech zones, political correctness, etc), but it is not tangible. No other right can you hold in your hands and say: โ€œthis hunk of steel, aluminum, wood, and plastic, is solid (in the literal sense) proof that I am a citizen of a free nation with god given, inalienable rights; and not a subject with whatever privileges my government allows me to have.โ€ A fetishisation of guns is a fetishisation of rights.

      • Good response–maybe the best one available to the question posed. I’m not totally convinced, though, that adoration for the physical object itself follows so neatly from adoration for the Second Amendment. Also, thanks to all who engage with the substance of the message–as opposed to, say, the aesthetic qualities of the messenger.

  26. Bill is ugly. Really ugly to the core. His loathsome countenance is but a mere reflection of his ugly soul/genes/psyche.

    • You know, Charlie, people always feel that way about folks with whom they disagree. At least some people do. Take Glenn Beck, Bill O’Reilly, Ted Nugent or Wayne La Pierre. People on my side of the fence often feel that way about those guys.

      The problem is, thinking people who are reasonable don’t say it like you did. I understand what you mean, that you disagree with Bill Maher very strongly, but that’s not a nice way to express it, man.

      • Really Mike. While I share your disdain for O’Reillly, I don’t recall him trying take away any of your rights. Your friends on the left are always trying to impinge on our freedoms in the name of some imaginary “safety” reasons. Anyone who would attempt to deprive any of us of our basic rights are to be treated with extreme prejudice.

        • Bill, “Treated with extreme prejudice” is synonymous with “killed.”

          I swear, when you tough-talking guys get going, you really make fools of yourselves. Should we be killed, really for disagreeing with you.

          I disagree with your idea of what constitutes “impinged.” And I disagree with your idea of gun safety concerns being “imaginary.”

          • “disagree” is not what he said. “attempt to deprive any of us of our basic rights” is what he said. I believe that implies an action to remove said rights, not merely a discussion as you inferred.

            Since contextual manipulation appears to be your political tact, I’ll chalk it up to that.

      • I don’t disagree with everything Maher says. On many social issues, we are in agreement.

        That said, when Maher talks of people with whom he disagrees, he is often full of hate. There are people on all sides of politics like him, this isn’t a partisan issue. He is quite intolerant, and he makes money by spreading intolerance.

  27. .โ€The strongest reason for people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government.โ€
    ~Thomas Jefferson

  28. I’m perverted enough to buy more guns and ammo just to irk Mr. Maher, and I’ll love my country even more for the same reason. God bless America!

  29. I’m not mechanically inclined. Owning guns and learning how to maintain them has given me a better understanding of how machines work. I enjoy the responsibilities of gun ownership, along with the satisfaction of scoring well on a target–not to mention the knowledge that I have a fair chance of defending myself if need be. I don’t see anything wrong with that.

  30. It’s nice to see Bill in the entertainment industry rather than the Senate like that ass-wipe Al Frankin. Neither were ever that entertaining to begin with.

  31. KILLS, ever gun i have ever owned, 0. Ted Kennedy’s car, 1 and maybe more, maybe are cars are a religion, wat a jack ass

  32. The people in the gun lobby must cum in their pants when the issue of gun control comes up! Just remember Aurora and Colombine, enough said!

  33. When the issue of gun control comes up or a gun is seen on somebodies personor you kill an animal with a machine gun, people in the gun lobby must cum in their pants!! this country needs stricter gun control. It might not have prevented it,remember aurora and columbine, only the military and police officers should be the only ones to carry guns!

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